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[Tier II] Western & Southern Financial Group Open Cincinnati 2010

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SURFACE: Hardcourt

Tier II Ranking Point Distribution

Quarterfinal – 25 points
Semifinal – 75 points
Final – 150 points
Champion – 300 points

Welcome to Cincinnati 2010. May the best player win. Enjoy. ;)

Play will begin after Wimbledon tournament is completed.​
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Rezai in
I think you might as well shut up :F
Watson. :tears: What a GOAT draw by the way. :hysteric:
Urgghhhhh Watson def. Rezai 7-6(5) 6-4. :tears:

Bizarre match. :lol: Rezai had NO ANSWERS whatsoever to Watson's serve. :help: Watson played well in the important moments. The two points I lost in that TB were just weird, random BH errors...they weren't even triggers just random errors. :eek: And then the break at 4-4 in the 2nd.... just a WTF game. :help: Still, Watson played very well and mixed up attack and defense very nicely. :eek: I underestimated her serve a bit, I don't remember it being so good. :speakles: Congrats Tuti. :D
You wouldn't love them if they happened to you :lol: On important points :lol:
I got that feeling too. :lol: Oh well.
What's happening? :tears:
It's been two weeks. :bigcry:
1 - 8 of 57 Posts
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