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well, sorry to Russian fans, but I think Russian players are overrated as a whole. It's like just being Russian make them champions instanstly, and that's not true. There are some very good russian players, but many are not that good.

Lina had bad luck with that injury, besides, she is still too young and unexperienced.

Elena Dementieva is having a bad time, but she will be back.

Anna is coming off an injury, she's been off for too long, and had a horrible first round match.

Petrova is injured.

Elena Likhovtseva is talented, but very weak mentally, that was always the case and she is not gonna change now.

Elena Bovina, I am sorry, but I think she is overrated, I saw her live at the Canadian Open and she didn't impress me in the slightest, she just has a powerful serve and that's it.

I think Elena, Lina and Anna will be in the top 10 at some point but I don't think Bovina or Petrova will.

I can't speak about the youngest players as I have never seen them.
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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