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Welcome to the final round of Tipping Federation Cup 2015!


First of all, you have to sign-in and specify the team you'll play for. If you have played before, you don't have to sign-in again, unless you'd like to play for another team. New players can choose to join one of the existing teams or select any other country. There are no restrictions regarding the number of players per team.

You do, however, have to sign-in before the start of the first match if you'd like to play for an existing team as a new player. If you are a bit late, you can still play, but for some country that still has no players representing it. Changes of team choices are possible until the start of the competition. You can switch teams as the season goes, but you will be able to transfer to an existing team only if committed members of that team state that they don't object you joining in.

Tipping is like Tennis Tipping but a little different. You don't play against other people and you don't have to tip the score which makes it an easier game to play. Everyone can play!

Playing Tipping is very easy. I will post the schedule and then you just tip who you think will win.

e.g If the schedule was...
Ivanovic vs Sharapova
V. Williams vs S. Williams

This is how you would tip...
V. Williams

We only play main draw singles matches and only "live" matches. So if one Fed Cup team wins three rubbers to win the tie, the remaining dead rubbers will NOT be considered for earning points here.

If there's 1 point played in a match then the match counts (walkover or a pre-match retirement doesn´t count).

Deadline for posting your tips is until the scheduled start of the match in question, so check this info due to time zones etc.

DO NOT edit your post. If you want to change your picks, then do it in a new post. Edited posts will make all your picks invalid.


Fed Cup Final: 6 points per correct tip + 1 point for each correct guess of the number of sets played.

After all the matches of the day are played, we'll sum up all the points earned by the players of each team and divide by the number of players who played that day for the team. So for example, a sum of points earned by 4 players of some team during the day, will be divided by four to give the team's score.

Points earned during Fed Cup weekends will not count towards your individual tipping rankings (points earned playing individual tipping tournaments). Fed Cup rankings and race standings can be found in the Games >>> Tipping section of the forum, along with all the rules

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Nobody did the scores for Tipping FC R1 this year and SF wasn't played at all so this is the only event that will count for Tipping Fed Cup rankings this year. Hopefully we'll play all rounds next year.

I'm in for Slovenia :) Hopefully enough people will committ.

Reminder for some regular tipping players:
@Crux Squall

Everyone else is welcome to play too of course :)

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In for Philippines :cheer: (any country later on :p)

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In for Serbia :hearts:
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