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Let's suppose there's a tennis Hall of Fame.<br />Let's suppose it has a 'Pantheon' room, with only the greatest of the great. In order for another player to get in, one has to go.

Who gets in?

My picks

Court<br />Graf<br />Navratilova<br />Moody

Which means I left out

Evert<br />King<br />Connolly<br />Seles and<br />Lenglen

All of whom an arguement could be made for.<br />What say you?
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I'll bite at the bait. Only 4? My "mega-goddesses" would be

1. Wills(Moody)
2. Graf
3. Navratilova
4. Evert
5. Lenglen
6. Court

If you limit me to 4-I'd stick with your list because it has balance, with 2 baseliners(Wills-Graf) and 2 who could play serve-volley(Court-Navratilova), plus diversity of nations, if you think of Martina as a Czech.

King , Seles, and Connolly would be goddeses in my tennis "pantheon", with Hingis types a minor deity! :)

Those beyond the top 6 are never talked about as the VERY best of all time-except for Mo Connolly, because she won a grand slam in 1953.

BTW Volcana, your "Overrated top 10" post was pretty funny ;)

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King vs Lenglen - Just on tennis ability. Who's better?
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