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The smashing Bepa GIF thread!

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I can't effin sleep... :sobbing:

So how about a gif thread? :D To show our Bepa's uniqueness in motion. :hearts:

Here are mine (so far...). Post yours!


I sure have more, but haven't uploaded them. ;)
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Kind of funny, although Vera laughing on court is really strange. Is this the part where she argued with the umpire?? :drool:
You're going to break some people's hearts with these pictures...
mine for example :sad:
Great gifs¡¡ thanks for posting :) im so proud of vera right now (also sveta of course) :bounce: it was a great tournament and i really hope this experience can add someting to vera's net game :angel: my fav gif if the one where vera is giving the speech :kiss: she is so funny :hearts:
Call me a perv, but being honest, i found that video of Vera doing her stretches quite arousing... :hehehe:[/QUOTE]

............................. Im a girl so i cant say if you are right or not :rolleyes: but your comment is funny :lol: one things is for sure she looks sooo good :kiss: as usual of course
1 - 4 of 104 Posts
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