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The race for LA gets tighter in Zurich, Jenn&Venus in danger of falling out

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It´s a fact that I stated at the beginning of the week, Venus is in danger to become 9th in the race before Advanta takes place and that her Advanta-points might not allow her to play if the others are too far away - in this case even an Advanta-start won´t make much sense if not reaching the top8 field one week later in the more prestigious event

Now, I calculated that reaching semis in Zurich, both Mauresmo and Dementiewa will overtake Jenn and push her to no7 in the race and in spite of the fact Myskina rests this week, with 2 more weeks to come and Linz/Luxemburg and Quebec/Advanta to play, Rubin and Myskina could both make it as well

It´s a fact that Lindsay is in doubt now and that this is an "off"-topic as soon as Lindsay steps back from playing again 2003, but it´s interesting Jenn´s pushed to no7 maybe next week and the race, especially regarding the group play, gets more interesting

I would LOVE to see an overcrowded 2nd group



There´d would be great matches in each of the groups :)
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Well you can look at it that way, or you can look at it in the way i do, Venus hasnt played in 5 months and Jennifer wants to kill her. ;) so i doubt Jen would even loose a game, Pierce and Bovina, she simply didnt care/try...we all know this, she even said so...but i bet you 1 million dollars Jen will not only play her BEST tennis against Venus, shed also have (i dare say!) an ADVANTAGE!

Jennifer beats Venus...2 sets 7-6 6-4
But i seriouslyy doubt Venus will even qualify, she just was not GOOD enough to make the top 8, Jenny will though, cause shes just the better player, period.
Jennifer: pure class

Venus: Bavarian sausage
mmm. really now, is that so?
no i think im right, Bavarian sausages are related to Venus, she eats them you know...and you know the saying " YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" ;) :lol: :drool: :lol: :lol: :lol: :wavey:

poor little boy, so stupid, so naive! :kiss:
at least Jen doesnt spend her time gulfimg down Cheeseburhers @ wonder Serena has all that junk stuck up her trunk!

Serena: 'junk in her trunk'

Venus: 'sailor moon wannabe'
Serena may look like a hulking bohemian pancake lady, but shes still got enough fat to bake 50 apple pies and still have some left over to share the remaining of her "junk in that trunk" of hers to Daniela Hantuchova and 99% of the female anorexic population, while STILL retaning enough body fat to look decently plump
Yeah, which super hero? let me guess. 1) stick girl OR 2) Bavarian Sausage woman???!
yeah, id love to talk about how Jen has also found ways to beat "junk in that Fat Truck" aka Serena Williams 4 times, but you should already know that.

As for Jennifer having more body fat, i cant believe that, Serena has 26% body fat and Jen has around 24%...look it up on any health selebrity site, they post peoples body fat percentage

(if you want to know mine its 9.4% approximately) its been as low as 7% and as high as 32% when i was a little gurl.
im not saying Jennifer and Serena are that much different body fat% wise, but serena is built a bit...ummm WIDER :lol:

As for my logic, why did Jen win Australia and not Stdney? she lost to Panova who was really bad, but beat Hingis other top players at the slam to i guess your answer is IMPORTANCE, she plays each match as it comes, if its Venus shell play better than she would, oooh say playing a loser like Conchita Martina or Alex Stevenson
And i concider the outside top 10-15 Jen does not consider them....real competition, so she doesnt play her best against them, and this year shes a lil tired as well, serena and Venus on the other hand never get tired because they only play like 5 tournements a year, if Jen did that i doubt shed get tired either!
the williams like many state, are not fan friendly, they go out of there way to upset tournement directors, they no show 50%+ of the time, and they do minimal work for the amount of money they make, and they never give back to the community....i do admit they are going to Africa to help those poor kids, and thats a good thing, but you know what they say "charity starts at home" and thats true, there are plenty of poor prople in N.America .
im sure they do give money, but then how would you know they give money? did you ask them? like thed even talk to a peice of shit like yourself?!

Keep Dreaming! you may like them, but i doubt they like or care about ya'll!
its funny when posters post facts "facts" they have no ideal what they are saying.
well you may keep ranting about girls that dont even know you exist, while i have Jennifers msn address, actually im talking to her right now, Jen says "hi"

shes so nice considering all the smack people give her! (and no im not going to give you her address, so dont ask)
you wanna go bitch? cause ill rip you to shreds.
hmmm i see some poeple need phsychiatric help. Would you like me to recommend one to you?
Im amused really by the garbage you are spitting out at me. Im just stating facts, you dont like that? get serena to go a Jenny Craig diet.

As for Venus, she nothing more than an ice cream waif, shes not serious about tennis and wastes wtatour money on false advertising.
if i paid money to see Venus play and she didnt id sue her, shes just lucky she hasnt been heavily fined for no-showin over i tiny little strain, which has already healed. In any other sport shed be sidelined and fined 1000's
at least serena had surgery, she has a better excuse (still could be playing) sure, they might lose, but tennis should be more on commitment, they are just unproffesional
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