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I promised myself to make this thread when I won a game, not realizing I would win my second game (I have a broad taste, but it's usually not the most popular). So here it goes.


Finals: 103

Win: Eefje De Visser - Ongeveer (Game 151), Blonde Redhead - Spring and by Summer Fall (Game 238), Lhasa De Sela - El Desierto (Game 275), Girls in Hawaii - Casper (Game 279)
2nd: Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now (Game 152), New Order - All the Way (Game 195), Sinead O'Connor - Mandinka (Game 249), Agnes Obel - The Curse (Game 258), Mott the Hoople - All the Young Dudes (Game 273), Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead (Game 286)
3rd: Shakira - Objection (Tango) (Game 154), Tamino - Habibi (Game 176), Pinback - Tripoli (Game 221), Madou - Niets is voor altijd (Game 287), Whale - Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe (Game 296)
4th: Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows (Game 159), She Past Away - Kasvetli Kutlama (Game 185), This Mortal Coil - Sixteen Days / Gathering Dust (Game 192), Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Game 211), Kuruki - Crocodile Tears (Game 215), Ho99o9 - War is Hell (Game 241), Johnny Cash - Wayfaring Stranger (263), Department S - Is Vic There? (Game 270), Desperate Journalist - Hollow (Game 295)
5th: Siouxsie and the Banshees - Il Est Ne le Divine Enfant (Game 153), Buena Vista Social Club - Veinte Anos (Game 222), Patti Smith - Land (Game 225), Ministry - Just One Fix (Game 280), Alt-J - Tessellate (Game 294)
6th: True Widow - S:H:S (Game 197), deus - Roses (Game 216), My Mine - Hypnotic Tango (Game 218), Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Game 237), Nakhane - Clairvoyant (Game 271)
8th: Lords of Acid - I Sit on Acid (Game 165), Galaxie 500 - Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste (Game 228), Built to Spill - Things Fall Apart (Game 250), Fad Gadget - Lady Shave (Game 261), Jess and James - Move (Game 262), Public Image Limited - Death Disco (Game 274), D.D Dumbo - Tropical Oceans (Game 281), De Brassers - En toen was er niets meer (Game 293)
9th: Teenage Granny - Never Going Out (Game 220), Elysian Fields - Cities Will Fall (Game 298), The Clique - Superman (Game 299)
10th: Light Asylum - Dark Allies (Game 246), The Sisters of Mercy - Nine While Nine (Game 247), Peter Murphy - I've Got a Miniature Secret Camera (Game 278), Cock Robin - The Promise You Made (BSG 291)
11th: Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta (Game 164), London after Midnight - Sacrifice (Game 168), Gertrud Stein - U-Bahn (Game 226), Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Didn't It Rain (Game 230), Christian Death- Romeo's Distress (Game 242), Kane Strang - Oh So You're Off I See (Game 285)
12th: Amatorski - 22 Februar (Game 224), Kirile Loo - Ristitantsi (Game 231), Gepetto and the Whales - Cocklane Ghosts (Game 257), I Break Horses - Heart to Know (Game 277), Front Line Assembly - Deathmatch (Game 288), Ex Eye - Xenolith; the Anvil (Game 289)
13th: Interpol - PDA (Game 162), Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun (Game 172), Elton John - Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (Game 212), Karl Hyde and Matthew Herbert - We All Hurt (Game 290)
14th: Ray LaMontagne - Hey, No Pressure (Game 156), The Sisters of Mercy - Marian (Game 177), Rainbrother - Blue (Game 207), Lebanon Hanover - Totally Tot (Game 217), Yuko - A Couple of Months on the Couch (Game 232)
15th: Living Colour - Nothingness (Game 180), Jacques Brel - Le Plat Pays (Game 186), Johnny Cash - (Ghost) Riders in the Sky (Game 229), The Tragically Hip - Grace, too (Game 235), Klaus Nomi - The Cold Song (Game 240), D.A.F. - Der Mussolini (Giorgio Moroder & Denis Naidanow Remix) (Game 252), Jo Lemaire - La Nuit Te Ressemble (Game 254), Whispering Sons - Waste (Game 256), Tim Darcy - Still Waking Up (Game 266), A Brand - Hammerhead (Game 297)
16th: The Cure - Pictures of You (Game 150), Juliette and the Licks - Inside the Cage (Game 204), Anne Clark - Sleeper in Metropolis (Game 227), B-52s - Planet Claire (Game 292)
17th: Sinead O'Connor - The Emperor's New Clothes (Game 178), Millionaire - Champagne (Game 209), Buffy Sainte-Marie - Until It's Time for You to Go (Game 251), Chef (Isaac Hayes) - Chocolate Salty Balls (P.S. I Love You), Eliot Sumner - Information (Game 283)
18th: Taxi Girl - Cherchez le Garcon (Game 160), STUFF. - strata (Game 255)
19th: The Normal - Warm Leatherette (Game 155), SX - Black Video (Game 179), Villagers - Hot Scary Summer (Game 210), Eminem - The Way I Am (Game 234), Magnapop - Lay It Down (Game 282)
20th: Santigold feat. ILoveMakonnen - Who Be Lovin' Me (Game 166), Suzanne Vega - Small Blue Thing (Game 175), John Foxx - Underpass (Game 183), Concrete Blonde - The Beast (Game 201), Chantal Acda - Fight Back (Game 206), Alien Sex Fiend - E.S.T. (Trip to the Moon) (Game 248), And One - Metal Hammer (Game 276)

SF Exits: 39

10th: No Party For Cao Dong - Simon Says (Game 200 - 4SFs, only 7 to the final), Great Lake Swimmers - Let's Trade Skins (Game 300 - 3SFs, only 8 to the final)
11th: Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy (Game 171), The Eternal Afflict - San Diego (Game 189), Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Ninos del Parque (Game 208), Behind the Shadow Drops - H a r m o n i c (Game 243), Toots Thielemans - Ne Me Quitte Pas (Game 267)
12th: T.V. Carpio - I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Game 173), Cat Power - The Greatest (Game 213), Wild Beasts - The Devil's Crayon (Game 219), Amon Duul II - Archangel Thunderbird (Game 244), Arcade Fire - Black Mirror (Game 245), Sobrecarga - Lamari Tam Tam (Game 259), Fatboy Slim, Riva Starr & Beardyman - Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat (Game 269), Umbra et Imago - Gothic Erotic (Game 272)
13th: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Mercy Seat (Game 158), Ruth Jacott - Vrede (Game 163), The Cure - Carnage Visors (Game 190), Telex - Moskow Diskow (Carl Craig Remix) (Game 191), Hooverphonic - Sometimes (Game 194), The Neon Judgement - The Fashion Party (Game 223), Dez Mona - The Storm (Game 264)
14th: Elliott Smith - Twilight (Game 169), Qntal - Palestinalied (Game 193), Avi Buffalo - What's in it for? (Game 202)
15th: Zita Swoon - My Life is Okay (Game 157), Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Maid of Orleans (Game 174), Killing Joke - Millennium (Game 181), Hocico - Poltergeist (Game 182), Few Bits - Summer Sun (Game 196), Rafaella Carra - A Far l'Amore Comincia Tu, BRNS - Encounter (Game 253)
16th: Grandaddy - He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilote (Game 167), Thee Silver Mount Zion - Fuck Off Get Free (Game 170), Ramses Shaffy - Zing, vecht, huil, bid, lach, werk en bewonder (Game 187), Sara Noxx - Darker and Darker (Game 203), Everything Everything - Kemosabe (Game 260)
18th: Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows - In der Palastra (Game 161)
20th: Soulwax - Caramel (Game 187)
21st: Jane Siberry - It Can't Rain All the Time (Game 184)

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Game 150: Open Game

My song: The Cure - Pictures of You

Reason to pick the song: I'm a big cure fan, so there was no doubt that my first pick would be a song of them (especially since it was an open game). I did not really know much about the game or the players, so I decided to go safe. Some other candidate songs were already picked before in the game, like A Forest, Lullaby, or Just Like Heaven, so I opted for Pictures of You. I like this song a lot, but it's not my fav song of The Cure. In hindsight, I should have gone for a more edgy song like 100 Years or Charlotte Sometimes.

Semi-final result: 6th

Votes received

12: Coco Hero, floki, Litotes, Milan
10: G&R, Javi, Mauriac
8: Randy
7: AdeyC, Thanos, Wanderer
6: Cesare Borgia, drg, histery, John, slazorin
4: Punky
3: Adam
2: Beat

Final Result: 16th

Votes Received

10: floki, Litotes, G&R
8: Thanos
7: Adam, Mauriac
6: Javi, Slazorin
5: AdeyC, drg
4: dogwonder24
3: Avada Kedavra!, John
2: zvonarevarulz, Lord Choc Ice
1: Milan, Punky


Silverpersian: A song to be lonely, nostalgic and single to :sad:
Hugues Daniel: :zzzz:
Silent Bird: I like the Grieg Piano concerto. Such a contrast with The Cure coming after - they sound like drunk vomitting in a lonely hotel appartment after the NYE party. The Cure surely have to be one of the worst bands that ever existed.
To which Wally responded: :eek:
And Silent Bird: Fortunately, A Forest is so much better than Pictures Of You. It almost sounds like a different band to me.

Conclusion: Happy with the result but I shouldn't have made the safe choice.

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Game 151: Declare Independence (songs not in English or French)

My Song: Eefje De Visser - Ongeveer

Reason to pick the song: I'm Flemish (Dutch speaking), so a song in Dutch was a natural choice. There are some good Flemish bands singing in Dutch and I also thought about sending a particular Flemish classic I like or a great classic Dutch song, but in the end picked a recent song I adore. The song is well constructed (the part in the middle is simply gorgeous) and there's so much unsaid which makes it a very interesting song. The only downside is that Eefje's Dutch and not Flemish, but for some reason she has much more success in Flanders than in Holland, so it's all good ;)

Semi-final result: 1st

Votes received

12: histery, Perun, ServiceGagnant
10: fufuqifuqishahah, Hugues Daniel
8: Avada Kedavra!, Randy
7: Adam, Beat, JMG, Litotes, Thanos, Wanderer
5: Big Banana, drg, Northstar
4: Silent Bird
3: AdeyC, Shvedbarilescu, SilverPersian
2: Cesare Borgia
1: Leif, Slazorin

Final result: 1st

Votes received

12: ServiceGagnant, histery, Perun
10: Cesare Borgia
8: Hugues Daniel, Litotes, Thanos, Adam, Avada Kedavra!
7: Northstar, SilverPersian, Randy, SRB Analyst
6: JMG, Matmagix
2: drg
1: AdeyC, Wanderer


Silent Bird: A song I have no problems listening to until the end. The voice is beautiful, the music is tasty, but the song itself feels a bit sluggish. Her singing here is admirable, most women would ruin such an unmelodic song nowadays. At the end of the day, I feel positively about it, it's a sleepy delight!
Hugues Daniel: You can hardly be as peaceful as Eefje de Visser's "Ongeveer", opening her second album Het Is from 2013. But it's peaceful without being any second bland or boring, which is quite remarkable. I've listened to a lot of quiet female singers with this kind of ethereal voice and clear accompaniment in my life, since it's my cup of tea, so I've learned to separate the good from the bad. This one, I could listen to all day, no problem. Eefje de Visser is a Dutch singer songwriter who masters what she does (I have no clue about the lyrics, though). But in the departement of quiet and graceful music, this is top notch. This gets a full 8/10 from me.
To which Silent Bird responded: This.
Matmagix: not bad really.
Perun: Ongeveer is simply gorgeous. Such a sensous & endearing contrast to ugly & ordinary German song (Nie Genug) before. For a while I thought that she's singing in English but than I realized that it's impossible in this game. I see that someone carefully selecting his / her song as it's not something chosen mostly because of some sentiment or random idea. I love her clear voice & how the song is subtly adding up some nice moments, that slight and short breakdown in her tone about 3:40 is one of these little things. Delicate but not crossing insipid & mushy overly girlish with too strong airy sound that may ruin for me good concept.

Conclusion: Well what can I say. Obviously very happy that you liked the song that much. Too bad the magic of Eefje only works in Dutch (she says herself), otherwise she could attract a good worldwide crowd.

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Game 152: Me Against the Music (people better known for their looks than their music)

My song: Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now

Reason to pick the song: I must have been 13 or something when this came out, going to an all-boys school. And then this girl was all of a sudden in all magazines. You do the math. The song itself has become a bit of a guilty pleasure.

Semi-final result: 1st

Votes received

12: Queen Vika
10: AdeyC, JMG, Litotes, Matmagix, Silent Bird, zvonarevarulz
8: histery
7: Hugues Daniel
6: eck, John., salmon pants., SilverPersian
5: Adam, Randy
4: Avada Kedavra!
3: Beat, Perun
1: fufuqifuqishahah

Final result: 2nd

Votes received

12: Queen Vika
10: Adam, Litotes, Silent Bird
8: AdeyC, Leif
7: zvonarevarulz
6: SilverPersian, Matmagix, JMG
5: Wally., salmon pants.
4: histery
3: Hugues Daniel
2: John., DJDVD


Randy (put the song in the category 'not fitting the theme): This song is known for being a damn good song
Adam: + If you take this song at face value and not take it seriously, it's enjoyable and really catchy.
- Definitely sounds dated but I think that adds character to the song now in hindsight because of how 80s it is.
Queen Vika: Yaaaaaaaaaas! I was so going to nominate this!!!!! Can i just say, Tiffany deserved so much better than what she got, consideriding we allowed boring old Debbie Gibson a decent career just for being blonde and slutty. I love the vocals so much, they are really underappreciated, because people only remember how pretty she was. Oh and that she inspired Robin Sparkles Tiffany 4 Lyfe
Avada Kedavra!: Firstly, don’t see why she would be known by her looks. As for the song itself, I quite like it. I had heard this song before but didn’t know it was sung by here. The vocals I don’t think are anything special but as a whole the song is okay.
JMG: Somehow heard this song so often in the last 2 years, it's everywhere.
Queen Vika: Also can we talk about the comments und er the Tiffany video, good lord:
"Is she a natural redhead? Cos i already rubbed one out thinking of her" "My god the number of times i jacked off to Tiffany, it's amazing i didn't go blind" It's an endless stream of virgins who masturbate to one-hit wonders

Conclusion: In hindsight, I'm pretty happy with the song I picked. And it came second, so the song got some appreciation.

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Game 153: Christmas Special

My song: Siouxsie and the Banshees - Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant

Reason to pick the song: I'm not a fan of Christmas songs. I don't particularly love this song, but I like Siouxsie a lot. It's also great to see Robert Smith in the clip doing absolutely nothing. Especially if you know that Siouxsie and Robert don't really get along. Christmas spirit galore!

Semi-final result: -

Final result: 5th

Votes received

10: Litotes
8: Mauriac, Beat, fufuqifuqishahah
7: Leif
6: Hugues Daniel, Shvedbarilescu
5: TennisFan102, Adam
4: Perun
2: SilverPersian
1: John., zvonarevarulz


Hugues Daniel: Siouxsie: nice find! I like it! She sings in french (in case you didn't notice :eek:h: )
Beat: robert smith cracks me up in that siouxsie video :lol:

Conclusion: Fifth is fine. My song got points from most players, but the big points were missing to be a contender for the title. Which was kinda expected.

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Game 154: Surpise Surprise

My song: Shakira - Objection (Tango)

Reason to pick the song: The idea was to pick a song that would surprise people. Blond divas are normally not my cup of tea at all, but I have a soft spot for Shakira. Don't know why really, but she got me hooked with this song. I'm not sure it was a surprise for everyone as my what band friends make fun of it quite often. But it keeps on being a surprise to myself.

Semi-final result: 5th

Votes received

12: John., Queen Vika, SRB Analyst
10: AdeyC, JMG, Slazorin
8: DJDVD, Perun
7: salmon pants., Thanos
5: Adam, Tennisfan102
4: Cesare Borgia, Igorche, Matmagix
3: Beat
2: Litotes
1: histery, Shvedbarilescu

Final result: 3th

12: SRB Analyst, Randy
10: Queen Vika, John., JMG, Slazorin
6: AdeyC, salmon pants.
5: Tennisfan102
4: Adam
3: Igorche
2: Cesare Borgia


Queen Vika: Shakira, Kylie and Madonna in one game :hearts:
Shvedbarilescu: I was amazed how much I enjoyed the Shakira track

Conclusion: Pretty good result which was quite unexpected. Female singers are doing good in this game, it seems.

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Game 155: Tripping Balls

My Song: The Normal - Warm Leatherette

Reason to pick the song: a song in which I can completely lose myself on the dancefloor. The repetition has a mesmerizing effect. Great feeling.

Semi-Final Result: 8th

12: John.
10: histery, Shvedbarilescu
8: Big_Banana, JMG
7: Beat
6: AdeyC, DJDVD
5: Randy, Slazorin
4: drg, Queen Vika
3: SilverPersian, Adam
1: Perun, SRB Analyst

Final Result: 19th

10: John.
7: Shvedbarilescu
6: Wanderer
5: Big_Banana
4: Beat, Queen Vika, DJDVD
3: histery
2: AdeyC
1: Slazorin

Conclusion: My first really disappointing result in this game, as for me it's a perfect tripping song. De gustibus I suppose...

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Game 156: 2016

My Song: Ray LaMontagne - Hey, No Pressure

Reason to Pick the song: Ray's 'Ourobouros' album was the best album of 2016, so I thought he deserved a nomination. I knew it wasn't catchy enough to make a huge impression, but it's a great song about an important theme.

Semi-final result: 8th

12: Beat, Igorche
10: Javi
8: Litotes, salmon pants.
7: fufuqifuqishahah, Shvedbarilescu
6: Slazorin
5: La Quica
4: histery, Tennisfan102, Thanos
3: Cesare Borgia, DJDVD, drg
2: eck, Milan., Queen Vika, SilverPersian
1: AdeyC, Randy

Final Result: 14th

12: Igorche, Beat
7: Shvedbarilescu
6: Litotes, Javi, fufuqifuqishahah
5: histery
4: salmon pants.
3: Thanos, Baraboo
2: Queen Vika, La Quicha
1: DJDVD, drg


Beat: "Hey, No Pressure" :hearts: i'm listening to the Ray LaMontagne album this very moment.
Javi: I love Ray LM. I'll check his new album
Javi: Wow, Ray LaMontagne sounds quite different in this song. This isn't folk is very rock and it has more production. 180 degrees change over his earlier works but I found it interesting anw. His voice is still amazing

Conclusion: Some really liked the song and/or Ray, as expected, but too many didn't give a fuck about it.

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Game 157: Smilie, Like your Heart is Broken

My Song: Zita Swoon - The Bananaqueen

Reason to Pick the song: we had to pick a song related to a smiley. Well, always when I see this :banana: , I think about the Zita Swoon song. It's my feeling good song. i have a big smile on my face when I'm listening to it. Plus I absolutely love the video!

Semi-final Result: 15th

12: fufuqifuqishahah
7: Queen Vika, Tennisfan102
5: Shvedbarilescu, wayitis
4: Lord Choc Ice
3: Hugues Daniel
2: Beat, Thanos
1: Adam, Javi

Final Result: -


Queen Vika: Hey, this song was Ok! At least it injected a little fun into the SF.
TIEFSEE: for fuck's sake? Why do people come up with the worst stuff when it comes to bananas? I know bananas generally stink but still...
Perun: One stupid song about bananas is enough, but there’s the second one, even more redundant one? Let me be too stiff and serious as a person so I am unable enjoy that unadulterated ‘’fun’’. I’d rather listen to Bananarama on repeat for whole week methinks.

Conclusion: Disappointing result. I hoped it would stand out. Well, it did, but not in a good way :D And it was spot on regarding the theme, which could not be said for other songs.

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Game 158: Australian Artists

My Song: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Mercy Seat

Reason to Pick the Song: No-brainer really. My fav song of my fav Australian artist.

Semi-final Result: 13th

12: histery, Perun
10: Beat, Wally.
8: Monzanator
7: Shvedbarilescu
6: ArturJFC, Slazorin
5: Adam
4: Hugues Daniel, Igorche, SilverPersian
3: Big_Banana, John., Northstar
2: Leif

Final Result: -


Adam: Three Nick Cave songs would be a bit of a stretch but in this SF where the quality is lower, all three are probably going to get votes. Nick Cave is one of the greatest live performers Australia has. If you ever get the chance to watch him, do it.
Matmagix: The Nick Cave songs, well the vocals kind of sound like a grandpa, sorry...

Conclusion: Not reaching the final with this great song? Man, that hurts.

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Game 159: Cinema-esque

My song: Leonard Cohen - Everybody knows

Reason to pick the song: One of the movies I saw as teenager and left a big mark. Although music is not the main theme of the movie, it is important in the movie. And this great Leonard Cohen track features throughout the movie.

Semi-final result: 2nd

12: Adam, Queen Vika
10: Big_Banana, fufuqifuqishahah, Litotes, Shvedbarilescu, Slazorin, SRB Analyst, Tennisfan102
8: Baraboo, drg, Monzanator, SilverPersian
6: AdeyC, Beat, DJDVD, JMG
5: La Quica
4: Perun
3: Lord Choc Ice
2: histery, Hugues Daniel

Final result: 4th

12: Adam, Tennisfan102
10: Big_Banana, ArturJFC, Shvedbarilescu
8: Queen Vika, Slazorin, Monzanator
7: SilverPersian
6: Litotes, Baraboo, DJDVD, drg
4: Beat
3: Wally.
1: AdeyC


Queen Vika: I had never actually heard of Leonard Cohen or any of his music until he died. This was the first song i've ever heard from him, and i'm impressed, very good introduction to him.
Adam: My mum really dislikes Leonard Cohen's style of singing so to irritate her whenever I'd be sick with a sore throat or something, I'd keep singing Everybody Knoooows but with extra emphasis on the O. She still doesn't care for him but it's my favourite song of his.
Adam: I absolutely loved your submission since it was on my to send list. Probably the easiest 12 I've given the last few games.

Conclusion: Pretty satisfied with 4th place. Too bad I missed the podium. On a sidenote, I'm not sure how one can go from giving 10 points to a song in SF to 0 points in final :confused:

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Game 160 : Chant Francais

My Song: Taxi Girl - Cherchez le Garcon

Reason to pick the song: just a fun new-wave song that isn't your typical 'French chanson'.

Semi-final Result: 8th

12: histery
10: Monzanator
8: Avada Kedavra!, Beat, Queen Vika, Thanos
6: Northstar, ServiceGagnant, Shvedbarilescu, Tennisfan102
5: Adam, AdeyC, John., Utautai
4: fufuqifuqishahah, Hugues Daniel
3: Baraboo, Matmagix
2: Litotes, SilverPersian
1: DJDVD, Perun

Final Result: 18th

10: histery
7: Northstar, Tennisfan102, Avada Kedavra!
6: Utautai, Monzanator
5: John., Beat, Thanos, Queen Vika, Adam
3: Shvedbarilescu
2: Hugues Daniel, SilverPersian, Litotes, Matmagix, Cesare Borgia
1: AdeyC, Slazorin


Hugues Daniel: one of the fine French new wave acts in the early 80's. This one's a classic.

Queen Vika: Des pop-tarts à du garçons très fuckable.
(Which instigated a whole conversation about the French translation of 'fuckable' :lol: )

TIEFSEE: he looked and sang like a dead fish

Conclusion: Hadn't high expectations for my song, so I'm glad it made the final.

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Game 161: Open Game

My song: Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows - In der Palastra

Reason to pick the song: since it was an open game I wanted to send something gothic. Contemplated on many different songs, but stumbled upon this one in the process which i loved from the beginning. So emotional, especially if you know a bit about the story of the singer. The clip also has a nice vampire/Bela Lugosi vibe which I like a lot.

Semi-final Result: 18th (dead last!)

10: Big~Banana, Leif, Tennisfan102
8: Baraboo
7: fufuqifuqishahah
5: Matmagix, Utautai
3: Cesare Borgia, Igorche
2: AdeyC, ArturJFC
1: Wanderer


Beat: goth stuff always makes me giggle. that's not a bad thing, but i don't think it's what you're trying to achieve when you dress up like sopor aeternus.

Leif: @The Crow you would have gotten my 12 if it wasn't for the above but your song was like the perfect dark fairytale captured in a song and I was getting major Antony and the Johnsons vibes which is a win win.

Perun: Sopor Aeternus sounds so forgettable (albeit there are some good songs from this act, but not one featured in this game) vs that beauty ...

Conclusion: Well, there was a slim chance that people would fall for this song, but alas... I'm glad a few liked it.

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Game 162: The Noughties

My Song: Interpol - PDA

Reason to pick the song Interpol's Turn on the Bright Lights is one of the albums of the noughties for me and PDA is the song I like most on that album (but there are other jewels on that album like the Obstacle songs, Leif Erikson, Stella, ...).

Semi-final Result: 10th

12: Adam, Big~Banana
10: Beat
8: Tennisfan102
7: histery, Matmagix
6: AdeyC, Perun
5: ArturJFC, Slazorin
3: Adava Kedavra!, DJDVD, SilverPersian
2: Monzanator, Northstar, Randy
1: Igorche

Final Result: 13th

10: Beat, Adam
8: Matmagix
7: histery, Wally.
6: Big~Banana
5: Tennisfan102
4: ArturJFC, Randy
3: AdeyC, SilverPersian, DJDVD, Slazorin, Perun
1: Avada Kedavra!


eck: wew, Alicia Keys, Stacie Orrico, FEIST!!!!!, Interpol, Basement Jaxx, GA, B(a)g Raiders etc.... Not bad
Perun: My reaction after witnessing Black Eyed Peas, Belle & Sebastian, Coldplay (and their most generic & overplayed song) & Interpol - names in one game. We only need Mumford & Sons to kill me off.
Monzanator: Small points are possible.
Beat: interpol became more and more irrelevant with every passing album, but their debut album was a glorious dark star, attractive and dangerous.
Adam: I love the album this is from. I did strongly consider submitting an Interpol track for this game but decided against it. Interpol are one of those artists who I was a major fan of back in the day but have not entirely given up on because of the memories I have with their music. This will get good points with me.

Conclusion: Really thought I would do better with this song. But I guess this 'rock music' is not the cup of tea of BSG :shrug:

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Game 163: The World Cup of Music

My Song: Ruth Jacott - Vrede

Reason to pick the song: For each FIFA region, Tennisfan102 specified rules of what could be selected. I wanted to go for my own region UEFA (although I contemplated to send a Tragically Hip song for CONCACAF) and then I had the choice between a Eurovision song, an Opera song, a classical song, a Welsh song or a song in Balkan language :eek: I chose for a Eurovision song that came to mind immediately, an old fav of me that I didn't hear for a long time. I must say I wasn't impressed when I heard it again lol. Sent it anyway, which was a mistake.

Semi-final result: 13th

12: AdeyC, Queen Vika
7: Adam, John.
6: DJDVD, Wally.
5: Litotes
3: Avada Kedavra!, Monzanator, Poldo
2: fufuqifuqishahah, zvonarevarulz
1: SRB Analyst


DJDVD: Ruth Jacott.. of all Dutch artists, I never would've expected this to be nominated :lol:
Poldo: This really has to be the very first time I'm listening to a Dutch song This is peak ESC trash somehow but I must say that this is not too bad and I must say that I also enjoyed a typical pop song after all these traditional entries
Matmagix: Eurovision track, I'm not completely sure what I think of this. The chorus is a bit heavy and out of nowhere.

Conclusion: Well expected to be out in SF. Some good things though: two 12s and high points from TIEFSEE :eek:

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Game 164: Post 2010 Pop

My Song: Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta

Reason to pick the song: We needed to pick a song that features in top 40 of US, UK of Aussie main hit lists. Hard theme for me as I never ever listen to pop music. First thing I did was go over all number ones from 2010 onwards in all these lists. Didn't know most of the songs and didn't like the few ones I heard before. 'King' from Years&Years came to mind, but alas, that had already been chosen before. Finally I remembered King Kunta being all over the radio a couple of years ago. I thought it would have been number 1 in all kind of lists, but it was barely eligible lol (barely top 40 in the Aussie hit list, didn't even enter top 40 of the other two). Sent it anyway because I couldn't think of another song.

Semi-final result: 6th

12: Adam, Beat, Tennisfan102
10: drg, eck, Matmagix, Queen Vika, SilverPersian
8: histery, Leif
7: AdeyC
6: ArturJFC
5: Big~Banana, Cesare Borgia
4: Wally.
2: Randy
1: The Walking Bye

Final result: 11th

12: TennisFan102, Adam
10: Milan., SilverPersian
7: drg
6: ArturJFC, Cesare Borgia, Matmagix
5: Queen Vika, histery
4: AdeyC, DJDVD
3: Randy


Adam: Kendrick Lamar, Clean Bandit, Disclosure, Duke Dumont, Kelis :yeah:
Randy: King Kunta , acapella, do what u want and hold my hand only 4 keepers from SF1, rest are trash
Serg.: 0/10 doesn't belong in this game
Queen Vika: Beyonce should take notes, this was a revoltionary album that detailed the lives of a black american. I'm not usually into hip hop, but it's a worthy throwback to a better and old style of rap.
Matmagix: wow, ok. it doesn't hold anything back. Very distinct and heavy vocal delivery. I have to admit this flows extremely well, there is very little in the way of wasted notes or energy and there is also enough variety that develops subtly. This is probably the most surprising discovery for me so far.
Avada Kedavra!: I just don’t understand this type of rap. I’ve heard club versions of this song which I like and this is one of his better songs but I prefer this song in the club.
SRB Analyst: King Kunta is trash of its genre. Sorry.
To which Randy responded: Are you serious.....
Beat also came to my defense: IKR. "king kunta" is one of the best hip hop songs in recent memory.
And Wally: King Kunta is the bomb, as is Kendrick Lamar. (Although he was looking a bit busted in the video :lol:)
But SRB Analyst had the last word: Yes, I am serious, he was never likeable to me, and this song is just... horrendous, IMHO.

Conclusion: I actually follow Serg.'s assessment that this song doesn't really belong in this game. It is just not generic enough for this game. Glad some liked it and I actually let Matt discover this song. Too bad I barely missed out on top 10 :)fiery:mad:Beat) but oh well...

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Game 165: Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll

My Song: Lords of Acid - I Sit on Acid

Reason to pick the song: We needed to pick a song that's about sex, drugs or R&R. I thought of this song right away, because it's right in your face ('acid', the opening sentence 'Darling, come here, fuck me up...') but it's also a tad confusing (is it about drugs? Sex? Both? ...). Plus, it is a dancefloor classic and I can really go all out on this song. They are a terrible live band though :eek:

Semi-Final result: 7th

12: Litotes
10 ArturJFC, fufuqifuqishahah
8: Adam, AdeyC, Beat, Kerber Counter, Leif
7: Cesare Borgia
6: JMG, Northstar
5: Perun
4: drg, histery
3: Monzanator, SilverPersian
1: Shvedbarilescu, Tennisfan102

Final result: 8th

12: Litotes, fufuqifuqishahah
10: Tennisfan102
8: Leif, Potapovushina, Kerber Counter
7: Northstar, JMG, Adam
6: AdeyC, ArturJFC
5: Beat, Queen Vika
4: histery
3: Cesare Borgia
2: drg
1: Randy


Adam: The best immediate impression I got from a new artist was from Lords of Acid. It’s pretty reminiscent of early The Prodigy and Ministry. The sound is pretty harsh but that's what you got with industrial music and I love it. There’s also a really cool remix version of this track on Spotify which sounds a lot like early Chemical Brothers. Thanks to the sender for this one
Leif: A lot of new discoveries mostly in SF2. Big highlights for me with I Sit On Acid and The Ballad of Barry and Freda (Let's Do It), both crudely my type of humor.

Conclusion: this song was a bit of a gamble, so I'm glad it did fairly well. It's always nice to get appreciation for a song that you know is unknown to most players. Put it on again, people, crank the volume up, and dance (or have sex obviously)!

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Game 166: Urban Hymns

My Song: Santigold feat. ILoveMakonnen - Who Be Lovin' Me

Reason to pick the song: R&B, Soul, Rap and Hip Hop songs were allowed in this game. Not my cup of tea at all. I wanted to send an ILoveMakonnen song, cause I find him intriguiging at least. Didn't find a good youtube one, but stumbled on this song. I love Santigold as well, but more her early stuff. This is an okay song, but nothing earth shocking. Since I could not think of anything else (I already sent the only Kendrick Lemar song I know in the pop game :lol: ) I sent it.

Semi-final result: 7th

12: histery
10: Leif
8: Cesare Borgia, Tennisfan102
7: drg
6: Big~Banana, fufuqifuqishahah, John., N.M.
4: Adam, Monzanator
3: AdeyC, JMG, Slazorin
2: Randy, Serg.
1: Avada Kedavra!, Queen Vika

Final result: 20th

12: histery
8: salmon pants.
7: TennisFan102, drg, Wally.
4: Monzanator
3: John., Adam, Lord Choc Ice, fufuqifuqishahah
2: zvonarevarulz
1: Utautai


JMG: ILoveMakonnen seems to be everywhere nowadays. Harmless, a bit childish song. It is listenable maybe once or twice.
Matmagix: that vocals and the monotonous rhythm is incredibly drony and sleep inducing. Let's not start on the lyrics, You have to be drunk to remotely enjoy this though the female vocal somewhat saves this. Verdict: URBAN next
N.M.: who be lovin' me is stuck in my head all day :sobbing:
actually i liked that song :lol:

Conclusion: final wasn't high quality imo, so disappointed with the result. However, I'm not too keen on the song myself, so whatever.

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Game 167: Active Artists

My song: He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilote

Reason to pick the song: JMG asked for a song from an artist/band that is active, either by playing concerts or having new work out the last year. Grandaddy is a famous indie band from the nineties/noughties that just had a new album out and played some concerts, so it was perfect. This song is one of their most famous songs and is a highlights at gigs, so it was a natural choice for me. It's a beautiful spun out song with the characteristic voice of Jason Lythe. Brilliant.

Semi-final result: 16th

10: Big~Banana, Cesare Borgia
8: Tennisfan102
7: Lord Choc Ice, Randy
6: fufuqifuqishahah, histery
5: Igorche, SilverPersian
4: eck, Leif
2: Avada Kedavra!, Litotes, Matmagix


Matmagix: Grandaddy - He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot - 8 mins long, great intro, and the thematic changes are nice and remind me of my love for these mini operettas/musical 'plays', but after the first 4 minutes, it starts to become a little uninspired and monotonous, sadly. Even adding something out of prog rock would have been helpful in the ensuing 3 minutes because absolutely nothing develops during this segment.
Serg.: Ugh this is just too long and monotone. If it had female voice maybe I'd enjoy it more

Conclusion: Very disappointing result for a song I absolutely adore. Serg.'s last sentence sums up quite well the difference between my taste and that of the pop loving posters that populate this game in this phase.
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