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The race for LA gets tighter in Zurich, Jenn&Venus in danger of falling out

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It´s a fact that I stated at the beginning of the week, Venus is in danger to become 9th in the race before Advanta takes place and that her Advanta-points might not allow her to play if the others are too far away - in this case even an Advanta-start won´t make much sense if not reaching the top8 field one week later in the more prestigious event

Now, I calculated that reaching semis in Zurich, both Mauresmo and Dementiewa will overtake Jenn and push her to no7 in the race and in spite of the fact Myskina rests this week, with 2 more weeks to come and Linz/Luxemburg and Quebec/Advanta to play, Rubin and Myskina could both make it as well

It´s a fact that Lindsay is in doubt now and that this is an "off"-topic as soon as Lindsay steps back from playing again 2003, but it´s interesting Jenn´s pushed to no7 maybe next week and the race, especially regarding the group play, gets more interesting

I would LOVE to see an overcrowded 2nd group



There´d would be great matches in each of the groups :)
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hinquit said:
Two years are short. How about three years when Jen. capriati could
not still beat Venus. Capriati who was beaten by someone she
bageled in French open last year(Mary Pierce). Don't ask for trouble
or more frustration for Jen. She had enough from Venus over the four
times they have played already.
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