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The CP Learning Thread

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In addition to an awesome tennis game, Danielka possesses a brain that has a constant thirst for knowledge. Her family places a special emphasis on education and Danielka has excelled in the areas of mathematics, physics :cool: , computer studies and languages. So, to celebrate Danielka’s love for learning, I’ve started this thread.

This is the thread in which we CPers can discuss mathematics, physics, biology, languages, and anything else that is related to learning. However, I think that we should leave discussion on the Slovak language to Mousee’s thread.

We each possess knowledge that can be used to help those who need assistance, or simply to educate those who are interested.

Just think: If you were ever lucky enough to meet Danielka, would you like to discuss the weather, or would you like to discuss animals that live in the Australian outback or the way to integrate a logarithmic function?

So let’s open our minds and learn while we support Danielka. You know that it’s what she would want ;)
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I like most shakespeare plays, Macbeth is probably my favourate. I've just done King Lear and im about to do Orthello. I dont read them for fun mind you! I read them for english literature.
A good war novel would be 'Regeneration' (cant think of the author) and 'Birdsong' (that one not for those under 16!!) :devil:

Then ofcourse theres Harry!! :p
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