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The Gabriela Sabatini Thread!

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I do too!:sad: I started watching tennis around the time she decided to quit!:(
very nice!!!!!!!!!

Thank´s kc for did this thread!!!!!!
We, the argentines will be very happy, with it

I love to gaby a lot, i never can watch a real match of gaby, ´cause when i started to go to the courts here in buenos aires, she no play.
Only can see the match SABATINI-KOURNIKOVA , the 19 february 2000, anna won 6-3 6-4, but gaby show to all present her talent. Later a doubles, sabatini/lobe vs anna/frana...and there won gaby
i extrange a lot of her...we have a new gaby, is a promise, she is maria emilia salerni, but nobody can be as her
i remeber her finish match....she lost with jennifer capriati 6-4 6-3 , 1 round, in zurich, october of 1996

kisses for all
a happy argentino:bounce:
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You're welcome aregntino!;)
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I saw Gabriela last friday at Davis Cup in Buenos Aires. She is so cute in person:kiss:

You'd never imagine it:drool:
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Did you talk to her?:eek: :drool:
She was lauching a new perfum!!! She was soo beautiful!!! :)

She gave also here an interview and she said she is very happy without tennis, and that she doesn't miss tennis, and that she was very happy winning her titles, and now she wants to be happy without tennis :)

I guess she is, she's a beautiful woman, and very classy!!

Brazilians love her :) Nice thread KC

Miss you Gaby anyway :sad:
You're welcome guys!;)

She must still be big around the Latin Americas!:)

hi gaby fans!!!!!!
how are?????
i´m fine
what are your fav match of gaby????
my fav, with monica master in 1990, the firts match to 5 set
with monica too, in 1991 and 92 the two finals in roma
for ever with steffi, asv, conchita, martina, chris
she had victories over all...
hingis, davenport, jenny, moni, steffi, chris , martina, pierce, etc
my god!!!!! she o play since 1996, this moment whaen she said what she will be out of the tennis was terrible, she only had 26 years!!!!!
pfffff see to jenny or monica as is playing!!!!!
but she is very happy without of the tennis, so i happy for her
salutes for all
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Is her parfum still doing well?
I admit there were days that I realy hated her(he I was 13 and hated everybody who commited the "crime" of beating Steffi especially in a slam final) but when she retired I felt sad, like something fell away.
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Her perfume must be exotic like her!;) :hearts:
Hello everyone ! Gaby's perfume is still very popular in germany.:) I think she have four different perfumes and shower gels.I use sometimes "Bolero",a wonderful,exotic scent.:)

Argentino,:D I agree with you,she had too soon retired.:sad:
WOW, 4 perfumes and shower gel......go Gaby!!!:bounce:
How could I have missed this thread for so long ?

Gaby is my favourite player of all time :)

Olympic silver medal, US open 1990 winner, 2 other slam finals, 15 other GS semis, 27 titles ... she is a tennis goddess :):)
Hello Gaby fans!

Great idea to post this thread. I miss her so much.

I rember she visited Prague few years ago; she visited best tennis club in Prague where my good friend used to play; Gaby was nice to her, she signed her some pics and she was also talking to young girls who play tennis. Unfortunately I saw that just in TV ...

Do you remember Bolero parfume commercial ? I was happy every time i saw it in TV, music was great and Gaby looked fantastic :) My sister used to buy Gabriela Sabatini parfume, i dont know if she still likes these parfumes ....

:) :) :)
Hello everyone !:D Zlatko,:D I still remember the bolero commercial ,too.Gaby's latest perfume "devotion",came out last year and it's also a big sucess like her other three perfume's(Gabriela Sabatini,Bolero,Wild Wind).:)
my sister wanted to by sabatini perfume for me in 90 but I refused to take it;) those days were funny:D
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