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Well if you 3 thought you could say those degrading things about me and I not respond, then you are wrong...what I believe you hoped for was a kneejerk answer, once again you will be disappointed.

What you are going to get is a honest, reflection on what I really think about you...not the Williams!!

RMC: You are the greatest drama queen of them all ( shit you admit to it in a few of your own posts).<br />You have lied, twisted and manipulated yourself to some sort of respectibility amongst the Williams accuse people of being haters but were suspended for personel attacks on the old board...where the hell do you get off making judgement on anyone?

<br />Victory1: you were also suspended on the old board for your underhanded tactics and told to stay away and stop provoking posters....

<br />Footfault: Just disappointed, like Dawn we had reached an agreement on each others misunderstanding, but your condoning of RMC liking me to Bin laden has offended me deeply.

Seems we still need a few of the more "Mature" Williams fans to reign your ass holes in, but unfortunately they are here but chose to remained silent, didn't we Dawn, Diera, Moon and etc.......

<br />I don't have a hate for the Williams (Contrary to your cute little Williams haters thread in your forum), I just don't like YOU!!!!
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