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hi TOPs,

i have been playing TTT for quite sometime now and i suddenly got this idea. what if i host a tournament for the clan to know who among us is the best in lindsay trivia.

<br />the rules:

The game is played in a Chat. We just meet at a fixed time in the chat.<br />The umpire ( me ) poses a question and the 1st person who gives the correct answer to it wins one game. The player who gets to 6 games wins a set, and we generally play a best of 3 sets match.<br /> <br />You have 15 minutes to appear after the time indicated for the beginning of the tournament. After that minutes you can't play.

About the game, the question can be only about LINDSAY DAVENPORT TRIVIA (this includes personal stuff, tennis career and others)

in answering, nick names are not allowed (ex. who beat lindsay in sydney 2001, typing "marti" is disallowed. typing "hingis" or "martina" IS allowed.

You can make typos but they the idea of the answer should be well understood. If there are doubts, my decision would be final.

<br />the chat:

we play here ...

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<br />who can enter?

every TOP CLAN MEMBER IS ELIGIBLE TO JOIN <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

when will it be done?

the time and date of the tournament would be announced.

<br />so, are YOU interested in becoming the first ever LINDSAY DAVENPORT T.O.P CUP CHAMPION?

enter comments here <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

<br />or else, email me at [email protected] or through the TOP email list at [email protected]


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I'm too scared to play...but I love the idea! Can I be a ball kid/spectator?

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