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To Superhero there are lots of Jen fans on this board

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Hey Superhero just to counter your so "eloquent" post in which you mentioned there are hardly any Jen fans on this board, think again; there are loads of us on here.

And if you don't like her, that is your problem and your loss cause many of us love her and what she brings to the game of tennis.
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He is right,on the poll I did to see who had the most fans,Jenn was second,behind Martina Hingis...
I don't care about the polls Jordon, I didn't vote in it as I am sure many others did not either.

I don't care if there is just 10 people who like JenCap on this board, she still has plenty of support around here
Me is Jen fan big .... :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
Theres no need to get an attitude,Jakeev...:rolleyes:
Jordan was only offering a factual statement to support your thread :sad:
Superhero is just angry because Jennifer won the AO and Venus didn't. It's all jealousy ;)
Wasn't trying to have an attitude Jordon sorry......but polls mean nothing to me.

They don't prove anything normally because people don't always tell the truth.:rolleyes:
Jen won!!! hehehehe, just seen the marti Party banner - lol

Does this work??
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nope, it didn't work... oh well, I'm sure you can all see it
look up ...... alot
I support Jenn as well - as long as she isn't playing Martina, usually.

And she does indeed have tons of support. If she didnt - then she wouldn't have her own forum.

I didn't read the original comment - I'm just backing up that there are indeed people who like and respect Jenn Cap! :)
We Jennifer fans are not as ATTENTION-SEEKING as other fans.;)
Hi Becca:kiss: Go into the Williams vs Hingis or something like that post and you will read what I am ranting and pissed off about!!!!

Good seeing you around by the way!!!!!!
Thanks Jakeev.

Its been a busy weekend so I haven't been posting too much lately :)
jin didn't win hingis choked it to her
and Venus lost in the quarterfinals? that's what i thought! :p
Oh for the love of god - I just went back a page and read that awful thread that Superhero put up. :rolleyes:

Rather than bump that thread up I'll post my disgust in here - seeing as its already at the top.

What can I say - it hurts to read such utter stupidity.

The entire post was appalling ridiculous, and it kills me to know that people with that much anger and hatred, exist.


I'm done now.
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And if you would of read the post right,Jakeev,you would of seen that she was the 2nd player with the most fans...
*sighs at stupidity*:rolleyes:
Hey Becca good to see ya again from the old WTA board..Yes, you are right there are some people who are very "strange" on this board, with unusual hatred and anger for players they probably never have met or don't even know. YES, Jennifer has alot of support. All her matches even when she has an outburst, she STILL has the crowd behind her! YOU GO GURL!!
So,,,hmmmmm I guess she does have alot of fans..

Jennifer we love you! Make it four in MAY!!!
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