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The Russians Are Dropping Like Flies!

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The Russians!

WHY? WHY? WHY?????????? :confused:

Lina had to retire against Conchi;

Elena Bovina lost meekly to a qualifier;

Elena Likhotseva lost a heartbreaker, 6-8 in the 3rd , after Fighting back from a losided first-set loss;

Panova and Kuznetsova are stuggling in 3rd sets right now.

(Yes, I left out the most famous Russian of them all, but I was rooting for JUSTINE in that match! ;) )

What will it take to end this Russian curse? And it's getting worse- they used to have trouble winning TITLES; now it's MATCHES.:sad: :sad: :sad:
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The Qualifier, Svetlana Kuznetsova, has won her match! :D

Maybe this next generation will begin to buck the tragic trend ...
You thinki the Russians are doing badly? Look at the Australians. :eek:
Hehe...I love the Russians!Especially Anna!:kiss:
The ausralians have at least a few wins the russians who r meant t odominate arnt!!
Congratulations to Sveta, who saved the Russians :):)

Still disappointed about Anna :sad:
Wow! Ya gotta hand it to little Tatiana Panova, with her 10-8 i the third win against the Aussie, Alicia Molik.

What great fighting spirit, Tatiana! Like Svetalana, it's nice to see that you bucked the losing Russian tide! :D :D :D
well, sorry to Russian fans, but I think Russian players are overrated as a whole. It's like just being Russian make them champions instanstly, and that's not true. There are some very good russian players, but many are not that good.

Lina had bad luck with that injury, besides, she is still too young and unexperienced.

Elena Dementieva is having a bad time, but she will be back.

Anna is coming off an injury, she's been off for too long, and had a horrible first round match.

Petrova is injured.

Elena Likhovtseva is talented, but very weak mentally, that was always the case and she is not gonna change now.

Elena Bovina, I am sorry, but I think she is overrated, I saw her live at the Canadian Open and she didn't impress me in the slightest, she just has a powerful serve and that's it.

I think Elena, Lina and Anna will be in the top 10 at some point but I don't think Bovina or Petrova will.

I can't speak about the youngest players as I have never seen them.
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Anna Kournikova has played in NINE tournaments since her injury!!

For Serena Williams, that is practically an ENTIRE SEASON of events! ;)

Exactly HOW MANY tournaments does Anna have to play before the injury time out stops being an excuse for her losses? Anna choked at the end of last night's match; I saw it; you saw it too. It is the same old Anna problem which dates back for years, so obviously it is unrelated to her unfortunate time out.

Until Anna faces and deals with this mental problem, instead of continuing to attribute her lack of success to her foot injury, I do not see her returning to that top 10 spot.
BTW, congrats to Anastasia Myskina and Elena Dementieva for continuing the Russian turnaround that Svetlana and Tatiana started. :D :D :D
Svetlana Kuznetsova is a star in the making...I have had the opportunity to see this girl play a couple of times during the past week, and for someone so young she is mentally and physically 'there'. I have seen so much of her at the AO (in quallies and in my visits to Day 1 and 2 action) that I think I should introduce myself to her! lol, she's always around somewhere! She was watching the Iva-ASV match BTW. I wish her all the very best, I am definately a fan of hers now :)

Bovina's loss was terrible, Likhovtseva (as someone mentioned) just falls apart mentally at times, Kournikova just had a rotten draw.

Elena Dementieva was very impressive against fellow Russian Alina Jidkova (I caught the last couple games in preparation for Iva's match which was next), she could sneak this draw, you never know! Anastasia Myskina battled hard but won thru quite comfortably in the end...and I saw Tatiana Panova's win against Alicia Molik, she will run down balls all day!
Wow, Iva's fan, you saw it all! Lucky you! :D

I am happy to hear you were impressed with Elena D's play; I had not heard a thing about that match. Maybe this will be her breakthorough tournament!
Janie, are you a shrink? Or, are you the Russian curse? And the way you talk about Anna. I can tell you like kicking her when she is down.

P.S. - Janie, I've said this for months now. The next generation of Russian girls (Kunzetsova, Sharapova, Zvonareva, Safina etc.) will be better than the current crop of Russian women (Dementieva, Kournikova, Krasnoroutskaya, Bovina etc.). These Russian pro's seem to be lacking the mental toughness to be champions. I mean Lina's and Bovina's struggles are amazing. Especially Bovina's.

No, I don't like kicking someone when they are down. I would never go to an Anna K Cheering area and belittle her.

All I am asking is that Anna look at her problems more realistically. This is the great disadvantage of having parents for a coach - they, also, are seemingly blind to Anna's obvious choking problem, so how can they help her solve it?

Anna could go the entire season blaming her woes on last year's injury. That might make her feel better, but it won't answer the purpose of helping her turn things around. She needs to face this choking problem head-on before she will have any hope of fixing it. IMO, the longer it goes on, unacknowledged, the harder it will be to fix.

As for the next batch of young Russians: I look forward to watching them! :)

My problem is, I grew attached to a few of the current crop, and perhaps had falsely high expectations for them. I am trying to acknowledge my problem head-on and try to fix it ;), and be grateful for any victories these girls have. :angel:
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Another Russian loss is inevitable on Thursday. Dementieva takes on Myskina. She also beat Jidkova in the first round. Two Russians will be defeated at the hands of... wait for it... their own! :eek: That's right. Even the Russians are turning on each other! Yikes! ;)
LOL @ aloysius! :eek:

And Elena D. already knocked ONE Russian out! :eek: :eek:

But it is a shame, this draw forcing these two players to meet so early on. I guess we should just be glad it was not not a first-round encounter, so they each had a little moment in the sun :angel::angel: before one has to send the other packing. :(
Janie, that's nice of you to not belittle Anna in an Anna K. cheering area. I always knew you were thoughtful.

Also Janie, the day wasn't that bad for the Russian girls. Dementieva won. Myskina won. So did Panova and Kuznetsova in great efforts. Sometimes I wish all the Russian girls had the heart and guts of little Panova.

I'm worried about Krasnoroutskaya and Bovina. They are definately lacking mental toughness. It's a shame we have such high expectations for thess Russian girls. Maybe they just aren't as good as we think they are. It's starting to look that way.
cat -

You are right - the day ended MUCH better than it started! :D So, I tried to change the name of this thread just now, but it won't change, at least not on the list of Threads. :(

Anyway, I agree about Lina and Elena B.; some of our expectations may have been unrealistic. Elena B. in particular really has to go back to the drawing board altogether. :eek:
I am reserving judgment about Lina until she has a chance to play a full schedule at age 18. Look at Hantuchova, she is getting some good results now. Not everyone is going to come out of the blocks like a Seles or a Hingis. Lina needs a chance; Elena B. needs help. :(

I am also going to wait a year to decide about Anastasia and Elena D. This may be a great year for one or both of them, and I'm not willing to give up on them yet! I just want to try to lower my expectations for the whole group so as not to be continually disappointed when they are all such nice kids, all doing the best they can. :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
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Cat, in Janie's defense, she was not trying to kick Anna when she was down. Janie is merely trying to make the point that Anna has a lot of work to do before she can think about returning to the top twenty. I have to agree with her that 9 tournaments, 6 exho matches, two doubles finals and 1 doubles quarterfinal, plus her practice with Hingis during the last two weeks should be enough for Anna to have regain her court sense. The fact that she claims differently indicates that something is really wrong with Anna's game and her losses to Henin and Smashanova should be a wakeup call to the Kournikovas that Anna really needs to make some major changes if she wants to have a shot of getting good results this year.

I also think that Anna needs to par down on the off court activites. I know that Anna and her supporters claim that off court activities do not effect Anna's play, but it is illogical to think that Anna's modeling shoots, music video shoots, bit movie roles, endorsement deals and exhibition matches do not effect her on the court. Understand that the more exposure Anna gets for her off court activities, the more pressure there will be on the court for her to match her fame with solid tennis results. I think that is one of the reasons that Anna chokes so much on big points. I think it must also be noted that Anna is trying to be both a celebrity and a solid tennis player and the pressure of trying to have it all may be too much for her.

I hope that Anna will be back, but it won't be this year.
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Apoet (as always!!) makes an excellent point - the extra exposure and fame Anna has worked hard to achieve outside of tennis is a double-edged sword which is working against her right now.

Yes, it has brought her riches beyond comprehension. But it is that same broad exposure that brings a magnifying spotlight onto every moment of Anna's oncourt struggles.

Any other player of Anna's level struggling to reach her former heights after an extended time off would be able to do so in the relative obscurity of outer courts and little media attention. Anna's highest ranking was #8 - can you conceive of this level of attention placed on the struggles of, say a Julie Halard-Decugis, a Barbara Schett, or even Justine Henin herself? Not likely!

It is disingenuous to suppose that this worldwide focus on Anna, brought on by her own activities such as magazine covers, ad campaigns, etc etc, does not contribute, at least a little, to her ongoing choking problem.

At any rate, whatever the main cause, it is a crippling problem that will likely prevent Anna from reaching her true potential, until, as I said, it is acknowledged and dealt with.
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