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From CNNSI's current mail bag:

Have you heard anything recently about whether Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf will indeed play mixed doubles together at the French Open? I haven't seen anything about this in weeks. Why would they want to do this, anyway? He should focus on winning the singles, without any distractions, and she risks playing below her standards, after all this time off.
—David Brooks, New York

Agassi made the fatal mistake of making plans without first checking with his wife. Last month in Houston, Agassi expressed skepticism that he could coax Steffi into it, and I've heard nothing since. (You can be assured that he would have been asked all about the pairing in Hamburg had he not pulled out on account of ... well, he pulled out.)

I agree that if I'm Agassi and a) I have a real shot to win Roland Garros, and b) I have an extremely finite number of Slams left in me, the last thing I want to do it putz around in the mixed-doubles draw for two weeks. However, if Agassi and Graf played a round or two, it would be a great spectacle that would engender all sort of feel-good publicity for tennis.
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