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The "Good health for our goddesses" cheering thread!

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At first Serena.......
and now Venus......

You can bear the WTA circuit without one sister
but without two it´s absolutly senseless!

Come on Venus an Serena!
Get well soon amd continue to shock the tennis world!

:kiss: :kiss: :kiss:
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Thats right girls, its miserable without y'all, get back soon!:)
True that Jovon.I'LL NOT INTEREST IN TENNIS RIGHT NOW.:kiss: :wavey: :)
get well soon vee & rena :) .. don't worry they'll be back to kick some ass at the fo for sure :D
:angel: Get ladies!!!!!!! Nurse those injuries!!!!!:angel:

:wavey: We miss U!!!!!!!!!!!!:wavey:

The tour is really boring without them :sad:

Go Serena and Venus :) :kiss:
Go Serena and Venus!! Good health to you!! :bounce: :bounce:
:angel: Hurry back!!! Your absence is making me crazy
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Go Venus and Serena!

Get well soon and cause some trouble on tour!
Venus is scheduled to play in Paris, a week more to go!! Hope Venus recovers to 100% in time!! :D
Venus and Serena all the way at the French Open :)
<marquee>Good health and Great Tennis</marquee>
Get well soon!! :kiss: :kiss:
Go on Venus and Serena!

I hope you´ll have an amazing comeback on tour!
And get well soon!

Go Venus and Serena!:hearts:
Go Venus!! You'll be back in Paris soon. In action too!! :bounce: :hearts: :kiss:
Get well soon, you two. Time to get back to business and kick some tennis butt :bounce:
get well soon serena and venus....and here's to staying healthy throughout the year
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Get well soon Venus and Serena!

And good luck to Venus in Paris!

Go Venus and Serena!
Come on Venus!

Hope you are well enough to amaze the french public!:cool:
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