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***This is on ongoing project to put together all the threads in the Blast into a sort of user's guide. I need help with suggestions for categories and subcategories-so your comments and suggestions are welcome!

To find:

Country/Nation threads--go to post #6

Decade threads--go to post #5

Event/Tournament threads--go to post #6

GOAT (Greatest of all Time) threads--go to post #2

Head to Head Rivalries--go to post #2 (towards the bottom)

Player threads----go to post #2 (in alphabetical order)


Year threads--go to post #4 (in year order)

Starting New Threads and Finding Old Ones

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Re: User's guide to the Blast

Threads by Player/Personality Name (in Last Name Order)

*Ladies of the Sport (this is an A-Z guide of women greats-with many outside links to websites,etc)

Married Names


Rita Agassi:

Daphne Akhurst

Judy Alvarez (What could have been)

Lili de Alvarez -Spain’s First Great Tennis Star

Remember Sabine Appelmans Thread

Cilly Aussem (Tennis Player Swings With Fist)

How Good Was Tracy Austin on Clay?

Does Tracy Austin Belong in the Hall of Fame?

1979-1981 Tracy Austin Was the Best

Weight of Expectations-by Tracy Austin


Olga Barananschikova Appreciation thread

Sue Barker

The Obatafan Sue Barker Dedication Thread

What Went Wrong With Sue Barker?

The Jane "Peaches" Bartkowicz Career Thread

Carling Bassett (Picture Thread)

The Darling Carling BassettThread

The Darling Carling Tribute Thread

Darling Carling Japan TV Commercials-Circa 1986

Yayuk Basuki-The Bazooka From Indonesia

Yayuk Basuki

Norma Baylon Thread

Eileen Bennett:

Francesca Bentivoglio

Pauline Betz-The Interview

Pauline Betz's Professional Career

Lisa Bonder:

Dora Boothby (1881-1970) - The 1909 Wimbledon singles champion

Linky Boshoff

Beverley Bowes-Hackney

Louise Brough

Marguerite Broquedis

Maria Bueno-The Sao Paulo Swallow

Blast Girl - Maria Bueno -

Maria Bueno's Website

Dorothy (Dodo) Bundy Cheney:

Betting Bunge


Mabel Cahill – Lawn Tennis Champion, Writer, Stage Actress (by Mark Ryan)

Rosebud-Rosie Casals

Nancy Chaffee Kiner

Dorothea Lambert Chambers

Mrs Lambert Chambers Reminisces (1910)

Georgina Clark:

Maureen Connolly Brinker-A Brief But Brilliant Life

Before Metal Racquets-WasConnolly the Hardest Hitter?

Little Mo If She Were Around Today

Maureen Connolly-Most Dominant Player Ever

Magdalena Rollin Coquerque (1903-1994) - An early Dutch sports star

Belinda Cordwell:

Margaret Court's Full Title Haul

Margaret Court's Record

Margaret Court Regrets Saying Muslim....

Margaret Court's Serve

Margaret Smith Court (Records and Stats)

The Court-Riggs Fiasco

Words of Wisdom From Margaret Court


Kaye Dening

Lottie Dod:

Lottie Dod-The Best Ever?

Laura DuPont

The Margaret Osborne DuPont Thread

Harsh Words or the Truth? (Dupont)

Jo Durie:

The Unothodox Francoise Durr Picture Thread

Where is Francoise Durr Browning?


The Chris Evert Thread

A Chris Evert State of Mind

Chris Evert on Charlie Rose Show, 1994

Evert Divorces Mill

Gerald Ford's Death..Chris Evert Connection

Clare Evert

Why Did Jeanne Evert Never reach Chris' Ability?

Jeanne Evert's Husband Passed Away


Gigi Fernandez

Mary Joe Fernandez

Tory Fretz:

Diane Fromholtz Balestrat


Bonnie Gadusek:

Maude Garfit (1874-1948) – An early lawn tennis player

Zina Garrison Tries to Return What Tennis Gave To Her

Zina and Lori vs. Serena and Venus

The Althea Gibson Thread

Althea Gibson Results Thread (Needs work!)

Kitty McKane Godfree

Blast Girl II - Goolagong -

Goolagong interview (2004)

Evonne Goolagong Tennis Magazine Article-1976

Eleanor Goss

Carole Caldwell Graebner:

Steffi Graf Admiration Thread

Do you Think Steffi Graf Should Make a Comeback?

Graf's Greatest Wins

Mary Greef Harris:

Edith Austin Greville:

Sabine Hack

Julie Halard Decigis Forever!

Edith Boucher Hannam – An Early English Lawn Tennis Player

Sylvia Hanika

The Controversial Darlene Hard -

Darlene Hard article

May Hardcastle (1913-2002)

Tennis' Forgotten Past Sleeps in South Florida (Doris Hart)

Bobbie Heine Miller:

Blanche Hillyard (1863-1946) - Six Times Wimbledon Singles Champion

Anke Huber Photo Corner


Helen Jackson (1867-1940) – A Forgotten Early Lawn Tennis Player

Andrea Jaeger Becomes a Nun

Andrea Jaeger's Book

Andrea Jaeger Video Tribute

Andrea Jaeger's Career -

Something About Jaeger That Makes Me Curious

Laura Lou Jahn (Kunnen)

Mima! (Jausovec)

Whoa-did Alice Marble Make a Blunder? (Jedrzejowska Error)

Ann Jones Appreciation Thread

Ann Jones Career Results -

The Ann Jones Picture Thread


"Hurricane" Helen Kelesi

Helen Kelesi Pics

Billie Jean King Admiration Thread

BJ Moffitt King Career Results -

BJK Honored At Flushing

Billie Jean King is in Constant Motion

Billie Jean King won Birmingham when she was almost 40.

Ann Kiyomura

Ann Kiyomura Hayashi:

Dottie Head Knode

Suzy Kormoczy Career Results and Picture Thread


The Langrishe Sisters and the early Irish Lawn Tennis Championships

May Langrishe (1864-1939) - An early Irish tennis player

Ethel Larcombe (1879-1965) - The 1912 Wimbledon singles champion

Jan Lehane O'Neil

Suzanne Lenglen Career Results -

Maud Rosenbaum Levi:

Lita Liem in Retirement

Anita Lizana Ellis-Chile's Greatest Player

Thelma Coyne Long

The Mysterious Toupie Lowther


Molla Bjurstedt Mallory:

Iva Majoli:

Iva Majoli Photo Collection

Katerina Maleeva

Maggie Maleeva

The Greatest Maleeva-the Manuela Maleeva-Fragniere Thread

Hana Mandlikova Results and Pics Thread

Hana's Place

Alice Marble

Regina Marsikova

Louisa Martin:

Louisa Martin-Results, Reports and more

Conchita Martinez Career Results Thread

The Legend Senorita Conchita

Remembering the Great Conchi!

Simone (Simonne) Mathieu -French star of the 1930s

Kathy May

Meredith McGrath

Lori McNeil

Gussy Moran:

Olga Morozova

Agnes Morton - An Early English Lawn Tennis Player

Martina Navratilova Admiration Thread

Martina Remembers Her 9th Win

Martina was Alone at Top

Martina's Chance sat RG (2004 singles)

Martina's Grand Slam Singles Results 1974-1993

Martina's 167 Singles Titles

Navratilva Delights in Doing Things Her Own Way

Jana Novotna Serve and Volley Club

Heide Schildknecht Orth:


Sarah Palfrey (Cooke-Danzig)

Lolette Payot:

The Peters Sisters-Pete and Repeat

The Barbara "Potsie" Potter Thread


Who The Hell Was Marita Redondo?

Nancy Reed:

Any News on Stephanie Rehe?

Kerry Melville-Reid -

Renee Richards

Lena Rice – The Only Irish Wimbledon Lady Champion

Nancy Richey Career thread -

Nancy Richey career singles matches:

Nancy Richey pictures:

Mieken Rieck

Championship Hardware in the Rinaldi Household (Informative AND Parody Thread about Kathy Rinaldi)

Muriel Robb (1878-1907) - A little-known Wimbledon singles champion

Dorothy Round Little-One of Britains Greatest Champions

Magda Rurac -One of Romania’s Greatest Sports Stars

Joanne Russell

Virginia Ruzici Thread

Elizabeth Ryan

The Gabriela Sabatini Thread!

Sabatini Critics Unfair

The "We Already Miss Arantxa" Thread (Sanchez-Vicario)

Sanchez article from 1995

The Sawamatasu's

Monica Seles Before 1993

Monica, Her Father, and the Seles Family History

Monica Seles Photo Thread

Monica Seles Winning In Adidas

Monica Seles 1989-1993

Anyone Know What Pam Was Talking About? (Shriver)

Passing Shots-My Life ON Tour (Pam Shriver)

You Lousy Sack of Merde! Says Shriver to Austin

Sabina Simmonds

Anne Smith

Ask Dr. Ann (Smith)

Hilde Krahwinkel Sperling

A Biographical Sketch of the Irish Sportswoman Florence Stanuell

Charlotte Sterry (1870-1966) - An early Wimbledon champion

Greer Stevens

Caroline Stoll:

Betty Stove

Katerina Stundenikova Thread

Francisca Subirana:

Helena Sukova

May Sutton:

The Early May Sutton-Hazel Hotchkiss Head to Head (1908-1911)

Asa Svensson


Judy Tegart Dalton:

Patricia Canning Todd:

Christine Clara Truman Janes-2011 HOF Nominee

"Rabitt"-The Wendy Turnbull Thread

Lesley Turner-Bowrey

A Day At The australian Open with Lesley Turner

Diddie Vlasto

Paula Von Reznicek (Tennis Player Swings With Fist)


Virginia Wade

"Our Ginny", The Virginia Wade Corner

Jenny Morris Waggott

Ora Mae Washington

Maude Watson (1864-1946)-The First Wimbledon Singles Champion

Helen Wills vs. Lenglen

WTA CEO Anne Worcester


Lenke Ziszovits-Popper: An Early Rumanian Tennis Player (1909-1942)

Natasha Zvereva Appreciation Society

The GOAT (Greatest of All Time)

Another Perspective on Who Is the Greatest Ever

Relative Slams

Who is the Greatest? (Article)

Head to Head (Rivalries)

Anatomy of a Rivaly: Evert-Navratilova

Anyone Have a Head to Head Listing of Chris-Evonne?

Court vs King -

Favorite Rivalries

Great Rivalries

Head to Head Records

Reminisce: Evert vs. Goolagong

The Tracy Austin-Chris Evert Rivalry

60s and 70s Head to Heads

The Early May Sutton-Hazel Hotchkiss Head to Head (1908-1911)

Helen Wills Moody and Helen Jacobs - An overview of their rivalry, careers and lives

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Re: User's guide to the Blast


* Results

By year found at Women's Finals Database

For Grand Slams at the Grand Slam forum


Blasters Panel's World Rankings

Bud Collins Rankings

Combined Pro-Amateur Rankings Before 1968

Grand Slam rankings (Preacherfan's)

#1 Ranked Doubles Players

Rankings Archive (Full 1993,1996 compuer ranks)

World Rankings (As published by various experts/magazines)

World Rankings After 2000


Aussie Open Records

The Complete Set of Grand Slam Hardware

Hows This For Old!

Individuals Records (in prep stages)

Long Matches

Match Points

Most Majors Won 1968-2006

Oldest Woman in a Grand Slam Draw

Players Who Beat #1 and #2 in the same tournament

The 100 Club

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Re: Thread Index(Find threads here)


*For threads entirely devoted to decades see post #5

* Results by year found at Women's Finals Database

Early winners of the women's singles event at the Scottish Tennis Championships (1886-1914)

First Ladies Chmps of Germany

The Closed French Chmps (1891-1924) Years and Surfaces

The early Russian Lawn Tennis Championships (1907-14)

The Early May Sutton-Hazel Hotchkiss Head to Head (1908-1911)


Mystery Slam-AussieWomen's Titles BEFORE 1922

(1920s) Aussie Teams-Pre [email protected]

1926 Wills vs. Lenglen at Cannes

Tennis Player Swings With Fist

The War Years (1940-1945)


1960 Fire and Ice

Roland Garros 1960. Expect the unexpected.

Wimbledon 1962. Thrills and Spills: The Year of the Underdog

1966 Wightman Cup

Women's Pro Tournaments (1968-1970)

(1969 Aussie) Latest Rare Classic Matches

Outstanding Match of the Year for the 1970s and 80s?

1970 Wimbledon Final: Court vs. King

Goolagong or King 1971 #1?

1971 Australian Open Final

1971 Evert vs. Eisel (US Open)

1972 Roland Garros Final

(1973) The Court-Riggs Fiasco

1973 French Open Final

30th Anniversary of King-Riggs

Virginia Slims of 1974 results

1975:The Toughest Year?

1975-BFTP Rankings Project

1975 US Clay Courts-Evert's comeback vs. Richey

Virginia Slims of 1976 results:

1977 Rankings Project:

Wimbledon 1977:


Wimbledon 1978: Navratilova vs. Goolagong


1979-1981 Tracy Austin Was the Best

1979 US Open Final: Chrissie vs. Tracy

1980 Wimbledon Quarters

June-July 1980:Evonne Was the Best


SI Flashback: French Open 1981

1981 US Clay

(1981) You Lousy Sack of Merde! Says Shriver to Austin

1981 Toyota Championships

Playtex Challenge

1982 Rankings Project

1983 Wimbledon Revisited

Interesting Andrea Jaeger article (on 83 Wimby final)

(1983) Playtex Challenge

O Strange Fate! Mandlikova's Near Win At Amelia in 1984

SI Flashback: French Open 1984

Chris and Hana in 1984 (Wimbledon)

(1985) Passing Shots-My Life ON Tour

1986 Review:

Shriver vs. Navartilova-V Slims 1986

1987 US open Quarters:Thoughts?

1988 WTA Tournament Winners (Doubles included)

Shriver vs Graf 1988

1988 French Open ASV d. Evert 6-1 7-6

1988 Seoul Olympics

Houston,1989-Seles d. Evert

Top 5 of the 1980s

1990 Virginia slims Chmps-Seles vs. Sanchez

Sabatini Dominates Graf in 1991

Monica and the 1992 Olympics

Graf, Seles, 1993, and All That Jazz

Steffi and Arantxa in 1994

1996 Rankings Project

1997 Frankfurt Exhibition Won by Huber

(2004) I Can't Remember A Year When (On #1 For the Year)

2006 Hall of Fame Inductions

(2006) Year End Bad News For the Americans

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Re: Thread Index(Find threads here)


Greatest by Country

Aussie Teams (pre-WW2)

Australian Players: A to Z

The Other Aussies -

Retired Beligian Babes Thread

Israeli Players

Koreans (Duk Hee Lee First finalist?)

Latin/South American women in tennis:

South Africans From the 1970s

Swedish Tennis

What Happened to Many US junior Hopefuls From the 1980s?


*Tournament winner's by event.

*Grand slam results (includes singles, doubles, and mixed results)

Annie Sousbault Cup

Calling All Aussies! (Aussie results-add to events database)

Brumana International in Lebanon:

Canadian Open


Exhibitions of the 70s/80s (strarts as Wade/Goolagong vs. Evert/King)

The Fed Cup "should have been" finals


The Closed French Chmps (1891-1924) Years and Surfaces

French Grand Slam Singles Draws

Electric Roland Garros Singles Finals

French tournaments: early years open to foreign players:

German Championships (first 10 years):

German Open:

Gstaad,Bastad, and Kitzbuehel

Hopman Cup

Houston,1989-Seles d. Evert

Irish Championships (early years, including the Langrishe sisters):

Italian Open:

Miami/Lipton/Erickson/Nasdaq Opens (Key Biscayne Moments)

Miss America

The NSW Championships-120 Years old!


The early Russian Lawn Tennis Championships (1907-14)

Scottish Tennis Championships:

South African Open

U.S. Clay Court Championships:

Wightman Cup

1966 Wightman Cup

World Invitational Tennis Classic

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Re: User's guide to the Blast


All About Us


A Big Thanks to Everyone

Earliest TV show you remember

I Know of No Other Sport

I Met Martina Navratilova Today

Great BFTP Careers That Never Happened

Learn From the Pros

Most Difficult Sport?

Pictures of US

Welcome to New Members and the Vets-Lets Talk


Andrea Jaeger's Book

Books,Books, Books

Courting Fame

A Long Way Baby

Love and Faults (Pictures from)

Passing Shots-My Life ON Tour (by Pam Shriver)


Did Martina Aviod Playing Steffi (1987-1994)?

Giving up The ghost (Defaults and Retirements)

Seles-Graf 1993, Stabbing

The history of homosexuality in tennis

The infamous "Chris Everett" moment from the Jim Rome show

On Court Fights

The Quote Thread

Steroids in Tennis

Tennis player Swings With Fist

You Lousy Sack of Merde! Says Shriver to Austin


Doubles legends

Mismatched Doubles Partners of All Time

Mixed Doubles (Connects to a fantastic site of slam mixed results)

Navratilova and Shriver

#1 Ranked Doubles Players

Ranking Top Doubles Teams by Tournaments played

Top 30 doubles players of the Open Era


Favorite 80s Blonde Bombshell

Favorite Tennis Commentators

Favorite Years


First Grand Slam title Recollections

Funny/Humorous Threads

Admit it. I Had The Best Hair (Shriver fun thread)

Evert: Beer Can or Straw Mystery Revealed

Fun Articles

Get Your Claws Out!

Ladies of the Evening 1975-77

The night Billie Mean Screamed At Me!

Yawn! (The Pamfro Thread)

The Greatest/Best/Biggest

Before Metal Racquets-Was Connolly the Hardest Hitter?

Biggest Upsets

15 Greatest Matches

The Great Debate (Author Argues Graf Greatest in Open Era)

The Great Escapes (Comebacks)

Greatest Ever By Country

Greatest Matches of All Time

Most Dominating Performance in one match.

10 Greatest Matches of the Amateur Era

Imagine/What if Threads

Coach for a Year

Connolly vs. Lenglen and Wills?

Dream Matches You'll Never Get to See

Hypothetical:Could Chrissie Have Made It?

If You Could Change 5 Results....

Past vs. Present Dream Matches

Ten Matches You'd Wish they Won (Or Lost)

Top Ten Fantasy Matches You Wish You Had

What If Evert Played Capriati in 1990?


Inside Women's Tennis


BFTP With an Eye for the Future

Opinion Threads

Good Look (Best looking Female Ever)

Lenglen vs. Graf (Most Graceful)

Most Overratted/Underrated Players

Most Underated Player EVER

Photo/Picture Theads

Classic photos

Guess the Year of This photo Thread

Pics of Retired Players of the 90s/00s

2001 Evert Celebrity Classic

Questions From the BFTP Experts


Out of the Mouthes of Babes


Surface Stuff

Surface Rankings

The Wood Surface

Women's Lib/Equality

BJK's Open letter (asking for equal prize money at Wimbledon)


Worst Grand Slam Semi Ever

???????????? (Need a category)

Fictional Awards of the 70s/80s

Interview of The Day

One Slam Wonders

6-0 6-0 Victims Who Got Revenge

Which Is more Impressive? (Comparing 6 slams runs)

Your Tennis Documentary

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Re: Thread Index(Find threads here)

Something rotten in the state of Denmark here.

The link for The Controversial Darlene Hard gives you access to one about Olga Morozova!!!

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Isn't it time to update the list of threads by year?
Hi Mick.:wavey: If you mean the results threads for each year they can be found in the results forum. Perhaps I should add links to that section (and the Grand Salm results) in here?

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Posted by Mike
Rollo, it is quite hard to navigate from that thread because results are mixed with a links in there. If you want to establish good navigation, then you'll have to have a thread with links only. Ideally in chronological order.
I hear you Mike. I've set this a major goal by the end of this year. Once that is done it will be easy for users to navigate and to add/edit information.

Thanks AR. I have added this to the index.
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