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Hour to go :-


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Deadline passed - no votes from :-


Results in about an hour...................

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Let the guessing game begin.


Song One – King Khan - America Goddamn
: I’d say it’s meant for Shvedbarilescu. It’s got a nice mixture of garage and funk, it’s very political and the production seems much more modern than what it actually is.

EDIT: This must be Wanderer’s based on what’s coming near the end.

Other possible guesses: Shvedbarilescu, Mustafina. Longer shots: SilverPersian, Silent Bird.

Song Two – The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet: Not bass-y anough to be Beat’s, not noisy enough to be histery’s, not French enough to be Laurent Moy’s, me thinks. It doesn’t really scream any name so… why not someone who sent Talking Heads in the past like stromatolite?

Other possible guesses: Matmagix. Longer shots: Beat, histery.

Song Three – The Catheters - Brave Drum: Punk from Sub Pop seems to be closer to The Crow’s league. Post-punk would be better but yeah, why would you send Sufjan first (unless you’re just trolling us all).

Other possible guesses: Beat, Wanderer. Longer shots: Shvedbarilescu.

Song Four – Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Color Of Anyhow: I could just think about N.M. throughout the song. Genre-wise, era-wise it’s a good fit.

Other possible guesses: stromatolite, Mustafina. Longer shots: SilverPersian, aerosmash.

Song Five – Videosex - Detektivska prica: It’s incredible but this is more SRB Analyst-like than Spagna’s call me.

Other possible guesses: Boreas. Longer shots: Litotes, somehow.

Song Six – Major Lazer - Get Free: It doesn’t really scream Random Run. I’m more of the chilly Scandinavian producers (Lindstrøm, Röyksopp, Todd Terje). It’s hard to think outside of Adam but I think different players would be into it.

Possible guesses: aerosmash, Matmagix. Longer shots: bud887.

Song Seven – The Josephine Wiggs Experience - Head To Toe: Bass-wise it’s quite Beat-like.

Possible guesses: histery, The Crow. Longer shots: Shvedbarilescu, Random Run.

Song Eight – Pussy Riot - I Can't Breathe: A not-punk song from them - it’s confusing to assign. One has to think in the possibility it may have been sent thinking about the Russophiles players of this game. Could this be for MrPeanutButter? Has sent stuff closer to this league between the gazillion of covers and videogame soundtracks.

Possible guesses: Shvedbarilescu, Silent Bird. Longer shots: Sam L.

Song Nine – Popol Vuh - Ich Mache Einen Spiegel - Dream Part 49: This is JMG’s. It has that this-is-getting-last-place feeling that he hinted at in a previous post (see: possible guesses) so maybe it was not for but by him.

Possible guesses: Litotes. Longer shots: Perun.

Song Ten – Ros Sereysothea - Kom Nirk Oun Ey: I’m not going to check the results from the ASEAN game but I’m assuming this is for Mustafina.

Possible guesses: Leif, aerosmash. Longer shots: histery, Silent Bird.

Song Eleven – Dog Faced Hermans - Love Is The Heart of Everything: I’ll just say resident_bizarre.

Possible guesses: No one else, to be honest.

Song Twelve - Art Of Noise - Moments In Love: It’s probably the poppier, least-disconcerting moment of Who’s Afraid of the Art of Noise? I’m assuming it should be up the league of some of the Kate Bush fans – but then again, it’s the song Madonna chose to enter when she married Sean Penn. I’ll pick Mauriac based on the classic arrangements Anne Dudley inserted.

Possible guesses: Sam L, SilverPersian. Longer shots: AdeyC, Queen Vika.

Song Thirteen – Siouxsie and The Banshees - Hong Kong Garden: The Sufjan connection just f*cked up a perfect guess for this one. Also: this will surely hit top 5. I’ll assign this one to SilverPersian.

Possible guesses: N.M., The Crow. Longer shots: Mauriac, Wanderer.

Song Fourteen – Loren Allred - Never Enough: I checked: someone skated to this track. I’ll say Sam L.
Possible guesses: MrPeanutButter, bud887. Longer shots: aerosmash.

Song Fifteen – Sky Ferreira - Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay): This is so the gift that Queen Vika asked for and did not receive in the first Secret Santa (not due to not receiving a gift, but for getting Madonna). Wally would have loved this one, too.

Possible guesses: Adam, Haleptard. Longer shots: Random Run.


Song Sixteen – Kiri te Kanawa - O mio babbino caro
: Ok, this one should also be Beat’s Mauriac’s… but it’s also a pretty Disney-like rendition of the aria, right? And someone in history chose the aria to skate to it. I’ll pick Leif based on the fact that the arrangement was quite striking (and that Leif once sent Ombra Mai Fu).

Possible guesses: Mauriac, Sam L. Longer shots: Nobody else.

Song Seventeen – The Dickies – Paranoid: Now this one is so much pop-punk it’s hard for me not to look at Matmagix. And there's no hip hop, too.

Possible guesses: Wanderer, histery. Longer shots: Nobody else.

Song Eighteen - Happyendless - Power Forever: I’m thinking Litotes is involved here. If he did not receive this is because he sent it.

Possible guesses: Boreas. Longer shots: Nobody else.

Song Nineteen - Desire – Saturday: This feels like when histery got sent Still Corners.

Possible guesses: DropShotAce, Haleptard. Longer shots: Silent Bird.

Song Twenty – Dollar - Shooting Star: Ranking of very Adey-like acts: 1) Bananarama, 2) ABBA, 3) Brotherhood of Man, 4) Dollar.

Possible guesses: Mauriac, aerosmash. Longer shots: bud887, Leif.

Song Twenty-One – Vampire Weekend – Step: Could this one be for… Random Run? I didn’t dare to pick one for me last time but then again, I’m looking at the rest of the playlist and having paid attention to the previous twenty songs… I’m not sure any other song really fits my type. Plus, it’s part of my favorite album by Vampire Weekend – one of my favorite three tracks there. Nevermind, it must be Haleptard’s.

Possible guesses: Random Run, Adam. Longer shots: SilverPersian.

Song Twenty-Two – Cerrone – Supernature: I’m assuming this is Laurent Moy sending a gift for Silent Bird, here goes the :eek:h: smily.

Possible guesses: DropShotAce, Laurent Moy, AdeyC. Longer shots: Random Run, Matmagix.

Song Twenty-Three – Paradis - Toi et Moi: Not the first time someone sends Paradis and I remember liking it the first time – maybe I should check them out. Anyway, I think this is for Laurent Moy because there is no other entry in French.

Possible guesses: DropShotAce, Random Run. Longer shots: bud887, Silent Bird.

Song Twenty-Four - Kajagoogoo - Too Shy: First guess would be Adey and then Mauriac but both of them must have other entries that fit even better. Why not DropShotAce? There’s no house here.

Possible guesses: AdeyC, Mauriac. Longer shots: bud887, Boreas.

Song Twenty-Five – Thievery Corporation - Until The Morning: This feels closer to aerosmash’s league for some reason – aerosmash once sent a reggae remix of a Miike Snow song and Thievery Corporation mixed reggae and bossa with music of the “chill” group…

Possible guesses: TIEFSEE if he were playing, DropShotAce. Longer shots: TennisFan102, Boreas.

Song Twenty-Six – SAMHARA – Vai Marlução: Ok, this must be bud887’s, right?

Possible guesses: Matmagix. Longer shots: Adam.

Song Twenty-Seven – Allez Allez – Valley Of The Kings: This one is testing me. I can’t find something that would make it stick it for someone in this playing field. I’ll leave it for the end.

EDIT: I’m the only one left, so Random Run. Which wouldn’t be quite me – unless you thought “yeah, this is funk, this will do”. This feels more JMG-like (though not as much as Popol Vuh) or even TennisFan102-like (though not as much as Karina Buhr).

Song Twenty-Eight - Karina Buhr - Vira Po: This is hard to pin down but why not TennisFan102? There are no songs of a folk-ish flavor here and this one may be the closest to a “World” music type, in a way.

Possible guesses: Shvedbarilescu, bud887. Longer shots: Random Run, wayitis if he were playing.

Song Twenty-Nine – Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London: Out the players I have left, this must be for Boreas.

Possible guesses: AdeyC, Matmagix. Longer shots: Mauriac.

Song Thirty – Pete Brandt's Method - What You Are: The most unapologetic jazz lover, considering Hugues Daniel is not here, must be Shvedbarilescu. And this is very Shved-like.

Possible guesses: Silent Bird, Adam. Longer shots: Random Run.

Song Thirty-One – Stone Temple Pilots – Creep: This one was submitted last, so it’s either for JMG, Number19 or Perun. There is stuff that could only be for JMG here, so Stone Temple Pilots is not for him. Out of the remaining two, it’s much, much closer to Perun’s league (see: Number19’s post) but the timing of the submission is also very Perun-like so it could be a case of Perun sending 90s alt-rock to make the gift fit Number19 (and missing). Either way: Perun is involved in one of both sides.

Possible guesses: You know it’s up between these two players.
I remember QV sent Pussy Riot once, so would I include him there as possibility. Also because QV is possibly the player that didn't send a song, so it won't be from him.

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Semi-Final – One



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Semi-Final – Two



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Competitors in the Final


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Song One – Khan - America Goddamn

Song Two – The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet

Song Three – Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Color Of Anyhow

Song Four – Videosex - Detektivska prica

Song Five – The Josephine Wiggs Experience - Head To Toe

Song Six – Pussy Riot - I Can't Breathe

Song Seven – Ros Sereysothea - Kom Nirk Oun Ey

Song Eight – Art Of Noise - Moments In Love

Song Nine – Siouxsie and The Banshees - Hong Kong Garden

Song Ten – Sky Ferreira - Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)

Song Eleven - Desire - Saturday

Song Twelve – Vampire Weekend - Step

Song Thirteen – Cerrone - Supernature

Song Fourteen – Paradis - Toi et Moi

Song Fifteen – Kajagoogoo - Too Shy

Song Sixteen – Thievery Corporation - Until The Morning

Song Seventeen – Allez Allez - Valley Of The Kings

Song Eighteen - Karina Buhr - Vira Po

Song Nineteen - Pete Brandt's Method - What You Are

Song Twenty – Stone Temple Pilots - Creep



You pick your ten favourite songs [B][U]you cannot vote for the song you have nominated yourself[/U][/B] – 
you award 12 points to your favourite, 10 points to your second favourite, 8 points to your third favourite, 
7 points to your fourth favourite and so on up to your tenth favourite.

Your votes should look like this



12 – Song Title
10 – Song Title
8 – Song Title
7 – Song Title
6 – Song Title
5 – Song Title
4 – Song Title
3 – Song Title
2 – Song Title
1 – Song Title


local time

Deadline for receiving your votes is WEDNESDAY 18TH DECEMBER 2019 7pm UK Time

Voting Ceremony will be THURSDAY 19TH DECEMBER 2019 – 8pm
Please send your votes to AdeyC

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I might try reduced guessing game. :eek:h:
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