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thursday scores

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how long until play starts????
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Fokina/Koryttseva leads Prusova/Santangelo 6-3
Fokina/Koryttseva def. Prusova/Santangelo 6-3 7-5
Hey azza,

now I'm a very big fan of Alicia.
Look at my new signature.
azza said:
what made you become a fan?
my friend gave me some VHS of Alicia and then I watched her play tennis, I like very much her style and all about her :kiss:
azza said:
Im going to bed

WIN ALICIA :dance: :yeah: :kiss: :hug:
I'm agree with you. Everyone could be fan of Alicia
:worship: :kiss: :hearts: :angel:
1 - 5 of 53 Posts
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