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I thought I would stop in and say a few words..

Let me be upfront and admit that I don't like Jennifer Capriati. Her attitude has much to be desired. I do admire her comeback, it shows determination and guts.

<br />But... is her mouth that makes her one of least admired on the tour.

I am glad that she did reach No. 1, for her comeback and all, that can be viewed for some good,

but I am also glad it is over for now. Maybe she can no go and take some classes in humilty and grace. <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">

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This is "Jenn´s Den", a forum for Capriati-fans! If you want to critizise her, do it in the "Genreral Messages" or another section. Please, do not come to any fan sections and show your attitudes. There are other threads for that. For instance, when I was mad I ventured to "General ..." and complained. Not to any fan sections, mind you!

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