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Excerpt from

After reading various comments by your readers, I have a few comments to make.
1) I think people take the game of tennis too seriously. Hitting a ball 120 zillion miles per hour across a net, running down a good or bad drop shot -- big deal. Mother Hale, a dedicated schoolteacher, the trash man, an act of kindness, saying thank you -- all deserve much more praise.

2) The Williams sisters are the best thing to happen in the world of tennis in quite a while. I'm sure their success has led other women players to elevate their game, except for Anna K (sigh).

3) Richard Williams should be praised for letting his daughters have a teenage life, nurture their education and develop interests outside of tennis. As for some of his comments, leave them as such; his opinions will not change the world. Frankly, I think he's hilarious (in a good way).

4) Most of the potshots tennis players take at each other is funny, a sign of frustration, a weak game plan or just plain immaturity.

5) I'm sure there is some degree of racism in tennis. We've come a long way, but ignorance has not been eradicated from humans yet.

6) Tennis is just a game with some good and bad characters, sometimes exciting and other times boring -- including the matches.
—Troy Knight, Denton, Texas

Troy, you're like Chance the Gardener observing tennis.

1) You're absolutely right.
2) You're absolutely right.
3) Oracene Williams deserves far more credit than Richard.
4) You're absolutely right.
5) You're absolutely right.
6) Man, you are good.

See, now that wasn't so bad now was it, boys and girls? :wavey:

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Out of curiosity - anyone read down to the end of the 'bag?

We is famous ;)

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Good stuff there. I don't really know why everyone slams Wertheim so much. OK, so the constant basketball (or is it baseball? these sports which are big in America, ridiculous) references piss me off - this is a TENNIS column, stick to the damn sport in hand - but he doesn't write badly, gives good insight and is on occasion quite amusing. Sometimes my opinion is that his opinion is bullshit, but it is just opinion, and his job as a journalist is to provide it. It seems that the only people with a grudge against him are hardcore Seles fans pissed off that he doesn't think she can win a Slam again. Well, she's on the way to proving him wrong this week, but it's not such an outlandish view given that she hasn't won one since '96, and they'd jump all over him if he predicted that Hingis would win a Slam.
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