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The "semis's streak"

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Kim's was snapped at what like 14? She was on a 16 straight semis in tournies, all the way starting at 2002 Luxembourg.

Since 2002, serena has played 20 tournies, only 2 Quarters. Pretty good too! She has 11 straight semis streak :) Great achievements by both. Especially Serena!

And matter of fact, you have to go all the way back to 2000, to see when the last time serena lost before the quarters. she only lost twice before the quarters in 2000. so the past 4 years, serena has only lost twice before the quarters of any tournie! amazing stuff. number 1 player stats were talkin bout!
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Serenaslam, do you have one gigantic monologue on this that you just randomly cut and paste into mindless threads every week, or are you simply sad enough to type the same drivel over and over again?

and the word you are looking for is LOSE not LOOSE
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