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Francoise Durr

Love that post about Frankie Durr. It's true, once they measured the womens serves in the late 70s with the radar gun and hers DID NOT REGISTER! And yes, she did ace people occasionally. I actually saw her ace Rosie Casals once in a veterans event and Rosie screamed out "THAT WAS FOUL!" LOL. I have it on video - I filmed it live at Wimbledon.

I also have lots of match footage of Francoise from the 60s and 70s as she was one of my idols. Honestly, perhaps the most unorthodox player of all time. If you thought her serve was crazy, you should see her backhand! She held her racket like a soup ladle. Teddy Tinling used to call her serve the "powder puff" or "Marshmallow"!

70s Tennis, you should email me sometime as I also have lots of 60s and 70s matches from the good old "You've come a long way baby days".....
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