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Tipping | WTA Finals Guadalajara | Congratulations Waz!

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Playing Tipping is very easy. I will post the schedule and then you just tip who you think will win. Just type "in" to play (this will make my life easier but if you forgot to post "in" this is not the end of the world).

e.g If the schedule was...
Ivanovic vs Li
V. Williams vs Pironkova

This is how you would tip...

It is only main draw singles matches.

If there's 1 point played in a match then the match counts (walkover or a pre-match retirement doesn´t count).

Pick for each match should be posted before the start of that match.

For the final match you will also need to guess how many games will be played. This will work as a tiebreaker.

Do NOT edit your post. If you want to change your picks do it in a new post. Edited posts will make all your picks invalid.

Also DO NOT make changes to your picks by quoting your previous post; this will make all of your changes invalid.


1. The player who guessed the winner.
2. The player who is closest in games guessed.
3. The player who posted the fastest post in the final. If no one posted in the final, points from previous rounds are examined going backwards, until a clear advantage of one player is confirmed.


8 points for each correct pick in Round Robin
9 points for each correct pick in Semi Final
10 points for correct pick in Final.
1 point for each correct set ratio (if you picked the winner)
Extra points: 1 per correct tip, regardless of round; added to the sum of tournament points before bonus points.

Bonus points:

Year-End Championships
1st: 325
2nd: 225
3/4: 150
5-8: 100


Your best 16 results the past 52 weeks will count towards your ranking. There are no mandarory tournaments.​
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Kontaveit 2-1 27 games
Congratulations WAZ - well played indeed. I was leading in another tournament so I had to have an each way bet. Happy that Mugsy won and great for Conchita also.

Thank you Heinann for your flawless management throughout the season. I really do appreciate all that you do.
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Thank you Markmen. Also a massive thank you Heinann for your great management during the year.
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