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Re: [Tier I] Indian Wells Pacific Life Open 2010

Not the most exciting match. Most of the points of over in less than 3 or 4 shots. It was a serve and return fest. I had a bit more juice on my serve and little more consistency with my return and that me all the difference. Apart from my return and bp conversion (I was either 04/ or 0/5) I think I played pretty well. I got all of my 1st serves in and won 90% of the points on my serve. I didnt face a deuce game on serve and held most games to love or 15. I was also able to win most of the rallies (there were probably 7 or 8 rallies for the entire match.) In tiebreaks I usually get off to an early lead, sometimes I choke them away but most of the time I go on to win them after establishing an early lead.

ALG had 1 ace, 28 winners and 0 ues. Total points won was 83.
Safina had 10 aces, 19 winners and 3 ues. Total points won was 67.

The 16 point difference was kind of a shock considering the scoreline and how close the match felt.

Congrats Cara for making your 1st final. :yeah:

I'm happy to get another title. Cant wait for Miami. I tend to play well on that court.
181 - 184 of 184 Posts
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