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Top Spin 3 Tennis Tour - Chat / Duels Thread

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All the information in the original thread has been transferred over to their respective threads, we now have our forum, let's chat it out :D
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I think, the slowest serve could actually dominate this tour, because nobody is really able to have a high percentage on slow serves :speakles:
Would you do me a favour, Gleeen? :angel:
You reported me, why should I even consider doing that?
:eek: No I didnt. I've never reported anyone in my life. :lol: Not even Slutati.

Where did you get that from?
I get an infraction pm about a post about slutati, right after you posted here. and slutati didn't report :rolleyes:
Well it wasn't me. :lol: I only just came in and was taking the piss out of everyone. It was probably Ciaran.
Does having your posts reported lead to getting banned?
If you get numerous infractions I think. And if the mods choose to act.

But anyway I found this site called freebiejeebies or something where you sign up to some website, you complete a free offer and they get paid by the companies for bringing them new customers and we are given rewards if we refer other people. It sounds silly and i've obviously seen stuff like that before but there's a forum that like records all the people's winnings and they have won £250k worth of prizes. :lol: Obviously I could buy XBox live but I don't want to right now because I have work and stuff but it would be so cool if this actually worked. Anyone want to help/get prizes themselves? :lol:

This is the forum: and this is the site I found it on

It's kinda funny because people have made load sof webpages and youtube videos and stuff to get referalls and some people have got SO MANY things from it because you only need like 10 referrals for a PS3 and there's a huge variety of things you can get. so What'cha saaaay?
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It was for this post:

They deleted it, I see.
:spit: I didn't even see that.
Give it to Slutiana. He'd kill for one. :happy:
Already have one. ROLLEYE
Just bought my XBox live. :woohoo: Hopefully it will come in the post in the next few days! You guys better get practicing!

:lol: Only joking. I'm the one who needs practice. :bigcry:
Justin, I could play you soon, but my xbox is just updating (and taking forever :eek:) And I need to get some butter and cheese for when you dish out a bagel to me. :rolls:
yep. But I plugged in the cable and now my X-Box has been updating for the last hour. :lol: I will join this tour but first of all I have to choose a player out of Watson, Golovin and Cirstea. :rolls: So i'll play a couple of matches and see who wins the most games. :sobbing:
I wanna play Golovin and Cirtsea.

I have no idea who Watson is. :unsure:
Heather Watson is a Brit, she won Junior USO last year and just got a WC into Miami. :angel:

Ok i'll add you all now. I just hope my connection isn't slow. :sobbing:
I can play now! And either one, they'll all kill me! Does no one play in that xbox live world tour thing? :lol:
V. Azarenka def. H. Watson 61 60

Scoreline looks easier than it was though, we had a service game with like 10 deuces or something :sobbing:
:sobbing: I had like 7 game points in a row and then you had like 4 bps and then you took it. :bigcry:

Well I definitely won't be using Heather then. :happy: It's between Sorana and Tati now.
It's cool. :lol: I'm so used to playing against the crappy computer that it's so different when I play real people. :lol:
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