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The Vera Zvonareva Picture Thread

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I've decided to start a thread for pictures of Vera. I have got Vera pictures from the Gold Coast and Sydney and people can add other pictures.

These five pictures were taken on Tuesday 13th of January at the adidas International in Sydney. I have quite a few pictures from this practice session, but I still have to sort them all out. These pictures were an attempt to capture the style of Vera's game. I've included 2 serves, a volley, a forehand and a backhand :hearts: . Enjoy!


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She´s very pretty:p:inlove::hearts:
an video(too),in Montreal,player party,when Vera stay(in the video);)English...:help::smash:
min 11.23;)
I dont like the outfit. Its seems cheap. :confused::rolleyes:
But i like to see Vera with open hairs.:hearts::lick::lick:
oh,the outfit is awful:eek:
I don´t like K-Swiss;i prefer Under Armour,and her outfit white and blue.You?:p
It´s really very great!:D
Here two pics from Stuttgart

pretty Vera,the prettiest russian player:p

Vera in atp/wta xmas video :lol:
Thanks you very much!:yeah:
Vera is cute,Vera is love...:inlove:
Happy xmas for her:drool::kiss: and all fans:):kiss:
She looks so beautiful in white:inlove:,much better outfit than the last year end:spit:
1 - 20 of 4042 Posts
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