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Game 168: Song with a Story

My Song: London after Midnight - Sacrifice

Reason to Pick the Song: I wanted a London after Midnight song because of the story. Here's what I answered to Adey's question to this: "It's more a story behind the band. In the 90s there was a small goth festival in my home town and a mate asked me if I'd like to come. He knew this 1 song from London after Midnight and I didn't know any of the bands playing (I was a good boy, listening to Roxette and the likes). We went and with every band coming on stage I was asking him "What band is this? Is this London after Midnight?" and he was like "err yeah maybe, I dunno...." (this was before streaming, youtube and spotify obviously ). I went home not knowing which bands I had seen but I was sold. I apparently loved goth music. Many years later, when I was very familiar with the band, we went again to one of their gigs. My mate (the same one) bought tickets beforehand, only, apparently he forgot to pay for them so when we arrived to the gig we weren't on the list and the gig was soldout. I would have thoroughly enjoyed it, I'm sure, but it wasn't to be. Oh, I'm still friends with that guy, in case you were wondering." Actually, another song of LaM is my favourite: Your best Nightmare, but I assumed people would think I'm a freak if that's my 'song with a story'. Look up the lyrics!

Semi-final Result: 9th

12: Matmagix, Perun
8: drg
7: Avada Kedavra!, Cesare Borgia, DJDVD, SilverPersian, Wally.
6: Leif, Litotes
5: Slazorin, TennisFan102
4: Monzanator, Queen Vika, SRB Analyst
3: Adam, stromatolite
2: John., Randy
1: AdeyC

Final Result: 11th

10: Perun, Cesare Borgia, Matmagix, Monzanator
7: Avada Kedavra!, DJDVD, drg
6: Litotes, Leif
2: SilverPersian, Slazorin


Matmagix: Sacrifice gives me Peter Murphy vibes :eek:

Conclusion: After my Warm Leatherette and Sopor Aeternus disasters, I'm glad I got a decent result with this goth song. Probably because it's easier on the ears, but still...

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Game 169: Open Game

My Song: Elliott Smith - Twilight

Reason to Pick the Song: I absolutely love Elliott Smith's music. This is such a fragile little song, very typical of Elliott. And the ambiguity of the song (it sounds like he talks about a girl but he's probably talking about heroine) and Elliott's death makes this a song to just listen to and be quiet. I love 'Fond farewell to a Friend' maybe a bit more, but that one was already picked before.

Semi-Final Result: 14th

12: G&R
10: SRB Analyst
8: histery, TIEFSEE, Wally.
7: Leif
6: August
5: TennisFan102
4: John.
3: AdeyC, eck
2: SilverPersian


Perun: composition like in Elliott Smith - Twilight is certainly not my type of thing

Conclusion: I don't get BSG sometimes. Really thought this would do better, even in the current era. Back to the goth stuff then, eh?

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Game 170: Give Me Some Attitude

My Song: Thee Silver Mount Zion - Fuck Off Get Free

Reason to Pick the Song: This is attitude to me. Thee Silver Mount Zion has a great 'Je m'en fous' attitude, which they not only bring into their great songs, but also on stage (they are placed in a circle, some of the band members almost with their backs to the audience), in their band names (they change a lot to all kinds of strange band names) and in their daily life. So it's not this typical on stage 'attitude' of modern divas, which I do not like at all, but a genuine kind of attitude.

Semi-Final Result: 16th

12: histery, SilverPersian
7: Matmagix, Perun
6: TennisFan102
5: Adam
3: AdeyC, Randy
2: fufuqifuqishahah
1: Serg.


SRB Analyst: The name of this song describes the attitude
histery: Among the steaming pile of @#$% that is SF1, I still managed to find a gem; can anyone guess what it is? (note: I'm gonna pretend that was about my song, seeing histery gave me 12 points)
Randy: Attitude : 8/10
Leif: Overall most of the male vocals lost out on attitude ala Call On Me and Fuck Off Get Free.

Conclusion: Contrary to the previous game, I didn't expect to qualify here. It is not the easiest music, so I think it wouldn't have qualified in the more indie BSG eras either. I just hope that some players got to know a good band!

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Game 171: GRAMMY Nominated

My Song: Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy

Reason to Pick the Song: this is so not my category: songs that are popular enough to be nominated for a prize. I went through the list and found that this song was nominated. I always liked Fine Young Cannibals and although I see this song's appeal, I like other songs of them better (Johnny is a fantastic song). But hey, it's not like there was something else that even came close (well an even older song did, maybe I should have picked that one).

Semi-Final Result: 11th

10: Queen Vika
8: Monzanator, Tennisfan102
7: AdeyC, DJDVD
6: John., Litotes, SilverPersian
5: Lazar., SRB Analyst
4: Adam, Randy
3: Leif, Wozzy!
2: fufuqifuqishahah
1: Avada Kedavra!, king vulture, salmon pants., Wally.


Queen Vika: Best Rock Recording: She Drives Me Crazy- Fine Young Cannibals
Adam: ... but it's a bit more disappointing when Foster The People's track made it ahead of She Drives Me Crazy because one is a relatively boring, safe song and the other is a lot more fun. If there was only one male band that deserved to make the final, it wasn't Foster the People and I say that as someone who doesn't mind their music.
Matmagix: I'll have to admit I didn't vote for She Drives Me Crazy because of overfamiliarity. It's weird but every time I hear it I'm over the song. I guess it drives me crazy. However this round I blame a very packed semi final. Already two Madge, a Gaga and Britney song occupying 4 spots. So it was gonna be cutthroat no matter what.

Conslusion: Another final not made. Enough people voted for my song, just not enough high points. The lack of comments on my song says it all really: most players went :yawn: (edit: Adam and Matt commented after the SF scores were revealed) I have no idea what to do at this point to score top 10s again (it has been awhile since my rocket start in this game).

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You've done a very good impression of me in terms of types of picks and often low rewards. :hug:

While your songs are typically hit and miss on my radar (I tend to give you medium high pts, or none at all), I appreciate the versatility you are bringing to the game. SRB Analyst introduced me to Elliot Smith's "King's Crossing" and I immediately took to it.
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Game 172: 172 Seconds or Less

My Song: Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

Reason to Pick the Song: when I saw the theme I knew I was going to send a punk/new wave/... song since there are a lot of short explosive gems in that music. In the end, I went for a song that I didn't know very well from a band I primarily got to know through a song on the The Crow soundtrack. I didn't regret it for a second because I liked it more and more with more listens (well some really like it after 1 listen and hate it after two listens apparently :rolleyes: ). It is so catchy, so well-constructed and so raw at the same time.

Semi-Final result: 4th

12: Queen Vika, sav001, SRB Analyst
10: histery, Monzanator, Owl-on-Speed, Wally.
8: Adam
7: AdeyC, John.
6: MrPeanutButter
4: JMG, Matmagix
3: Tennisfan102, TIEFSEE
1: Cesare Borgia, Leif, SilverPersian

Final Result: 13th

12: Queen Vika
10: Monzanator, histery, Owl-on-Speed
8: Wanderer
6: Adam
5: MrPeanutButter, sav001
4: John., Matmagix
3: AdeyC
1: SilverPersian


The Crow: The Doors song picks up perfectly where the Violent Femmes song left off. The start melodies are exactly the same (until Jim starts singing).

Conclusion: It was a strong game imo, so 13th is an ok result I guess. I was leading after 6 votes but then got 15 zeroes in a row :lol: Also a bit odd: I expected points (in final) from Tennisfan102 and Cesare Borgia; on the other hand I didn't expect high points from Queen Vika or Owl-on-Speed :confused: Oh well, that's the fun of BSG!

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Game 173: Better Than The Original

My Song: T.V. Carpio - I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Reason to pick the song: the idea was to send a cover that you think is better than the original. I had some ideas (Sisters of Mercy have made covers of Comfortably Numb and of Gimme Shelter; there are some very good covers of The Cure's Lovesong by Bat for Lashes and Tori Amos, ...). However, I like the original versions of all these songs. And then this song from a mixed cd from a friend of mine came to mind and I knew I told her "You made me like a Beatles song! :hysteric:"

Semi-final result: 12th

8: fufuqifuqishahah, JMG, Slazorin
7: Mauriac, traddles
6: AdeyC
5: Adam, Wally.
4: SRB Analyst, zvonarevarulz
3: Lazar., SilverPersian
2: DJDVD, MrPeanutButter, Northstar, Wozzy!
1: Avada Kedavra!, king vulture, Monzanator, Silent Bird


Silent Bird: jfkhgiwhegfadgkadkgn
Monzanator: I guess we're done with the good songs in this semi :eek:
Mauriac: :kiss:x2
Matmagix: And now I Want To Hold Your Hand... I never was into McCartney's boyish fantasies (one should peruse the catalogue, I like "Yesterday" but a lot of his other songs are somewhat childish to me). So for me this cover didn't have much to play with, and is trying to bite a bit more than can be chewed.
Perun: The song is pretty good but that cover is just so ... unremarkable.

Conclusion: I thought I had a shot pleasing a lot of people with this one, but first comments crushed my hope immediately :lol: I WILL figure you out, BSG!!

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Looking back, both She Drives Me Crazy and Blister in the sun should've been top 10, even top 5. Heck, they were both better than the winning song :eek:
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Game 174: History in Songs

My song: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Maid of Orleans

Reason to Pick the song: we needed to pick a song that was related to a historical event. OMD sings about Jeanne d'Arc. I remembered the video clip very good from my child hood and was always mesmerized by it (I had no real clue about the historical context). It was the only song that came to mind directly when seeing the theme and it suited perfectly. So why not?

Semi-final Result: 15th

12: Beat, Monzanator
10: AdeyC
8: Litotes, Northstar
6: Mauriac
5: histery
3: Milan.
2: John., Leif
1: danyal123, Marucic., Shvedbarilescu


Silent Bird: Gee, who the fuck listens to OMD. That's where I draw the Mason-Dixon line.
The Crow: I guess OMD's Enola Gay was sent before?
Litotes answered: Indeed. It was nominated already in game 8, by Fantasy Hero. It didn't make the final, despite getting my 12. Then it was nominated again in game 81, which was a "2nd chances" game for songs that didn't reach the final first time out, this time by Adey. It didn't make the final then either, despite getting my 12.
The Crow saw it coming: Ouch for the sender of the current song then. I would say Enola Gay is easily the more famous of the two.
Silent Bird obviously had to pitch in: Why is this person so proud of giving Ebola Gay 12 points TWICE?
To which my hero AdeyC dryly replied: Because it's a good song.
Northstar: OMD also has another famous historic song "If You Leave" which was about the Brexit

Conclusion: I was disappointed not to get into the final, because I thought OMD's poppy enough. But if Enola Gay can't even get into the final.... Nice surprise: Beat's 12. Never imagined he'd like this kind of song.

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Game 175: Three-Word Songs

My Pick: Suzanne Vega - Small Blue Thing

Reason to Pick the Song: the object was easy: pick a song title with three words. A lot of fitting songs came to mind and it seemed for a day or so that all songs I heard had three words in the title :lol: Anyway, I picked Small Blue Thing because a) I like the song and love Suzanne and b) all three words are important in that title (no 'of', 'the', ...). Not that that mattered to the theme, but I found it more appropriate ;)

Semi-Final Result: 3th

12: Northstar, traddles
10: Beat, fufuqifuqishahah, Poldo, Randy
8: AdeyC, ArturJFC, Milan.
7: Cesare Borgia, Igorche, John.
6: Marucic., Matmagix, Perun, SilverPersian
5: histery, Queen Vika
4: Silent Bird, zovonarevarulz
3: JMG, Litotes
2: SRB Analyst, Wally., Wanderer
1: king vulture, Slazorin

Final: 20th

10: Northstar, Mauriac
7: Poldo, ArturJFC
6: AdeyC
5: John.
4: Cesare Borgia
3: Perun, Igorche, SilverPersian, Litotes, fufuqifuqishahah
2: Wally.
1: Milan., Wanderer


La Quica: Quality even smaller. :smack:
Silent Bird: I never checked out her other work, but it seems like I didn't miss much.

Conclusion: I was glad to make the final; it's been awhile. A bit strange that I ended last in that final, while the song was third in the semis. Probably a combination of players that liked the song not submitting final scores (Beat, traddles, Randy, ...) and being in the lowest-quality semi-final?

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My song: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Maid of Orleans

Nice surprise: Beat's 12. Never imagined he'd like this kind of song.
it's very simple synth pop, so yeah, i like it a lot, even though generally i'm not a huge fan of OMD or anything.

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That's what I meant: I didn't take you for an OMD fan ;)

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Game 176: Open Game

My Song: Tamino - Habibi

Reason to pick the song: I had struggled to make finals, so I thought this open game was a chance to try out something new. I heard this song on Belgian radio a lot lately and although I didn't pay much attention at first, it slowly crept under my skin. Therefore I was curious what BSG would think and if people would talk about this song. And boy, did the song deliver!

Semi-Final Result: 2nd

12: ArturJFC, MrPeanutButter, Perun
10: Cesare Borgia, Tennisfan102
8: AdeyC, fufuqifuqishahah, Mauriac
7: Queen Vika
6: comfortably numb, histery, Poldo, Redolent
4: Igorche, Matmagix, TIEFSEE
3: Chastainiac, Nottheone
2: JMG
1: Adam

Final Result: 3rd

12; ArturJFC, Cesare Borgia, Perun
10: MrPeanutButter, comfortably numb, Mauriac, fufuqifuqishahah
8: histery, Queen Vika
7: Redolent, Tennisfan102
6: AdeyC
4: Nottheone
3: Adam, Wally.
2: Poldo
1: Leif, Matmagix


Redolent: I like this a lot, quite haunting :yeah:
Perun: Habibi is mysterious & haunting. I like composition and undulating tone in the chorus It gets under my skin just how I love music to do it. Please send more songs / artists like these and less Bebe Rexhas and Dani Le Roses of this world.
The Crow: Three Belgian acts in this semi :eek: Blanche obviously, but also Honeymoon Killers and Tamino. The latter two are much better than Blanche.
ArturJFC: for me, Habibi, is the best song of this SF by a mile.
Silent Bird: Habibi :yawn:
Lord Choc Ice: Have to admit, Habibi sounded to me like he followed easy assembly instructions for 'deep brooding music'. Wasn't impressed.
Beat: there's moments i really like in the song, but then there's other moments where he goes way overboad and everything becomes a tad too dramatic.
ShvedBarilascu: New artist apparently. This is quite an ambitious debut recording I have to say. Credit to him for that, we need artists with a bit of musical ambition. Unfortunately this reeks of ego and self importance and pretension. This song seems to cry out "look at me, I'm so talented". I'm sorry but I find this genuinely embarrassing.
Silent Bird: It seems I still agree with Shved on music. I especially loved his evisceration of Tamino!
Matmagix: I can totally see why some people like Habibi and some people don't. Maybe little ambitious but there are some nice moments. The second half of the song is where I feel it touches the right spot when intent and music match. At least it does angst better than Lavigne
Silent Bird: I didn't like Habibi simply because it was tedious. I had no speculations about his intent or ambitiousness. Frankly, boring music I don't associate with ambition. So I don't necessarily agree with Shved about the justification of a low rating... I'm sorry The Crow, in case you sent it, I can already see you copypasting these comments into your thread :cry:

Conclusion: I'm obviously happy with the result and it's always nice to see that people discuss your song *cough* ego-tripping *cough* It's nice to see that the song is liked by people that have very different taste (and disliked as well for that matter).

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Oh gottt... Exposed again. I'm so sorry, and what's worse is that I totally saw this coming, as I said in the bit you copy-pasted. :tears:
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Is Tamino a homosexual, or do you not know?

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what I love is the dichotomy of comments

"haunting and mysterious"


"boring/tedious and overly ambitious"
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Game 177: Europe Exclusive

My Song: The Sisters of Mercy - Marian

Reason to pick the song: the only restriction in this game was that we had to pick a European performer. So a pretty open game. I decided that it was time to send a pick of one of my favourite bands The Sisters of Mercy. I have no idea how well-known they are to BSG players, but I decided to not send one of their classic songs Alice or The Temple of Love. A lot of options were still available (Dominion/Mother Russia, Lucretia My Reflection, ...), but decided to not go completely for broke ;) Marian has always been one of my fav Sisters songs and is perhaps one of the most 'radio' friendly songs of them. So that seemed like a good option. I love the start of the song and the German part in the middle gives it something special as well (although perhaps a tad pretentious). Perfect song to lose one self to on the dance floor!

Semi-final Result: 9th

12: DJDVD, Monzanator, Perun
10: Beat
7: Silent Bird
6: AdeyC, Shvedbarilescu, TennisFan102, Wanderer
5: king vulture, Queen Vika
4: Adam, Milan., SilverPersian
3: Wozzy!
2: Cesare Borgia, SRB Analyst

Final Result: 14th

12: Perun, Monzanator
10: Beat
8: TennisFan102
7: histery, Silent Bird
6: MrPeanutButter, Shvedbarilescu
5: fufuqifuqishahah
4: Northstar, danyal123
3: AdeyC, Mauriac
2: SilverPersian, Milan., Adam
1: ArturJFC


Beat: BUT of the songs i like, a whole lot are new to me, more than in the average game Fatima Yamaha – Araya, EKV - Eymlja Time – Can You Feel It (why all of a sudden does italo disco appeal to me???), The Sisters Of Mercy – Marian, Siobhan Donaghy – Medevac, Les Terribles - Ne joue pas avec mon coeur, Darko Domijan – Stakleno Sunce, The Colourfield - Thinking Of You
Haimar: I always thought Sisters of Mercy was a girls group :lol: Guess I never really heard a song by them before... And I think I know why. Not a goth fan here, it's all just such a fakery. That ridiculous 'haunting' voice, those 'scary' video and that ridiculous music video, yikes... It's the musical equivalent of a bad slasher movie. Oh and I really dislike German too
Monzanator: If Sisters Of Mercy finish inside Top 10 here it will be the biggest BSG surprise for me ever :lol:
Litotes: For me Sisters of Mercy are more hit and miss. Emma would have gotten top points, Marian wasn't so lucky.
Perun: My grandfather's name is Marian btw One of the few subconscious reasons perhaps behind my 12 reward for you.

Conclusion: Making the final and ending in top 15 is I probably the best you can expect with a song like Marian, so I'm pretty happy with the result. A bit surprised though that the song seems to be unknown to many.

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Game 178: The New Era/The Old Era

My song: Sinead O'Connor - The Emperor's New Clothes

Reason to Pick the song: We needed to pick a song with either the words 'The', 'New', 'Old' or 'Era' in it. Loved the theme! I decided right on I was not going to go for 'The', to easy. I first searched for the most difficult one 'Era' but did only find one song that was definitely going to be slaughtered (a QOTSA song that wasn't particular good). I went through my pile of cds and found that the word 'New' was used now and then. In the end, I went for this Sinead song. It's a very good song, but it's not the Sinead song I have on my list as potential BSG pick. Still, I thought it could do some damage, as it could appeal to the new as well as to the old era.

Semi-Final Result: 10th

12: John., Litotes, Slazorin
10: Wally.
7: Pierre., Shvedbarilescu, Wozzy!
6: Beat, Haimar, king vulture
5: Nottheone
4: Adam, Milan.
3: Leif, wayitis
2: Wanderer
1: Serg.

Final: 17th

12: Nottheone, John., Slazorin
10: Litotes
6: Milan., Wanderer, Wozzy!
5: Shvedbarilescu
4: Beat
3: king vulture, SRB Analyst
2: Silent Bird
1: zvonarevarulz


SRB Analyst: Nah, not my cup of tea
Shvedbarilescu: No one will be surprised I liked the Sinead O'Connor song a lot, with the exceptions of Jump in the River and Mandinka it would be rank at the top of my list of favourite Sinead songs.
Perun: I thought that was one of the worst Sinead songs.
Matmagix: I couldn't really get into her at all. I predicted it would finish at 20th and I wasn't too far off. I dunno I find it a bit dated.

Conclusion: misjudged this entry quite a bit. I thought it would be top 10 for sure. It's one of the old school Sinead songs, a truely great pop tune, which is usually what does well in BSG. Still, my final streak continued, so that's good I guess.

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Game 179: Previously Un-Nominated

My Song: SX - Black Video

Reason to Pick the Song: We needed to pick an artists that hasn't been nominated yet. SX is a Belgian band that plays some kind of dream pop. I liked their initial work a lot and this 'Black Video' probably the best. And I thought it could do well in BSG.

Semi-Final Result: 9th

8: Haimar, Javi, Mauriac, Monzanator, Poldo, zvonarevarulz
6: AdeyC, Beat, Chastainiac, histery, Milan., wayitis
5: ArturJFC
4: fufuqifuqishahah
3: Igorche, John., Serg.
2: Cesare Borgia, Lord Choc Ice

Final Result: 19th

12: Poldo, Mauriac
8: ArturJFC, zvonarevarulz, wayitis
6: Javi, Haimar, Lord Choc Ice
5: Igorche, TIEFSEE
4: Serg., Cesare Borgia, Milan.
3: Beat, John., Tennisfan102
2: AdeyC
1: MrPeanutButter


SilverPersian: For me, a bit of an annoying voice and track. The longer that I play TFBSG the more annoyed I get at these songs. I mentally checked out of this track after about 30 seconds. Sorry zvonarevarulz/salmon pants/eck
The Crow: SX, again a Belgian act Better than Trixie Whitley in the previous game, not as good as Tamino and The Honeymoon Killers a couple of games ago. Definitely better than Blanche :p
TIEFSEE: Decent enough

Conclusion: Another final! But I was a bit disappointed with the final result, since most people seemed to like the song (it appeared in most 'keepers' lists). I guess the silent majority wasn't on my side this time :confused:
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