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The CP Learning Thread

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In addition to an awesome tennis game, Danielka possesses a brain that has a constant thirst for knowledge. Her family places a special emphasis on education and Danielka has excelled in the areas of mathematics, physics :cool: , computer studies and languages. So, to celebrate Danielka’s love for learning, I’ve started this thread.

This is the thread in which we CPers can discuss mathematics, physics, biology, languages, and anything else that is related to learning. However, I think that we should leave discussion on the Slovak language to Mousee’s thread.

We each possess knowledge that can be used to help those who need assistance, or simply to educate those who are interested.

Just think: If you were ever lucky enough to meet Danielka, would you like to discuss the weather, or would you like to discuss animals that live in the Australian outback or the way to integrate a logarithmic function?

So let’s open our minds and learn while we support Danielka. You know that it’s what she would want ;)
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Okay, let's learn some Chinese! :bounce:
:wavey: paycheck, where are you?

Okay, here are some questions:
你叫什么名字?(汉字 and pinyin)
What is the most common way of writing Daniela’s name in Chinese?
What are the less accepted ways?
What are the major differences between simplified and traditional 汉字?
Why might you have trouble understanding simplified 汉字?

In the above sentence, do I need the 吗, or does the inclusion of 觉得 make the sentence a question?

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Daniela = 漢圖可娃 most of the time. But there are several types of translation. I've talked about them here.

Simplified is simplified :angel: :p Actually simplified is simply substituing a component of a word with something simpler.

I might have trouble when it is over simplified.

Your grammar is excellent, no problems. In fact 嗎 makes the sentence friendlier!

Please don't call me teacher, I'm just helping you out! :wavey: And it makes me feel old! :rolleyes:
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The CP Learning Thread is back :yippee:

Are there any fans of Soviet literature around here? I'm currently reading The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov and it is awesome. I can't wait until I am proficient enough to read these books in their original Russian text :cool:

To those of you who have read both the Russian and the English translation of books, could you please advise me on the best translations? Thank you :)
Heheh well not exactly, but... In the 80's I used to read the following books by Karel Capek: "R. U. R. " and "War with the Newts".
When I was 19 I used to read "Cutting in short" by Bohumil Hrabal. Kinda amusing book heheh :)
Anyone read any Thomas Pynchon?

If someone has, and and has read Gravity's Rainbow - I'd be delighted if someone could explain what on earth it's about? :)
anyone read THE STONE ANGEL and THE DIVINERS, both by Margaret Laurence.. ??? if so, what's the imagery in The Diviners, i kno it's water, flowers, and biblical, but can you explain to me where in the book,... thanks
Sorry, didn't read this book.
But I read Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and there my fav' books.
(I read them in French but the last HP, I think that I'll read in English).
bracey said:
Rep. points for anyone who can tell me who the only US President not to have won an election is (No wise-ass answers please).
I think that it was Gerald Ford. He replaced Nixon in 1974, but was defeated by Jimmy Carter in 1976. However, he was never elected president or vice-president.
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bracey said:
Well done, Martin! Rep points for you!
Watching all those documentaries finally paid off :bounce:
bracey said:
Which country is the most densely populated?
Maybe China.
My second answer is : Japan.
is it an asian country?
I think that it's Macau. There are tons of people there and it's a really small place. The F3 race is pretty cool as well :yeah:
New attempt (I hope it's the good one this time ;) ): India.
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