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The opponent
Capriati wants for less William and more variety of the tennis look

Originally written in German by Dietmar Wenck

Source in German : Berliner-Zeitung
08 May 2003

Jennifer Capriati, 27, will pursue the message with interest. It suggested of Richard Williams to his daughters Serena and Venus a few days ago to take a break in the pro tennis. Instead of clearing innumerable goblets, they should devote themselves to the real life and a world beyond the ring, in the one the felt balls about the ears flies, discovers; the one as a student, that others than a businesswoman. This would bring two things: that of William another horizon, and the tennis more conversation. Like a metronome

The Dominanz the two generates a tension, that would bring not even a light bulb to the flicker, on the places of the WTA-Tour. The sisters ground every arising electricity with their permanent victories. Monotony turned into the program. This finds also Jennifer Capriati, that met on Wednesday with the German Open in Berlin with the Italienerin Francesca Schavione, number 34 of the world chart, - a task, that after 87 minutes, two sentences, 6:4, 6:4, and baseline duels of partly metronomischer uniformity was taken care of. Berlin considers Capriati preparation on the Grand-Slam-Tournament in Paris. She is content with herself, she said, because it was the first match in Redclay.

Capriati planned to take action against the mighty sisters; she wants for less William and more variety worries. It properly wants to work out only not. After her splendid comeback 2000, the victories with the French Open and Australian Open, sheslipped on seven off NO.1 Ranking. She still won 2003 with no tournament. Only once, she stood in the finale. With the Grand Slam in Melbourne, she was thrown out in the first round, against Marlene Weing?rtner. The German Fed-Cup-Spielerin won't come in Berlin for her/it/them into the path: Wine gardener lost in the second round against Jelena Dokic (6:7, 4:6); and also the last German, Anca Barna, said goodbye from Israel against Anna Pistolesi on Wednesday after a 3:6, 2:6.

Capriati excited less in this year whether spectacular hits' attention but because she/it let an awkward song played to the invasion in the stadium of Indian Wells: "B.O.B. - Bombs of over Baghdad" of the US-Band Outcast. Most observers held this for exaggerated patriotism, especially almost all radio stations in the USA the title of the index had. "I wanted to support the troops, furthermore I like the song", she said after it. There, It was again, Capriatis particular mixture from pubescent defiance and thoughtless action, that they had cost three years of her career. She returned after some antics - everything ran well, however the William hit immediately permanent roughly on it, during Capriati from and at the arm weakened. She justified herr this year's form weakness with an eye operation in December, connective tissue between eye corners and cornea became distant.

However, much speaks that the even imposed pressure to harm against Serena and Venus, she hinders. Similarly like at that time, 1990, as she/it should step into the footprints of Chris Evert, but someday own marks wanted to leave. Already, the mockers become again louder that named her/it/them a Pummelchen. Shesaid lately "people" are "the single creatures, who don't learn from their mistakes." You even proved the opposite. A first step to the further argumentation succeeded against Schavione. "I become again more aggressive, she has promised.
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