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The smashing Bepa GIF thread!

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I can't effin sleep... :sobbing:

So how about a gif thread? :D To show our Bepa's uniqueness in motion. :hearts:

Here are mine (so far...). Post yours!


I sure have more, but haven't uploaded them. ;)
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A few more :p

LOL, like she is biting in a lemon!

Really like this thread:bounce:
Kind of funny, although Vera laughing on court is really strange. Is this the part where she argued with the umpire?? :drool:
She was not really argueing here, but more a sarcastic laugh. This was a rally where Vera lobbed Dulgheru, Dulgheru chasing the ball and smashed the ball with the back to the net, and bounced just after the baseline (I always believe Vera:lol:), Vera hit back, but stopped for a slight moment to see if the linesman would call 'out'. Dulgheru finished off there, and Vera just laughted why there was no call. But she knew it was in of course :angel:, she never expected the ball back probably.

And I like she can laugh about it. These kind of points used to cost her the match in the past, she could go bezerk because of this.
Yes, she must smile more :),also on court, she has one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen.
Yeah, "bezerk" is a new one on me too, i always thought it was berserk. :lol: :D
It is:help:. Maybe it is time for me to go to zleep:lol:
Why thank you, glad you found humor in it... :D
I see the humor of it as well, not sure if arousing would be my choice of words, but tbh, she got me :drool: there.

1 - 4 of 104 Posts
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