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Game 315: A Song for Sharapova

My Song: Suspiria - The Frozen Ones

Reason to Pick the Song: we needed to pick a song that reflects how we feel about Sharapova. Hard one, cause I do not have outspoken feelings towards Sharapova. So I went through my list of songs and thought this fantastic song of one of my all-time fav bands is suitable. Sharapova has always giving me the image of a cool, calculative player without any emotions. Not sure if she is tbh... So I thought the title of this song was fitting (although I do not think the lyrics of the song actually are).Oh a bit more about the band. They only made two albums in the 90s. The singer largely disappeared after that (couldn't cope with the success they had, even if it was only as a goth band). But man, those two albums are of the best there is to find in my record collection.

Semi-Final Result: 15th

5: SoBizarre
4: SRB Analyst
3: Crux Squall, histery
2: Silent Bird, SilverPersian
1: Poltergeist, resident_bizarre

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 114-43

Conclusion: I know I was in for a hard ride, but dead last with 27 points (35 points behind the last but one) is just harsh. Oh well, your loss.

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Game 316: Hidden Gems

My Song: Lushes - Feastin

Reason to Pick the Song: we needed to pick a song that we thought most people have never heard before. I could have easily picked a goth or Flemish song, but I found that to be a bit obvious. Therefore, I went with this fantastic song. I got to know them through a Flemish radio show and do not think they are overly popular even in the indie/postrock world. They actually played a great version of this song live in the studio, but that would perhaps have given away that it was my song. Here it is though.

Semi-Final Result: 13th

12: SoBizarre
10: Number19, SilverPersian
8: histery, Hugues Daniel, Lord Choc Ice
7: Beat
6: SRB Analyst
3: Adam, Boreas, Musatafina, Shvedbarilescu
2: Fortitude, MrPeanutButter, Perun
1: Leif, zvonarevarulz

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 114-44

Conclusion: expected SF exit. I'm not too sad since it was a great game, I got some high points from kindred spirits, and there was no sign of anyone knowing the song.

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Game 317: Pizzazz!

My Song: Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man - Tom the Model

Reason to Pick the Song: we neededn to pick a song that oozes vitality and glamour. Not an easy one. In the end, I went for this song of Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man (former member of Talk Talk). Beth has a kind of mysterious glamour aura about her that I really like.

Semi-Final Result: 2nd

12: aerosmash, Fortitude, wayitis
10: Beat, TennisFan102, Utautai
8: JMG, Laurent Moy
7: Adam, Number19, Shvedbarilescu
6: AdeyC, histery, Mauriac, Mustafina
5: Poldo, Silent Bird
4: Lord Choc Ice, SilverPersian, zvonarevarulz
3: Boreas, Sammo
1: Matmagix

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 115-44

Final Result: 4th

8: Beat, Fortitude, TennisFan102, Laurent Moy, aerosmash
7: Utautai, SilverPersian
6: Number19, DropShotAce, histery
5: AdeyC, JMG
4: Mauriac
3: Adam, Sammo
2: Mustafina, Silent Bird, zvonarevarulz, Lord Choc Ice
1: Poldo, Boreas, Shvedbarilescu

Conclusion: decent result. Many players gave the song points, but not high enough (no double digit points in the final!) to get on the podium.

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Game 318: A Song for Self-Isolation

My Song: Minuit Machine - Alienation

Reason to Pick the Song: we needed to find a song for these corona times (or a song that makes us happy in these days). Cold wave is a perfect genre for these times we live in lol.I already sent some songs that are perfect (De Brassers, Lebanon Hanover), but I still had this great song up my sleeve from a French cold wave band.

Semi-Final Result: 14th
10: Litotes
8: wayitis
7: Laurent Moy
5: Adam, Boreas, Fortitude, histery, Poldo
4: AdeyC, Beat, Lord Choc Ice, SRB Analyst
3: Queen Vika, SilverPersian
1: Pierre.

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 114-45

Conclusion: disappointed to not reach the final. My cold wave songs usually make the final and this is perhaps even a bit more radio-friendly than the others.

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Game 319: Just for Laughs

My song: Die Doraus und die Marinas - Fred vom Jupiter

Reason to Pick the Song: the title was all we had, but there had been talk in the BSG thread about having a theme to get us through these corona times. So something funny was expected. I had this cult new wave classic on my list for ages but always chickened out of sending it in 'normal' games. So this is the perfect theme for it. The song always cracks me up. And that video :D

Semi-Final Result: 4th

12: Beat, Lord Choc Ice
10: JMG, TennisFan102
8: Boreas, histery, Mustafina, Shvedbarilescu
7: Poldo
6: aerosmash, Number19
5: Mauriac
4: Adam, DropShotAce, Silent Bird, wayitis, zvonarevarulz
2: Perun
1: Litotes

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 115-45

Final Result: 5th

12: Beat
10: N.M.
8: TennisFan102, histery, Lord Choc Ice, Shvedbarilescu
7: Boreas, Mustafina
6: Poldo
4: aerosmash
3: wayitis, SRB Analyst, Number19
1: Adam, Litotes


DropShotAce: At first looks like a weird song and not funny enough, BUT after the second listening I like it! Makes me get drunk and dance laughing... I think It's a good thing...
Mustafina: Love the moody vocals with the lo-fi, new wave sound. The chorus is such an earworm.
Andreas Dorau was 17 y.o. when this song was a hit :eek:

Conclusion: 5th is a pretty decent result. And high points from Shved in a humor game :eek: :D

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Game 320: Top of The Pops

My Song: Suede - So Young

Reason to Pick the song: we needed to pick an artist that has been on Top of the Pops. I like to do better, so I wanted to pick an actual TOTP performance. going through my list I stumbled on this suede song I've long forgotten (but there is another Suede song on my list). Decided to send it as I like the performance a lot.

Semi-Final Result: 7th

12: Beat, Boreas, JMG
10: Lord Choc Ice
8: Laurent Moy
6: DropShotAce
5: histery
4: Adam, AdeyC, Poldo, zvonarevarulz
3: Fortitude, Queen Vika
2: Litotes, Shvedbarilescu
1: Number19

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 116-45

Final Result: 15th

12: Beat
10: JMG, Boreas
7: Lord Choc Ice
5: histery, Laurent Moy
2: Poldo, SilverPersian, DropShotAce
1: Fortitude


Lord Choc Ice: Funnily enough I just discovered Suede yesterday. They're solid, I'm sure to become a fan.
The Crow was a bit surprised: First two albums were great; afterwards they became okay-ish.
As was DropShotAce: Wow... This surprised me... How old are you? They are a well known worldwide famous band😕
Beat answered to The Crow: i personally also like the bernard butler-less (and quite polished) "coming up".
Lord Choc Ice: I guess we think of fame differently. I definitely wouldn't call them household name level.

Conclusion: You just know Suede's not a BSG band, but 15th is appalling really.

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Game 321: Playing on Repeat

My Song: Greg Dulli - Sempre

Reason to Pick the Song: needeed to pick a song that we have played on repeat the last few days. I never do that, so this was a hard one 😅 I did the next best thing: picked a song of a recent album I like a lot. Greg Dulli's new one is pretty great, so went with this song.

Semi-Final Result: 15th

12: Number19
4: Beat, DropShotAce
3: Laurent Moy, Poldo, Queen Vika, zvonarevarulz
2: Adam
1: bud887, Lord Choc Ice, Pierre., Potapovian, Sammo

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 116-46


Beat: i didn’t know greg had a new album out. his voice sounds kinda shot, doesn’t it?

Conclusion: Dead last. With quite a margin. I knew it was an uphill battle, but this is cruel. And the one comment comes from Beat mentioning that he didn't know Greg had a new album out while I've been raving about it in What Band 😭

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Game 322: For the Birds

My Song: Public Image Ltd - Albatross

Reason to Pick the Song: we had to pick a song with a bird in the tile (or some bird sounds in the song or birds present in the clip). I directly thought of my favourite PIL song. I hesitated a bit because I already sent a PIL song to the post punk game (in fact I didn't want to send Albatross then because it's not post-punk enough in my opinion). This is as new-wave as Johnny Rotten can get. I love this kind of brewing songs. The song just goes on and on (with that great Jah Wobble bass) which is perfect to lose oneself in (especially at the dance floor).

Semi-Final Result: 7th

12: AdeyC, Shvedbarilescu
10: Beat, JMG, Mustafina
8: Mauriac
7: Number19
6: Boreas, DropShotAce, Silent Bird
5: wayitis
3: SilverPersian
2: danyal123, goOudinUSA

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 117-46

Final Result: 10th

10: AdeyC, Shvedbarilescu, TennisFan102
8: histery, Mauriac
7: Beat, JMG
5: wayitis, Number19
4: DropShotAce, Silent Bird
3: danyal123
2: Mustafina, Boreas


The Crow: Oh oh, twice two songs with the same title. Poor Adey.
The Crow: Albatrosses rule!
DropShotAce: I like the dark sound and the great bass. A bit too long...
Perun: Albatros of Public Image Ltd. got to be one of the most repetitive songs that I've witness among the plethora of similar ones.

Conclusion: There were two albatross songs submitted and obviously the other one (a Foals song) won the game lol. But 10th is a decent result for this type of song, I guess. Oh and @Perun, repetitiveness is what this song is all about lol. It makes it one of the most beautiful songs of the 80s ♥

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Game 323: Like a Version

My Song: David Bowie feat. Klaus Nomi and Joey Arias - The Man Who Sold the World (live at Saturday Night Live)

Reason to Pick the Song: we needed to pick a cover version or live version of a song. I had the perfect song. This song was recorded for the Saturday Night Live Show and had Bowie performing (and performing is the correct word here!) live together with New York artists Klaus Nomi and Joey Arias. The performance summarizes everything I like about Bowie: great songs, pop songs even, but all created within a world of himself and definitely not just to sell records. The input of Nomi and Arias is great too, but is even better (and more fun) in TVC15 that was also performed on that same show. Unfortunately I couldn't find a youtube version of that one or I would have sent that one. You can find the performance (and Boys Keep Swinging as well) here for those who are interested:
The pink poodle lol

Semi-Final Result: 4th

12: ArturJFC, Beat, SRB Analyst
10: Perun
8: JMG, Queen Vika, TennisFan102
7: DropShotAce, Litotes
6: bud887, Shvedbarilescu, wayitis
5: Matmagix, Number19, Silent Bird
4: Adam, histery, Laurent Moy, Lord Choc Ice, Mustafina
2: eck
1: Pierre., SilverPersian

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 118-46

Final Result: 13th

12: Beat
10: SRB Analyst, ArturJFC
7: JMG
6: Laurent Moy, DropShotAce
5: Matmagix, Litotes
4: wayitis
2: SilverPersian, Number19, Shvedbarilescu
1: TennisFan102, Mustafina, Lord Choc Ice


DuaZeepa: it will probably get some points?
SRB Analyst: In that second semi, I only care for David Bowie... We also know that drug addict Kurt Cobain won with that song, but David Bowie is the first one who sang it. A meaningful song, it would have been atrocious if Bowie does not win, but Cobain with his version from MTV won it, FFS.

Conclusion: This is a sad day for pop music. Not only did this classic Bowie song (and performance!) not get into the top 10 (I wonder whether it was the song or the performance that people disliked?) but there was more talk about Dua Lipa, Florence and The Machine and Adele (who wasn't even in the game!) FFS than about Bowie. Oh well, perhaps I am getting too old.

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Game 314: Unusual Instruments

My Song: Jambinai - Sun.Tears.Red

Reason to Pick the Song: we needed to pick a song with an usual instruments (there was to be an instrument in the song that was not in a given set). First I thought about Qntal, as the lead musician plays all kinds of medieval instruments. But the synth was always a bit too prevalent so I went with Jambinai instead. Jambinai combines traditional Korean folk instruments with guitars. I saw them live last year and especially this song made a big impression. Not their easiest song to digest, but ok.

Semi-Final Result: 12th

12: Laurent Moy, SilverPersian
8: JMG, Matmagix
6: SRB Analyst
5: Beat, cuckoo, Fortitude, Potapovian
4: DuaZeepa
2: Adam, Mauriac, wayitis
1: Mustafina, Perun

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 118-47


JMG: I was looking forward to this game to see if someone would nominate Jambinai. I already nominated the two best Jambinai songs, absolutely epic songs. Hopefully someone will nominate one of their calmer songs soon. I have the geomungo player in my avatar on MTF.

Conclusion: I should have nominated one of their calmer song, as JMG mentioned. Still love my entry.

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Game 325: Eat's Showtime

My Song: Pumarosa - Honey

Reason to Pick the Song: we needed to chose a song with something edible in the song title. Had a couple, but decided quickly to send this great song. Always loved this song; so catchy and I can lose myself completely in it. I saw Pumarosa live once and although it was not the best gig, the front woman is a lot of fun.

Semi-Final Result: 5th

12: eck
10: Litotes, Mauriac
8: Beat, Laurent Moy, Number19, Potapovian
7: histery, Perun
6: Northstar, Queen Vika, SilverPersian
5: DuaZeepa, Pierre.
4: AdeyC, chainedtomaria, TIEFSEE
3: Fortitude, Poldo, zvonarevarulz
1: DropShotAce

Final Result: 8th

10: Laurent Moy, Mauriac
8: SilverPersian, Number19
7: Beat, Fortitude
6: Northstar, Potapovian, eck, Litotes
4: histery
3: Queen Vika, aerosmash
2: DuaZeepa, chainedtomaria, TIEFSEE
1: AdeyC


DuaZeepa: Honey is pretty overrated tbh. The song will probably sneak some points
Shvedbarilescu: The Pumarosa track is an agreeable indie rock track in the tried and true tradition of bands like Garbage or Veruca Salt or Republica and this list goes on. It's fine. It follows a well tested formula that works well and consistently produces pretty listenable catchy music that is hard to dislike. Yeah, this is certainly far from original and there's nothing here that I haven't heard in dozens of other records previously. It is hard to get too excited about music like this when one has heard so much of it over the years, but they do their thing well enough and I like this sort thing as much as the next person. It would be churlish of me to be too critical.
Number19: BTW, this Pumarosa song is doing something very weird every time I listen to it. I almost hate it for it's first half, I'm like "how do I have this sitting as a high pointer?" And by the end of the song, "that's why its sitting in a high point spot."

Conclusion: 8th is ok. Expected a bit more points from the pop crowd tbh.

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Game 326: The 1970's

My Song: Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance

Reason to Pick the Song: we needed to pick a song released in the 70s. Not my preferred decade of music, but when going through my list I was surprised how many good "80s" song were actually released at the end of the 70s. The Cure's debut album, PIL's Albatross that I nominated a few games ago,... In the end i went with a band I discovered through BSG (I think it was in the post punk game). It's a simple tune, but there's so much in this song. I absolutely love it!

Semi-Final Result: 12th

10: Beat, DropShotAce, Mustafina
8: Adam, Litotes, Shvedbarilescu
7: JMG
5: histery, Lord Choc Ice, Number19
4: Laurent Moy, Sammo, Silent Bird
3: N.M., Pierre., SilverPersian
1: chainedtomaria, Hugues Daniel, Queen Vika

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 119-48


Hugues Daniel: a classic. Also had to check if it hadn't been entered already but no, "Final Solution" was the only track already sent. Pere Ubu remains underground obviously. 🤡 8/10 (I hope it makes the final by my ratings :oops:)
DropShotAce: They sound very modern. Could be a track for any actual rock bands. Surprise surprise, I can see the quality here and It's in my top 10 for this semi.
Lord Choc Ice: Have to appreciate the timelessness. And still very 70s bass. This semi's having a really late surge.
DropShotAce: Pere Ubu, Maki Asakawa and Ambrosia are great discoveries for me.
Shvedbarilescu: I haven't played this one in ages. Crazy. It is nice to be reminded how much I love it. Within three seconds of this one starting I was up dancing and bopping my head. Pere Ubu are one of the earliest and most important of the early art-punk bands. A lot of their music can be pretty challenging musically and demands a lot of attention from its listeners. They can be quite a cerebral band. But then they can come up with a catchy super fun piece of confectionery joy like this too. This is just a delight and one that holds up to multiple listens in a row as it just radiates an incredible joyful energy, at least to these ears.

Conclusion: oh the trap of good reviews before semi-final results 😢 Not sure what I would choose between the final and good reviews, but i'm afraid it would be making the final in the end.

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Game 327: Celebrating the Pronouns

My Song: Zita Swoon - My Bond with You and Your Planet: Disco!

Reason to Pick the Song: we needed to come up with a song with a pronoun in the title. Lots of songs on my list satisfied that requirements, a.o. My Suitor and Our Darkness. But I when I saw this Zita Swoon song list still in my list with not one, not two, but THREE pronouns, I knew that was my song :D

Semi-Final Result: 10th

12: eck, JMG, Matmagix, Silent Bird
10: Adam
8: Perun
7: Lord Choc Ice
6: Beat, Mustafina
3: AdeyC
1: Fortitude, SilverPersian

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 120-48

Final Result: 20th

12: Matmagix
10: N.M.
8: Adam, eck
6: Queen Vika
5: aerosmash
4: Lord Choc Ice
3: Beat, Mustafina
2: Fortitude


DuaZeepa: My least favourite song in this game so far.
The Crow: I've sent them way in the beginning that I started playing (The Bananaqueen for the smilies game). Total flop. The frontman (Stef Kamil Carlens) was also a member of deus, a band I sent twice as well (Roses and Hotellounge; roses made the final, hotellounge not). And now he's gone solo, so I will probably send him again in the future.
Poldo: Not much I find exciting about this song. It's not melodic enough for my taste and kind of goes nowhere. One of my least favourite songs here.

Conclusion: surprised I got into the final to start with (oh and the other two songs I mentioned - My Suitor and Our Darkness - were also submitted and didn't even reach the final :(). But some posters that gave big points in the semi didn't vote in the final so last place was inevitable.

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Game 328: Empresses of Modern R&B

My Song: Martha Da'ro - Summer Blues

Reason to Pick the Song: We had to pick a female R&B song from 1990 or later. The horror! I searched a bit for Belgian R&B ant at last found something interesting. So I went with it. She's an actress as well btw.

Semi-Final Result: 4th

12: Beat, Mustafina, N.M., Silent Bird, SilverPersian
10: bud887, histery, SRB Analyst, TennisFan102, Wozzy!
8: AdeyC, danyal123, Laurent Moy, Marucic, Shvedbarilescu
6: Sammo
4: Litotes, Lord Choc Ice
3: Pierre.
2: zvonarevarulz

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 121-48

Final Result: 2nd

12: SilverPersian, TennisFan102, Beat, N.M., Mustafina
10: histery
8: bud887
7: AdeyC, Laurent Moy, Wozzy!, Shvedbarilescu
6: Silent Bird
5: Marucic
2: Pierre.
1: Adam, Litotes


Beat: seems like we're getting at least one act from belgium every week, even in an r&b game … i like this track by martha da'ro quite a bit.
The Crow couldn't let this pass: Belgian R&B 😭
Number19: what are these vocals o_O
Potapovian: I did not expect those vocals to be completely honest I was shocked. She's so beautiful! The song in itself is kinda lost in the verses and the chorus shouldn't have been instrumental drop but I dig the prechorus a lot, I wish the whole song was in that vibe.
DuaZeepa: another a very different song. not my favourite. not the worst. again in another game, this would be up there but not here.
SRB Analyst: Summer Blues is love! I also hear a few reggaeton parts in that one, but what an interesting track!
Mustafina: There's one song that's head and shoulders above the rest. :love:
N.M.: this one is the best: Martha Da'ro - Summer Blues
Shvedbarilescu: In addition the Tora, Celeste and Martha Da'ro songs all added a lot to this game as well for me and I will be interested following there careers as well. All three are in the very early stages of their careers so it is very early to predict what sort of futures they will have but I hope they choose the path of self expression over that of playing the game. We will see, they all have something worthwhile to offer potentially. It would be nice if they are able to carve niches for themselves doing their own thing, but it's tough business and there will be lots of pressure on them to simply do as their record companies tell them to.

Conclusion: wow, I'm second in an R&B game o_O And look at all those people I normally don't see eye to eye to (musically) raving about the song and giving it big points 😅But I'll be honest, this game was a nice experience, although I'm not converted just yet.

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Game 329: Seven Deadly Sins

My song: The Wolfbanes - As the Bottle Runs Dry

Reason to Pick the Song: we needed to pick a song reflecting one of the 7 deadly sins. Going through my list, this turned out to be difficult. Probably because I do not pick songs for lyrics. In the end I went for this old drinking song from my student time. It's great to sing this drunk on the dancefloor ;)

Semi-Final Result: 16th

12: aerosmash
8: Lord Choc Ice, Northstar, Perun
6: Laurent Moy
5: Boreas
1: danyal123, Fortitude

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 121-49

Conslusion: Expected outcome. Should have looked harder for a song. Next is R&B again, folks!

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Beat: seems like we're getting at least one act from belgium every week, even in an r&b game … i like this track by martha da'ro quite a bit.
The Crow couldn't let this pass: Belgian R&B 😭
you did have me fooled 😛

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Game 330: Emperors of Modern R&B

My Song: YellowStraps - Take Over

Reason to Pick the Song: accompanying theme to the empresses of modern R&B. Same problem for me, same solution. Don't know anything about that so went searching for Belgian R&B. Took me awhile, but then I came across these Yellowstraps guys. It's nice enough music; in fact I like my chosen song better than the one for the empresses game. And I came second with that song, so... ;)

Semi-Final Result: 4th

12: AdeyC, Poldo
10: histery, Wozzy!
8: Beat
7: chainedtomaria, Marucic
6: aerosmash, Matmagix, SRB Analyst
5: DropShotAce, Laurent Moy, Litotes, Potapovian
4: N.M.
3: Pierre., Silent Bird, zvonarevarulz
2: SilverPersian

Final: 11th

12: Poldo
10: AdeyC
8: histery
7: SRB Analyst, Leif
5: chainedtomaria, Litotes
4: Laurent Moy, Matmagix
3: Marucic
2: DuaZeepa
1: Beat, aerosmash


DuaZeepa: it's okay. Ranking the songs is going to be very difficult.

Conclusion: Well that DuaZeepa comment summarized it all, didn't it lol. My song seemed to attract a whole different crowd than my song for the empresses game which is reasonable as I liked it more as well I guess. It's not something for the "hoity-toity crowd" :D

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Game 331: Critically Acclaimed

My Song: Tindersticks - We Are Dreamers!

Reason to Pick the Song: we needed to find a song from an album that was critically acclaimed (>80%) according to some website. I wanted to send the song on my list with the highest rating, but refrained from doing so since I thought it was a song that had no chance with the current pop crowd. So instead I sent this lovely Tindersticks song I had on my list forever. I love the input of Jehnny Bett (from Savages).

Semi-Final Result: 10th

12: Beat, histery, SilverPersian
10: Mauriac
7: Silent Bird
6: JMG, Mustafina, Poldo
5: Shvedbarilescu, SRB Analyst
4: Fortitude, Laurent Moy
3: Adam, AdeyC, Boreas
2: Northstar, Wozzy!

Final Result: 18th

12: Silent Bird
8: SilverPersian
7: Beat, Mauriac
6: JMG
4: Northstar, Laurent Moy, Mustafina
3: SRB Analyst, Adam, aerosmash, Boreas, Shvedbarilescu
1: Poldo, Fortitude, eck


Adam: The Shins, Tindersticks, Caribou, Heron Oblivion and Yves Tumor are also top selections.
DuaZeepa: I really enjoyed the instrumentals and the beat but I can't say the same about the vocals
Beat: algiers, tindersticks, valerie june, caribou are all acts that i enjoy on a constant basis, so points are (almost) guaranteed.
Fortitude: I like the threatening undertones of this song, like doom slowly creeping up on you.

Conclusion: barely managed to get into the final, with 2 other songs having the same amount of points as mine. But I had 3 12s ♥ Should have gone for my initial pick, as a similar song came 2nd (although mine would probably have gone out in the semis or something :D)
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