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Top 10 after Sanex Championship.

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Right now, after the quarters, they are:<br />1) Jennifer Capriati<br />2) Lindsay Davenport<br />3) Venus Williams<br />4) Martina Hingis<br />5) Kim Clijsters<br />6) Justine Henin<br />7) Jelena Dokic<br />8) Amelie Mauresmo<br />9) Serena Williams<br />10) Monica Seles.

Possible changes:

if Lindsay beats Kim she will be # 1, no matter what happens in the final.

if Serena beats Sandrine and loses the final, she is # 7, Dokic # 8 and Mauresmo # 9.

if Serena wins the tournament, she is # 6 and Justine drops to # 7.

Sandrine is currently # 11. If she beats Serena, she stays there, but if she wins the tournament she is # 10 and Monica is # 11.
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Serena can gain alot if she wins this, come on Serena, at least make it to the finals! <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

Thanks Fingon for the info, I had no idea that Serena could move up that far.
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