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1. Can you imagine that you start smoking because your friends do it?

18,5% yes/agree 81,5% no/disagree

2. Do you think that smokers know or think about the risk of lung cancer?

85,2 % yes/agree 11,1% no/disagree 3,7% no opinion

3. Should cigarette ads be forbidden?
81,9% yes/agree 25,9% no/disagree 22,2% no opinion

4. Is it worth that you spend so much money into lung cancer and other health problems?
59,3% yes 29,6% no 11,1% no opinion

5. Everybody can stop smoking if he/she really want it?
66,7% yes/agree 29,6% no/disagree 3,7%no opinion

6. Have you ever tried cigarettes and enjoyed it?
29,6% yes 70,4% no

7.Do you think to smoke is cool and trendy?
7,4% yes 88,9% no 3,7 no opinion

8. Do you think that women have more pressure (weight, looking,...) than men and so they often smoke?
44,4% yes 44,4% no 11,1% no opinion

9. Do you think that people smoke because of the pressure of the society?
63% yes 33,3% no 3,7 no opinion

10. Is your health more worth than to be cool and trendy and so you don´t smoke?
85,2% yes/agree 11,1% no /disagree 3,7% no opinion

A big thanks to all my friends which helped me with my survey!!


:rolleyes: and a special thanks to carot, tweety ( for your nice helps)

thanks to all!!


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Just for the heck of it, I decided to bump the oldest thread currently in Non-Tennis. Kind of like pulling your dirtiest pair of underwear out of the washing basket to wear them again.

Also, he didn't have any replies, and it's always nice to save someone from the ignominy of creating a thread so lame it got 0 replies. :angel:
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