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And the difference is: A few points!

If Venus had won the last few points of the Australian Open final, then Venus & Serena would have similar greatness.

Both would have 5 slams each
Both would have 3 different slams
Both would be tied 6-6 in head-to-head

However because Serena won those last few points of the AO final, she now easily beats Venus in greatness

Serena leading 6 vs 4 in slams amount
Serena leading 4 vs 2 in different slams
Serena leading 7-5 in head-to-head

Big difference in greatness when you look at the stats, but EXTREMELY small difference when you think about it! They are seperated by only a couple points, maybe a forehand error at the end of the third set in the AO final.

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Well thats true but that the differents Serena made the forehand when she needed to. Venus didn't
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