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The smashing Bepa GIF thread!

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I can't effin sleep... :sobbing:

So how about a gif thread? :D To show our Bepa's uniqueness in motion. :hearts:

Here are mine (so far...). Post yours!


I sure have more, but haven't uploaded them. ;)
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LOL, like she is biting in a lemon!
I think she would like (a lot) it was a lemon.. :D

Nice thread. And she have talent for that.. :lol:

This thread reminded me of a poll in a tennis site, here in Brazil. The election was... Well, see for yourselves: CLICK HERE

Is in Portuguese, but nothing that auto-translation of Google Chrome does not solve..
Just made my 1st Bepa GIF :lol: Be indulgent! :p

A Smashing Gif.. :lol: Nice Work!!

The kid almost takes a hit.. :eek:
A few others :D

I see a evolution in here. She's giving a hug in the racket, instead of test the her resistence.. :lol: :worship:
Weh all azleeping too late cause of Vera's games. Thys will end onn 2 Saturdays.. :D :lol:
Zvonaryovshka - Our Bepa's gif MASTER :worship:
I thought I would not see it again.. :bigcry: :hysteric:
I have a new username :oh:
This is a REAL proof of faith. Will be the priest of our Zvonarevian Church.. :worship:

and some happy & cute gifs to celebrate Bepa's slam :D

(my fave one :oh: :hearts:)

By the way, excellent work :yeah:

Don't try to fool us, we all know she was texting you :oh: as you have her phonenumber since Brussels :oh:
This is the kind of thing that should be shared with the people here. You know, just to say: "Good Lucky on the next match", "I Love You", "Congratulations!!", "Marry me Bepa!!"..

You know, this kind of thing.. :rolleyes:
You took the religious thing seriously ! :angel:

We barely started Bepa :worship: religion and she won a Slam.

If only we had made this earlier...
Don't tell me about it. We all deserve a :facepalm:
Faithnareva promises. Faithnareva complies!

Well done!! :yeah:

Call me a perv, but being honest, i found that video of Vera doing her stretches quite arousing... :hehehe:

Perv.. :rolleyes:

"Arousing" was the nice, non explicit way of putting it. :lol::hehehe:

Well, your honesty and sincerity, will never be questioned in here..
1 - 11 of 104 Posts
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