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This might give you a laugh while you wait for the rain to stop. Its hard to argue with most of these:

Game, set, disaster
By Patrick Hruby
Special to Page 2

NEW YORK -- Jennifer Capriati made history last week.

Not the good kind.

For her first-round US Open match against Cristina Torrens Valero, Capriati donned a formfitting blue dress, replete with white stars.

While the American flag motif was commendably patriotic, the outfit itself was rather unflattering -- a bit too tight, a tad too revealing, creating the overall effect of an overstuffed kielbasa, frozen to a deep azure.

"I heard some pros and cons about it," Capriati later said. "I heard the troops really liked it."

Good for them. For the rest of us, well, Capriati is hardly the first tennis star to transform fashion-forward into fashion forewarned. To the contrary, the sport is a veritable walk-in closet of sartorial blunders, good intentions gone hopelessly awry.

With that in mind, Page 2 presents a look back at some of the most, er, unforgettable garb in tennis history:

Jennifer Capriati

When: 2003 U.S. Open.

The look: Stars n' Stripes, sans stripes.

Inspired by: Betsy Ross.

Resembles: Rebecca Romijn-argh!-Stamos, done-up in body paint for those "X-Men" movies. OK, maybe not.

Sartorial statement: Here stands a proud daughter of the American Revolution -- a revolution that produced crass music videos, ubiquitous fast food, gas-guzzling SUVs and everything else that makes the U-S-of-A insanely great, especially Maverick and Goose pouring upside-down Pepsis and giving Ivan the bird in "Top Gun."

Possible complications: Militant Islamic fundamentalists may try to burn your Great Satan getup during rallies. Ditto for members of the ACLU.

Martina Hingis

When: 2001, various tournaments.

The look: A skintight shirt with varying sleeves -- one long, one short.

Inspired by: Haute couture; homeless people; Luke Skywalker after Vader kaiboshed his hand; the ill-fated McDLT hamburger, which kept the hot side hot and the cool side cool.

Resembles: Something Danny Wuerffel might wear, the better to complement his -- snicker -- throwing glove.

Sartorial statement: A player so good, she can win with one arm. That, or she's hiding some sort of rare and hideous skin disorder.

Possible complications: And you thought bikinis produced uneven tan lines.

Serena Williams

When: 2002 French Open.

The look: Sleeveless green shirt, red shorts and yellow knee-high socks.

Inspired by: The Cameroon soccer team (no, really).

Resembles: Something Britney Spears might wear if filming a video in Africa. Assuming, of course, she wears anything at all.

Sartorial statement: The Indomitable Lions' run to the 1990 World Cup quarterfinals really inspired me. Even though I was nine at the time.

Possible complications: MLS makes you a top draft pick, then trades your rights to Tottenham Hotspur; chair umpire asks you to produce your homework. In Swahili.

When: 2002 U.S. Open.

The look: A skintight black catsuit, replete with very short shorts.

Inspired by: Batman, Catwoman, the Tick.

Resembles: Jennifer Garner in "Daredevil." Except for the shorts. Sigh.

Sartorial statement: Mighty. Mighty. And letting it all hang out.

Possible complications: Commissioner Gordon will call on you to take on -- and take out -- that pesky Joker.

Andre Agassi

When: Early 1990s, various tournaments.

The look: Black denim shorts over neon-pink spandex undies, topped by a white, black and pink shirt with matching headband.

Inspired by: Axl Rose, Brett Michaels.

Resembles: The manly men of Whitesnake, sans the eyeliner; a wayward bike messenger, delivering urgent legal documents to Stadium Court.

Sartorial statement: Here I am -- DUH-DUH-DUH -- rock you like a hurricane!

Possible complications: Thanks to the Internet, pictures are just a few clicks away. For the rest of your life.

Venus Williams

When: 2001 Australian Open.

The look: A black-and-blue, slashed-front top.

Inspired by: An unlocked bank vault; Terrell Owens, 10 yards behind the last defender; Niagra Falls, tumbling forth in all its natural splendor.

Resembles: Bondage gear ... uhh, so we've heard.

Sartorial statement: Beyond winning Grand Slams, I'm very interested in fashion design -- hey, are you even listening here?

Possible complications: Spillage, baby. Spillage.

Ashley Harkleroad

When: 2001 U.S. Open.

The look: A skintight, midriff-baring tankini, with short skirt slit to mid-hip.

Inspired by: Lecherous Nike reps, who helped the then-16-year-old Harkleroad pick it out. Why didn't the FBI look into this?

Resembles: Ten pounds of grain in a five-pound sack. Warren Sapp in Gary Coleman's pajamas. Shamu in Paul Pierce's headband. You get the idea.

Sartorial statement: Give me a sign. Hit me, baby, one more time. (Alternately, don't stand so close to me).

Possible complications: You end up starring in a made-for-television adaptation of a Nabokov novel; worse still, you end up in "Poison Ivy 4."

Rick Leach and Ellis Ferreira

When: 2000 Australian Open.

The look: Flowery, red and white Bermuda shorts.

Inspired by: Surfers; kids with swimming pools; Elvis, the Hawaii years.

Resembles: College basketball coaches "dressing down" at the Maui Classic, year after goofy year. How ridiculous is that?

Sartorial statement: Doubles is even less challenging than it appears.

Possible complications: You look like a really big dork. Which, come to think if it, isn't so complicated.

Anne White :lol: (I remember the fuss this caused...)

When: 1985 Wimbledon.

The look: A skintight white bodystocking.

Inspired by: Athletic socks; ballerinas; Tinkerbell.

Resembles: A homemade Power Ranger Halloween costume, without the helmet.

Sartorial statement: Lose a bet? You might have to follow through.

Possible complications: All-England club officials will ban your outfit because -- get this -- the neckline is too low (and, in fact, that's exactly what happened).

Bjorn Borg

When: 1970s, various tournaments.

The look: Short shorts, sweater vests, big pimpin' headbands. All the accessories of the International Tennis Playboy, circa 1979.

Inspired by: Tournaments on the Riviera; tax havens in Monaco; the decade that gave us disco.

Resembles: Luke Wilson in "The Royal Tenenbaums."

Sartorial statement: In the realm of babe-banditry, I'm Sir Francis Drake. Yarghh, matey!

Possible complications: Every other decade, the look becomes cool again.

Patrick Hruby is a sportswriter for the Washington Times. You can reach him at [email protected].

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I loved the Martina and Ashley outfits personally! Something very different but not tarty.

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Martinas was nice, snazzy and sophisticated, but was also a mechanism for her serve (not that it worked overally to her advantage)

Serena's Cameroonian Apparel was "different" Its good to show difference and individuality but it was to flamboyant and effervescent for my liking.

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how the fuck can you put the catsuit in there?

i liked venus' cutout... there were regular shirts like that everywhere, twas nice to see her incorporate fashion in there.

serenas cameroon is just plain original and sexy... knee highs are so hot.

andres outfit was from the 80s.... what do you expect? cant blame him for being a fashion casualty from the 80s. i remember when everyone has those spandex biker shorts.

ive never liked ashleys outfit. it just wasnt very flattering to her figure.

but i think the worst outfit ever has to be that condom anne white is wearing. ick.

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By Janet Graham

The controversial white catsuit ought to have a more prominent resting place than the basement of Anne White’s California house. After all, nearly 18 years after its debut at Wimbledon, it is still gaining attention for the former women’s professional tennis player.

But even White, who has been named by ESPN Web site editors as among the top 10 sexiest retired athletes, has to chuckle at how relatively conservative the one-piece Lycra suit would seem among today’s athletic wear.

“The attire is different; the sport is different,” said White. “The outfits are more colorful and they enable the players to express their personalities and their own point of view.”

When White first pondered the idea of the catsuit, she said, it was actually more about performance. The Olympic athletes were tuning into the idea of reducing air resistance through skin-tight clothing, and the idea of covering her legs to keep warm in the chilly
Wimbledon weather was appealing. Although the original design was too sheer, she solved that problem by wearing another sleeveless Lycra suit underneath.

“I was 24 years old. Would I do it now? Absolutely not,” White said. “But I believed in it and hopefully, it looked nice. To me it made sense. I had no idea it would be so controversial.”

White recites the events of July 1985 as if it were yesterday. She remembers being tied at one set each with Pam Shriver when longtime Wimbledon referee and proper Brit Alan Mills came onto the court to halt the match because of darkness. He then pulled White aside and said, “I have to ask you not to wear that again.” It was an embarrassing moment for White and although it was “even colder” the next day, she dressed in a regulation tennis skirt and top for the completion of the match, which she ended up losing.

In Sports Illustrated that week, she was quoted as saying, “I didn’t want to cause anybody to spill their strawberries and cream. But I think I showed a lot of guts.” White insists that she never considered fighting the catsuit’s ban. “I wasn’t going to rock the boat any more.”

Since her retirement from tennis in 1990, White has done television commentary for USA Network at the U.S. Open and commercials for Reebok, Avia shoes, Carefree gum and Michelob. Her love of fashion has led her into the wholesale watch business, working first for Cartier and now as an account executive for Jaeger-LeCoultre.

“A friend got me into it,” she said. “I’ve always had a passion for watches and I get to do a lot of traveling. I have the western part of the United States as my territory and I manage accounts, sales, and advertising.”

Although she grew up in Charleston, West Virginia, and her parents still live there, White, a two-time All-American at the University of Southern California, loves living on the balmy West Coast. She still plays tennis with friends—“not competitively”—at the L.A. Tennis Club, “the oldest tennis club west of the Mississippi.” And she said she recently began playing golf again after a 10-year hiatus. “I’m very busy,” White said. “Life is sweet.”

But she still keeps an eye on women’s tennis and the on-court fashions. The Williams sisters’ athleticism is exciting, she said, and so are their outfits, especially Serena’s own black catsuit, which is much tighter, shorter, and more revealing than her own. “Mine was a little more traditional and understated,” she commented. “But I didn’t quite have the figure she has.”

The best thing about the colorful outfits, like the orange short set Serena Williams wore during the recent NASDAQ-100 Open, are that they are attracting a new fan base, White continued. “It’s electrifying. And maybe it brings in people who haven’t watched tennis before.”

Kind of like a certain white catsuit tucked away in her basement.

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i actually liked martina's and serena's
venus' and jennifer's REALLY deserved to be in that article

Team WTAworld, Senior Member
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...I liked Martinas' too...I thought she looked particularly fetching in it...the Cameroon one is flamboyant...but original...interesting...actually inspired by their success at the African Nations, not the World Cup...iirc... hhmmm...yes... :)

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after looking at some of these......Jennifer's looks fairly ordinary i think! Serena's black pvc catsuit has to be the most vile tennis outfit ive ever seen and yes Agassi's probably the stupidist! :lol: but like someone said, u cant hold the 80's against him, it was a decade that fashion taste forgot! :unsure:

there were some great 80s/early 90s shellsuits goin around then......shall we have a hideous shellsuit thread? :devil: ......and can anyone post Jennifer's worst shellsuit b4 i do? :D ;)
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