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The Russians Are Dropping Like Flies!

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The Russians!

WHY? WHY? WHY?????????? :confused:

Lina had to retire against Conchi;

Elena Bovina lost meekly to a qualifier;

Elena Likhotseva lost a heartbreaker, 6-8 in the 3rd , after Fighting back from a losided first-set loss;

Panova and Kuznetsova are stuggling in 3rd sets right now.

(Yes, I left out the most famous Russian of them all, but I was rooting for JUSTINE in that match! ;) )

What will it take to end this Russian curse? And it's getting worse- they used to have trouble winning TITLES; now it's MATCHES.:sad: :sad: :sad:
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The rational rascals! Oh apoet29! Oh Janie! You 2 are so rational! You both make good points concerning Anna's problems. Anna brought my fading interest in tennis back to tennis in 1996. And because I'm a huge Anna Kournikova fan, I'm probably not as objective and rational as you are when critiquing Anna. I guess from your points of view, you are just constructively criticising Anna. Even though it sounds like you are picking on her.
These girls raise a very good point. What Anna needs is a coach and to cut down on her off court activities (by this I mean the endorsements and other business-related things; not her personal relationships). Anna would probably also benefit by writing notes to herself before matches, as silly as it sounds Anna can be impatient and maybe a few notes to read would help her keep her cool. She also needs a coach to improve her strategy. I know she says she doesn't need one but I think now she does, especially if she wants to get back to the top 10.
I don't care about her offcourt activities. I do not think that Anna does not practice enough. Rather opposite.

Coach... I have that idee fixe for a couple of years already..:) I think she needs to hire Steffi as a coach.
Steffi :angel: is busy readying her own little player to coach!:kiss:

But, about the "A Coach Is Needed" point: Agreed
Steffi fully commiting herself to motherhood? I don't believe that. I don't believe that strong and ambitious woman would go for that.

For me it is also a matter of sort of misticism :), coincidence. I think that Graf is ideal person to transform Anna from what she is into a champion, and also, Graf was the one who was involved in the incident that stopped Anna's then seemingly unstoppable development into a big player..
Vanity, I like the notes idea. Doesn't Venus do that? Ana as far as a coach for Anna goes, she needs one. But telling Anna that is like watching a cat chase it's own tail. Nothing ever happens. As I've said before, Anna is too stubborn for her own good.

P.S. - Vanity, you said on another thread that you're using your second chance wisely. You mean you almost got banned from this board? I find you far less agressive than you used to be. And I like your Millie Jackson caricature!

Okay, maybe Stef WOULD take on the job -- IF it was in the contract that the bossy Alla keep her distance at all times! :eek: :eek: :eek:
Yeh I mean Panova is just so amazing. She has the most average game, but no specific weaknesses - but she is very clever (one of the best thinkers out there apart from Hingis in my book) and so fast. Good luck in your next match Tatiana!

Elena and Ana are underway!! Who will stay, who will go??:wavey:
Anastasia out to Elena;

Tatiana out to Daniilidou (okay, so I WAS rooting for Eleni! ;) )

Svetlana down a set & a break to Iroda!

The curse continues!! :eek:

Elena Dementieva = into Round 3, ALL BY HERSELF. :eek:

But Congrats Also to IRODA TULYAGANOVA, who, though she does not play for Russia, I think is of Russian heritage, and who is playing as if she wants to stick around for a while! Keep it up, IRI! :D :D :D
Janie, I wanted Svetlana to win. Not Iroda. But winning her first grand slam match is a good experience for Svetlana. And Panova lost 6-0 in the third. It's been a terrible tournament for the Russians. With the biggest disgrace coming from a burned out Yevgeny Kafelnikov. Playing far too many tournaments the past 10 years has caught up with Yevgeny. He has very little left. Maybe Kafelnikov can coach Kournikova!
I know, cat. I know everyone wanted Svetlana to win. :sad:

But Svetlana did courageously defy The Curse longer than most, surviving the qualies and into Round 2, so she did very, very well here and has a bright future. :) :) :)
Svetlana has done well in her 1st Oz. Wondering if she will take part in the juniors draw?

Cat, please do not say that Yevgeny is burnt out, he is not. He is 28 next month not 23! He is just approaching the normal cycle of tennis players. Sad to say, this year may be his last.... who knows?
bubble, Yevgeny didn't pace himself in his career the way Sampras has. Or the way Becker, Edberg and Lendl did. And that's too bad.
I am dismayed to see the Russian Curse has crept into the doubles arena now. :eek:

It is one thing to see the new team of Bovina and Stevenson go out, but for the 2nd seeds, Black and Likhotseva, to lose in the first round to upstarts Spears and Grant is VERY disappointing! :sad: :sad: :sad:
Janie, Britney Spears and Amy Grant beat Cara Black and Elena Likhovtseva? That's amazing!
no cat, she wasn't banned...

i also have no problem with how kafelnikov makes his schedules. if he wants to play in every event all year cos he feels that's how he can play his best, he should do that...i still think he can have a good season...

janie- as for this russian curse, i sure hope it doesn't creep into the spice girls' doubles....
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