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There is gonna be a change in the top 20 soon i think! When ever anke and nathalie go there will be to spaces!

It looks like Tammy might be in it soon and lisa and barbara look like they may return, but i suppose, like someone said if you dont count anke and nath, then they are already top 20!

At the moment its like this:

Last week ranking at moment
ranking halfway through week
18 A.HUBER....... 1495 18
19 A.COETZER... 1418 19
20 I.TULYAGANOVA. 1224 20
22 B.SCHETT...... 1139 21
26 T.TANASUGARN.. 1104 22
21 L.RAYMOND..... 1074 23
23 A.MONTOLIO.... 1030 24
24 H.NAGYOVA..... 1027 25
25 M.SERNA....... 1005 26
32 A.KREMER...... 999 27

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Just a guess, but maybe Daniela and although she's really not my fav, I'd say Alex has a good chance too- although she'd better not beat Monica tonight or I'll be so pi##ed!!!! Henrieta is an impressive player too, so I don't count her out either. She and Angeles Montolio are both entered in the Open Gaz so I expect at least one of them to do well with a decent draw and get some points.

And my heart goes out to one of my long time favs, Tamarine!!!! I don't see her playing anywhere after Toray until Dubai, but I'm torn between seeing her beat Hingis tonight (wouldn't that be amazing?!?!?) and watching Marti clean up the court as usual. Anyways, Tamarine is about to reach a career high ranking, so who knows what her limits are? She's always reminded me of Lindsay actually, and I like her game a lot!!!

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schett,tammy,alex are my choice
schett has ability to gain not just
top20 i think she can be top16
alex,her performance lately quite
impressive(oh well she doesn't beat
seles tonight)
tammy, since she's my fav i'm rooting
for her i think she can be top20,her
style can cause trouble to anyone
i love her game a lot ;)

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It's getting a bit annoying with Nathalie and Anke still hanging round, and it can make a huge difference to the bonus points further down the rankings. If we ignore Nathalie and Anke, Iroda is #18 and so Lisa and Barbara are top 20 players already. Tammy might make it in if she defends her Dubai points, and she's in pretty good form this year. Daniela should be a long-term top 20/top 10 player by year's end. Short-term it depends when Nathalie and Anke are removed... Nathalie has virtually nothing to defend until the grass-court season anyway.
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