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[Tier II] Western & Southern Financial Group Open Cincinnati 2010

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SURFACE: Hardcourt

Tier II Ranking Point Distribution

Quarterfinal – 25 points
Semifinal – 75 points
Final – 150 points
Champion – 300 points

Welcome to Cincinnati 2010. May the best player win. Enjoy. ;)

Play will begin after Wimbledon tournament is completed.​
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Venus is in! Back on hardcourts, finally.
Urgghhhhh Watson def. Rezai 7-6(5) 6-4. :tears:

Bizarre match. :lol: Rezai had NO ANSWERS whatsoever to Watson's serve. :help: Watson played well in the important moments. The two points I lost in that TB were just weird, random BH errors...they weren't even triggers just random errors. :eek: And then the break at 4-4 in the 2nd.... just a WTF game. :help: Still, Watson played very well and mixed up attack and defense very nicely. :eek: I underestimated her serve a bit, I don't remember it being so good. :speakles: Congrats Tuti. :D
I love those errors. Adds a little realism.
OMG i just realized i have to play Watson!!! nemesis number two :fiery:
sorry. Slutiana where the hell are you with your pushing self????
I got that feeling too. :lol: Oh well.
Omg, I didn't realise that my match vs Rezai was a real match. thought it was just a duel. :tape:
When i saw the result i thought the same thing then saw the title of the thread. :help:
V. Williams def. Watson 6-2 7-6(5)

1st Serve %
Win % on 1st Serve
Win % on 2nd Serve
Double Faults
Unforced Errors
Break Point Conversions
Total Points Won

I was surprised at how easily I won the first set and knew the second one would be more difficult. The second set proved me right as Watson played a little more aggressive at times, especially in her service games. My returns really helped me take the first set and they began to diminish in the second set, also Watson became more aggressive acing me 5 times. Good match.
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all final appearances(5 straight / 6 including this one) since Rome with Venus :D

My finals streak started with Chakvetadze at Miami. So that's 7 consecutive finals.

In Finals
Chak: 1-1
V-dub: 1-4

I didn't like the truth of being a bridesmaid so I had to win the big one at Wimbledon :lol:
hey Lisicki can win that one :sad: bombshell
Mikey.... where are you? I might not be able to play today. I kind of pulled an all nighter idk why :weirdo:, so if my eyes decide to stay open... we may play later on.
Yup. Mikey wins by W/O.

I'm definitely buying a new one. Good thing I lost all my itst matches lol.
LMAO :hysteric: Did I win the tournament without even playing a match?
The hell you did!!! :eek: that's a first. wow.

Sorry about your Xbox btw... Microsoft fucked up so bad. I can't believe they all keep having these problems. I seriously don't know anyone who hasn't had a RROD or some weird problem with their Xbox 360. :help: Except myself... *touches wood* :tape:
lol, i didn't see the writing in gray at first. yeah you better touch that wood! Lucky you.:sad:
What if my XBOX mysteriously came back from the dead???
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