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FLT weekly magaizne Vol. 1
What`s new ?

Fighting Ladies Tour Season 3 is about to begin, but before that, our girls want to have fun. In luxurious Cairns Convention Centre FLT runner organized Grad Opening Gala.
Music, dance, glorious dinner but also silent auction for people in need – all that in one night before hard work on court cames.
Special guest – Nora Jones with her band performed made FLT girls in dancing mood. Some of them do not know when to stop ;)

Myriam got the microphone and scream: "I love you Norah, I love you ..."

Players fans were waiting outside Cairns Convention Centre for many houres just to see thair idols, or take an autograph.

It was almost a fashion parade, all girls in fantastic outfits ... ok, maybe not all of them ...

Monica and Martina... you seriously should get some new clothes !!! ;)
A party without 2 most beautiful players on tour ? No way ...​

Maria close to ...​

Anna signing FLT Gala poster

This week : TEAM WEEK !!!
It`s time to play in groups. For the first time National Champ. will take place at the begining of the season, but as always it will show who`s the best in each group and who will be the captain for the whole season.
Groups will play:
- Absolute Fighters in Brisbane, AUS
- The Worst Bitches in Bejing, CHN
- Silly Pussycats in Nagano, JAP
- Sexy Beauties in Hobart, AUS

Next week: First tournament down under
Some serious damage will be done as we start with regular tournament. It will be the only week in whole season with one tournament (except Grand Slam`s week). All girls will be able to see the beauty of Wellington (NZL).
Main draw only for 16 players, with nice qualifying battle.

This week magazine editor: AdPerk (Peter)
See you next week, with "this week on FLT" Vol. 2.
Be nice girls ;)

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