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Game 303: Last Day of the World

My Song: Project Pitchfork - Good Night Death

Reason to Pick the Song: a song that you captures your mood when you know it's the last day of the world. You just know I will send a goth song for a game like this :D I decided on something a bit industrial as those are perfect to 'capture my mood' in said scenario. I had this recent track of an old cult band Project Pitchfork on my list and I thought the lyrics were perfect! I'm usually not a big fan of them but this is a great song! Of course, chances of qualifying which such a song are slim at best.

Semi-Final Result: 16th

10: Litotes
8: Boreas, Latvian, Matmagix
5: Perun
2: Laurent Moy

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 105-40


The Crow: The Gathering and She Past Away following eachother ♥ And Project Pitchfork not much before that, yay! :D
Beat: project pitchfork, while probably more "real", are not much better. i cringed at the lyrics and the german accent.

Conclusion: Expected result. I'm glad it's the last day of the world. Good Night Death, motherfuckers!

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Game 304: 2019

My Song: Portland - Killer's Mind

Reason to Pick the Song: yearly 'best of the/last year' game. Usually I pick a song from one of the best albums of the year. So I first went with a Xiu Xiu song, becuase their album was the best of the year for me. However, the songs on that album do not really work as single songs. At time of this game, I also heard this Portland song a lot on Belgian radio, so I switched, thinking that this song is a more BSG-friendly song.

Semi-Final Result: 9th

12: Laurent Moy, zvonarevarulz
10: Boreas, Fortitude, Latvian
8; Litotes
7: DropShotAce
6: Random Run
5: JMG, Mustafina, SRB Analyst
3: Number19, Perun
2: histery, Silent Bird, SilverPersian
1: Javi, Leif, Shvedbarilescu

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 106-40

Final Result: 20th

12: Laurent Moy
6: Fortitude, Litotes
2: Number19, Mustafina, JMG
1: Leif


resident_bizarre: bad
Silent Bird: just is

Conclusion[/b]: Bad choice to change my song. Better to go out in the semi with a bold pick than be 20th in final with a safe pick. Anyway, the song is even more pop than I imagined if I see who voted for it in the semi. It didn't help either that the songs of people who liked it went out en masse in the semi, hence a couple of people who liked it not voting in the final :(

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Game 305: By the Fire

My Song: Lambchop - This Corrosion

Reason to Pick the Song: we needed to find a 'chill' song that you would listen to by a fire. Pretty difficult theme for me. I had Marissa Nadler ass an option, but in the end I wend with the cover of this legendary Sisters of Mercy song. I hated it at first listen, but it has grown on me big time. Needless to say that I wouldn't have given a second chance if it wasn't a Sisters cover ;) I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Lambchop.

Semi-Final Result: 2nd

12: Adam, DropShotAce, Mustafina, Shvedbarilescu
10: Beat, Mauriac, Random Run
7: histery, SilverPersian, wayitis
5: AdeyC, Perun
3: Litotes, Number19
2: Latvian
1: JMG

Finals Made - Semi-Final Exits: 107-40

Final Result: 6th

12: Adam, Leif
10: Random Run
8: Mauriac, Shvedbarilescu
7: Beat, Mustafina
6: Litotes
2: AdeyC, Perun, SilverPersian, TennisFan102


Beat: what's with all the cover versions? curious to hear what joris thinks of "this corrosion".
The Crow had to answer: Well it can't beat the original version, can it?
Mustafina: I looove Lambchop and this song showcases everything I love about them. Always brooding, casual yet completely in control. Almost boring but utterly beguiling. The perfect late-night music for me. In case you're not aware, this is a cover of some weird goth pop song.
The Crow had to respond again: :hysteric: It's one of the best songs of one of the best bands out there :hysteric:
And The Crow tried to cover up his tracks a bit more answering Beat again: I can answer this a bit better now. At first I found it extremely boring and lame, but it has grown on me big time. Still, as said, it can't beat the "weird goth pop" original version.
And replied to Mustafina again as well :rolleyes:: Oh but, @Mustafina, I see you posted the short version. You really should listen to the full 11-minute album version :devilish:
Silent Bird hated all this attention for my song: Lambchop's song was one of the weakest in the game
Perun: I have little respect for those who came up with covers for this game or in general, for me it is so ... unoriginal. And it makes me suspect it's a cop-out ... as in I like this song but ...oh no ... it's already been used so why not go with a cover of it? Lol.

Conclusion: decent result. Sorry for fooling you, Beat (did I, in fact, fool you?).
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