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The Ivanov Sisters

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has anyone ever heard of them :confused: Because there competing in a 50K Quallie event and There versin each other in teh 1st round :( there names are Darya abd Maria, Darya is seeded 7th in it i can only find Darya's ranking does anyone know what Marias Ivanov' rank is??
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I think Maria is a part time player (and doesn't have a rank)...she is slightly older than Darya. I think she's about 19 and Darya is around 18. They were both born in Uzbekistan but moved to Australia at a young age.

Darya is the better player (ranked about 700/800) and is known by most of the Aussie posters here. I've seen her play, she is a solid baseliner but is quite tiny. I think she might struggle to make it on tour, but she is really feisty and hopefully she can take some inspiration from similarly built players like Pratt, Wheeler and Breadmore, who have broken the top 300 and higher.

Darya was part of the AIS squad a couple years ago but unfortunately her transition to seniors has been a bit patchy. She had a reasonably good junior career, rankled inside the top 100. She's been very quiet this year though. Hopefully she can play well in the upcoming Oz challengers.

She has qualified for the $25K event this week (beating her sis 64 61), so best of luck to her :)

bronco - You're thinking of Dubravka Cupac...and as I said, Darya is the younger one :)
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