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In search trying to understand the Polo Open website and I tried to translate the page through the altavista website and it spitted stuff like that out.

The poll on the website translated to this:
Who is in your mind POLO beautiful woman?
-The sha pulls the wave baby :lol:
-Many gram wonder :eek:
-Xie Te
-German gate peduncle Ye Wa
-Kazak ?? Luo De
-Sa Fenna

Anyone want to guess who those are suppose to be? I know because I was able to make it out by the pictures on the rest of the website.

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-The sha pulls the wave baby = Sharapova ?!?!?
-Many gram wonder = Sugiyama ?!?!?
-Xie Te = Schett ???
-German gate peduncle Ye Wa = Dementieva
-Kazak ?? Luo De = Harkleroad
-Sa Fenna = Safina

:lol: I don't even know a single word of Chinese!
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