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The injury hit list

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Not even a week before the start of the Australian Open commences and the the injury parade continues from last year.

1. Davenport - Out of the AO
2. Pierce - Out of the AO
3. Capriati - Nursing a physical and psychological injury
4. Clijsters - Dodging her baby's chicken pox :p

Who will be next?
PLEASE do not let it be VENUS, SERENA or ANNA.
They have had more than their share of injuries.

Or anyone else for that matter. :angel:

TR :cool:
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Also, Iva Majoli :mad:

And Hingis is still recovering from her ankle. :(
hingis still injured? i don't think so!

even though hingis said she was still not feeling 100% on court, I'm pretty sure she is still injured. when you spend a long time without playing, you get some time to get back used to it!

Go Martee-na!
No more injuries!! Why can't everyone just stay healthy? And why does it seem so much worse when it is your favorite? Poor Lindsay!

Mauresmo had requested a trainer during the match with Serena. Anyone know what that's about?

Check out the picture:
Meesh - Maybe trainer wanted to get a "little head"?:eek:

I read in the newspaper this morning that Amelie has a shoulder injury but it didn't give any details.

I hope it is not serious :( Amelie deserves a break.
Lindsay has had enough injuries, leave her alone!

*mutters* Stupid God.

What's wrong with Pierce? I thought she was healthy again?
Pierce is injured again!! :mad: :mad:
Nah... Amelie had neck injury... so, she will fine at the Open!
It seems Nadia Petrova has withdrawn...(according to the list of seeds on the AO site)
Nadia Withdrew!! oh she was going so well in Queensland ... poor Nadia ... hope she is in the draw and its just a fault by the website!! :rolleyes: - hoping hoping~~~#*#*~~~
Nadia has pulled out, she shouldn't have played Venus now :( or w/d from match v Farina.

It's serious and not looking good :(
That's too bad for Nadia. :(
Stay Healthy and Happy SisterSledgeHammer!!!!!

Stay healthy Venus and Serena... I TRULY believe that one of you ladies will be lifting the Australian Open Champion's Trophy!!

Healthy & Happy!!!

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So many good players are already out and we haven't even hit a ball yet.

I'm sure one of William's sisters will get an injury before it starts!!!!!;) :)
Amelie said she was suffering from a stiff neck, but it wasn't the cause of her loss ... It should be OK for the AO, hopefully anyway :)
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