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The USTA just handled Lindsay the Final, maybe even the OPEN????

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Wow! I was totally shocked when I saw the draw! Lindsay Davenport was given a 3rd seed, behind Kim and Justine, the numbers 1 and 2 respectively. Venus Williams is the 4th seeded player.

This is interesting!

If Lindsay can hold court, she will probably get JHH in the semis; and Venus will have Kim. Lindsay has to believe that she has the overall game to easily defeat JHH on hardcourt. Plus, she will definately have the fan support.

The most interesting factour is she DOES NOT have to play a Williams in order to make it to a final. With Serena being out, and Venus being ranked number 4, Lindsay, for the first time in five years, could possibly have an Open without facing a WS! Wow! Incredible!

I say the Davenport team is wiping its eyebrows now.

I wonder if she's already made out her $1,000,000 bank deposit slip!??????/

One ponders.....!

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Good luck Davenport :D
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