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Tier II - Mutua Madrileña Madrid Open 2010---Congrats Lisicki(Mikey.)

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Tier II – Madrid Open 2010


Tier II Ranking Point Distribution

Quarterfinal – 25 points
Semifinal – 75 points
Final – 150 points
Champion – 300 points

Welcome to the 2010 Mutua Madrilena Madrid Open 2010. May the best player win. Enjoy. ;)

Play will begin after Rome tournament is completed.

Will the seeds play their role and put on a show in the semis? Or will a new player come through victorious?
Update -*- May 4, 2010 -*-

Some of the quaterfinal action has been well, not very much action packed. The number one seed was dispatched in a lagging one set tiebreak and retired, handing over the win to Watson.
The number two seed has withdrawn from the match against fellow Russian Elena Dementieva, giving Demetieva her first semifinal of the clay court season.

Update #2 -*- May 4, 2010 -*-

After hoping for some nice results and electric matches, the tournament has seemed to dulled to nothing. Hingis withdrew from the tournament, granting Venus the semifinal place. Maybe there was too much rain, the players got tired of Meanwhile one semifinal has been finalized and is between Heather Watson and Venus Williams, a rematch of the Rome semifinal. Venus toughed out a win there in three tight sets with the scoreline 4-6 7-6 6-4. Will the tables turn? Who would be the first into the final?

On the other hand one quarterfinal has yet to be completed. With Dementieva already through to the semis, who will be the lucky opponent: Sabine Lisicki or the lone seed Jelena Jankovic? Will there be a final featuring unseeded players??? Drama forever lasts at the Madrid Open 2010 on the Tennisfourm Top Spin 3 Tour.

Update #3 -*- May 6, 2010 -*-

Finally the last semifinalist has been determined. Sabine Lisicki defeated Jelena Jankovic in two tight sets 7-5 7-5. Based on comments by the players themselves, it was a good match. It's wonderful to see that the last seed in the tournament didn't go down without a fight. Jelena missed a break point opportunity down 5-6 but up 40-30 in the twelfth game of the set. ----Thanks for getting the match played guys :yeah:

Since the semifinals are filled with unseeded players, this is the second time since Rome that The finals will be played without a seeded player. Good Luck to the title seeking semifinalists!

Update #4 -*- May 7, 2010 -*-

Semifinal action lasted over a span of two days. The first semifinal resulted in Sabine Lisicki taking down Elena Demetieva in straight sets. Based on player comments it was an enjoyable match, accompanied by fun rallies and nice returns. Lisicki def. Dementieva 6-3 6-4.

The second semifinal was a rematch of the Rome semifinal - Heather Watson versus Venus Williams. It proved to be a tall order based on the results in Rome and Venus executed a game plan, being more aggressive and it paid off. Watson played an aggressive style as well, but it wasn't a match for Venus' who kept ending rallies in dominant fashion. The second set, Williams looked to be in cruise control moving ahead 3-love and looking to go up 4-love before getting broken. From there both players began holding serve and one break was all that was needed for Williams to serve out the match. Williams def. Watson 7-6(3) 6-4.

Thus the final at the Madrid Open 2010 is between Sabine Lisicki and Venus Williams. Who will earn their first title?

Update #5 -*- May 8, 2010 -*-

Well the drama continues and one semifinal was actually played on the wrong court. Thus the match will be replayed, the previous results have been erased and the draw re-done. So the seminfinal between Elena Dementieva and Sabine Lisicki will be played once again. Good Luck Guys;) Maybe the results will be different???

Update #6 -*- May 10, 2010 -*-

Well in the end, Sabine Lisicki was granted the walkover into the final by opponent Elena Demetieva.

So it is a rematch in a sense - Mikey. vs dmg100 - of the Paris Indoors match earlier this year. Both have new players searching for a title. This is Mikey's second final of the year and dmg100's third. WWW???

Update #7 -*- May 11, 2010 -*-

Sabine Lisicki defeated Venus Williams in a serving frenzy in two tiebreaks.
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Re: Tier II - Mutua Madrileña Madrid Open 2010

Re: Tier II - Mutua Madrileña Madrid Open 2010

oh no :sobbing: You already signed up for Rome. Only one tourney a month, besides GS and special situation like IW & SE Open.

It's ok you can leave :sad:
Sorry, I didn't realise. :sobbing: But yeah, i'll stay here because Justin is in the other one there are not many people.
Re: Tier II - Mutua Madrileña Madrid Open 2010


Alright we might as well let people play both of these from now on since we barely have enough people for one tournament. Anyone who plays Rome can also play Madrid.

I think y'all should PM everyone so they know.

Mikey! :bigcry: We're barely halfway through the month.
Re: Tier II - Mutua Madrileña Madrid Open 2010

First seed. :scared:
Re: Tier II - Mutua Madrileña Madrid Open 2010

That was so weird.

Heather Watson def. Maria Sharapova 7-6(4) ret?

I dunno what happened, after the set was over Summon sent me a pm saying "you win". There was a huge lag which may have had something to do with it but I dunno. But I was playing so bad today, I mean I was serving well and that's what kept Heather in the set but the returns were just AWFUL. As most of you know, Heather usually just tries to play a deep and high % topspin or slice return but even those were going miles out and the timing was just off, which meant I started every point having to run and run and pushing without even wanting to.

Sharapova was 5-3 up and I think there was a set point but Watson managed to fight it off and break back. Then I think Summon must've gone away because Heather served 4 aces in a row and the lag started to get AWFUL.
Re: Tier II - Mutua Madrileña Madrid Open 2010

Okay, you know, that was interesting to say the least.

Everything is going fine and well until 5-3, then massive lag hits, and if that is not bad enough on break point the computer rewards an ace as a point for my opponent, causing me to be broken. At this point the lag becomes so bad it's almost unplayable. It was really nice of you to wait with serving...oh wait, you didn't.

I just didn't feel like playing another set of this crap, congrats, like I said, you win. I'm not sure if I even want to continue with this 'tour' at this point.
Wait for what? How the hell am I supposed to know what's happening on the other side? And if I did wait then the player would serve anyway, so...
Re: Tier II - Mutua Madrileña Madrid Open 2010

:speakles: Fred we should totes play soon. :eek:
Ya think? :rolleyes:
Re: Tier II - Mutua Madrileña Madrid Open 2010

My xbox bloody died again! stupid red circles, i dunno when i can get it repaired, hingis will have to withdraw :(.

I hate those red circles so much.
Re: Tier II - Mutua Madrileña Madrid Open 2010


and this has been the weirdest tournament ever :lol:

Page one summarizes the drama trilogy of the Madrid Open 2010:sad:
I can play tomorrow, from about 8pm GMT onwards til about 12am/1am (i'm not sure what time that is where you are). Hopefully at that time there will be nobody online creating unnecessary lag. :eek:

This tournament is so dramatic indeed, and with our match on the horizon i'm sure it is bound to get even more dramatic! :lol:
Re: Tier II - Mutua Madrileña Madrid Open 2010

Good try Fred, and well done Mikey. :worship:
Re: Tier II - Mutua Madrileña Madrid Open 2010

Slutiana, a match in a 1 1/2 hours??? i need some practice before i play.
Yup, ok!

By the way I might need some help with my bagel/breadstick post-traumatic depression. :sad:
Re: Tier II - Mutua Madrileña Madrid Open 2010

I expect a tough 3 setter with Venus winning despite Watson having a million break points. :hearts:
:sobbing: I'm fast becoming the Dementieva of this tour.
Re: Tier II - Mutua Madrileña Madrid Open 2010

Ok! I'll sign on, you add me because i'm not sure what court it is?
Re: Tier II - Mutua Madrileña Madrid Open 2010

Venus Williams def. Heather Watson 7-6(3) 6-4

I hate you SO much! :sobbing: Heather's game matches up so badly to Venus. Venus' power is bad enough, but it's the volleys and dropshots that really kill Heather and Heather still plays too many loopy topspin balls.

So basically, Heather will sooner get a win over one of Justin's players than Venus (AKA NEVER!). :sobbing:

Well played DMG. :worship:
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