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The Official Williams Sister Hater Ignore list:

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Drum Roll Please....... now list the posters who are on your ignore list williams fans... I'll start the ball rolling....

selesrules: a must for any ignore list. he blabs and blabs and says nothing inciteful. He posts only to stir up trouble and get a reaction. He should be the top of list of any great ignore list.

curtain: new to my ignore list. Probably a banned poster risen from the grave with a mouth full of bile and thoughts to match. the ignore list was made for this poster.

fingon: not a hater but anyone who can't admit when their wrong and makes bad attempts at misdirection to skirt the issue just isn't worth responding to.

venusfan: not a hater I guess but anyone who dogs out their favorite player if they are doing badly in a match is not a true fan imo.

Blogger Dives: belligerent. plus anyone who says that as a german they are proud of what the nazis accomplished deserves no attention.

serena_is_ugly: the name says it all plus I have a feeling that this is the newly arrived curtain. how pathetic.

Thus goes my ignore list how sweet it is!!!!!
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decemberlove said:
my ignore list is empty...
Lol mine too; if I can't debate with a poster who I really don't like then it's me who has the problem.........and if somebody chooses to put me on their list, it's their problem.........
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