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Thursday Scores

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Schiavone - Daniliidou 6:3
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Raymond - Haynes 6:4 3:0
Come on Eleni, FIGHT!

Yay Lisa - Keep it up!

Thanks Wotjek for the scores!!
Go Eleni!!
Yeah! What Sonja said! ;)
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Eleni pffffffff wake up
Come on Eleni, show what you're made of.
why r the matches starting so late?
Cmon Lena! Ur an awesome player so go show what you are made of!
come on lena damnit ....

why does she always play crap against schiavone ? :mad: :(
Angela :sad:

Eleni :mad:
Lena is losing to her nightmare :fiery:
Francesca d. Eleni 6-3 6-2 :(
Lisa d. Angela 6-4 6-2
Lena lost :sad:
3-6 2-6 :sad:
Eleni :mad:

Angela :sad: :sad:
omg lena :(
after beating pisnik 6-1 6-2 as well

damn that schiavone :fiery:
she's becoming to lena what sprem is to vera :(
1 - 20 of 77 Posts
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