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The "semis's streak"

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Kim's was snapped at what like 14? She was on a 16 straight semis in tournies, all the way starting at 2002 Luxembourg.

Since 2002, serena has played 20 tournies, only 2 Quarters. Pretty good too! She has 11 straight semis streak :) Great achievements by both. Especially Serena!

And matter of fact, you have to go all the way back to 2000, to see when the last time serena lost before the quarters. she only lost twice before the quarters in 2000. so the past 4 years, serena has only lost twice before the quarters of any tournie! amazing stuff. number 1 player stats were talkin bout!
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Yep, Serena has the longest qrtrs or better at the moment and the longest semi´s or better! Damn, is there any doubt who´s the best player?! Plus look at her finals record: Since ´02 she has reached 12 finals and her record is: 9-3 and 5-0 in GS finals! Damn!!
cool bird said:
Serenaslam this is boring. Why do you find it so hard to say yeah Kim is the number 1 player. The girl works just as hard a Serena or Venus. Kim is the number 1 player at the mo.
Serena will be the number 1 player agin i am sure. But right now its Kim and her fans time
Kim is no.1 but not the best. Plus if people can hail and make a big deal of Kim´s semi streak, well than this is worthy of notice too.
faboozadoo15 said:
players who have been #1 (at some time in their career)according to the numbers who were not the "best player"
steffi graf
martina hingis
lindsay davenport
now we can add kim
at one point in all their careers, they reached the #1 spot while they were not the best player on the tour. however, everyone but kim had won slams and "earned" the #1 ranking at one point. i think kim will "earn it" for everyone at one point or another.
Better do, for her fans!
cool bird said:
Yes but we all know what a great player Serena is.
But Serena and Vensu are at a different level to id say nearly everybody eles on the tour. They are looking to make history and be great champions. Kim is still young and looking for her frist grandslam title. But cant you just be happy watching somebody try to reach the goal they have set them self instead of trying to act like some great wrong has been done to your player.
No,no....when they´re starting to make that player greater than she´s than there´s a problem. Kim´s good, but she ain´t no Serena or Venus.
pigam said:
It's pretty said how people only post to bash other peoples fav or to hail their own fav... and if their would be a reason !! In this case Kim lost a match. So what!! Who cares about Serena's 'QFstreak' at this moment?? This really doesn't alter the fact that Kim has deserved her nr1 ranking, so live with it :)
And doesn´t really alter the fact that Serena´s the best player. ;) :lol:
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